Thursday, June 8, 2006


Luckily I still remember how to publish entries in my weblog. Hehehehe... been busy, the internet connection sucks, turtle-speed PC, e-blogger gone crazy, etc etc etc... Screw 'em all.

What does this title entry means? Interprate it in whatever way you wish but this is my view.

Some b**t**d road user pisses you off like they purposely "invite" you to race. Pangkah depan kereta korang sesuka hati abah dia, and give you the synical look saying, "Think your car so fast? can beat my car ah? Let's race and see..." Be it cars or bikes. These monkeys really pisses me off. After thinking deeply, I'd say, "Why should I bother feeling pissed by their ape-like act?" I'm actually expanding my patience and not exploding my anger.

This colleague of your's spread a really bullshit gossip on you. And it is so not true. But being typical Malay (excuse me), those bullshits are the truth and they should believe it. Your image and dignity is affected. Orang pandang slack je kat korang... Take a deep breath and tell this to yourself, "You can say whatever you want or like about me. The truth will be revealed sooner or later. Bumi ni bulat, you wont always be at the top". With this, you're actually expanding your faith in The Almighty's might as well as you coolness. Tak guna mengamuk dan melayan kebongokkan monyet-monyet tersebut.

Orang semacam taknak berkawan dengan kita? Berlagak macam dah tak kenal kita lepas dapat bekerja dengan artis? Why bother or care? Ape? Ingat die best sangat ke? Banyak lagi orang yang nak berkawan dengan kita. Why dont you expand your net of friendship instead of getting explode because this one bloody chap doesnt seems to appreciate your friendship? Zipped.

To conclude this, I would say, just dont give a damn thought about things that actually doesnt affect us. It's just a waste of time and energy. Make use of it for better things. Why should we care on things or person who doesnt care or even give a slight damn thought about us?



Aku rase blog aku dah gile. Macam gampang peningnya. Nak log-in sikit punya payah. Ntahapehapentah...