Thursday, May 22, 2008


Among common blog publishing system

Ini antara benda paling mengarut yang nak dibuat oleh salah sebuah institusi pengajian tinggi di Malaysia. Siap keluar paper tu! Rasionalnya? Hanya mereka yang tahu tapi ini pendapat aku:

1. We have to admit that it all started when RPK was charged because of his article in a blog which condemns the conspiracy in Altantuya murder trial. Don't know who's Altantuya? Jangan duduk Malaysia lah.

2. I think they come out with this silly idea just because they thought bloggers are uneducated and unethical people who writes rubbish on the net. If bloggers write rubbish, why should they care or even worry about the rubbish bloggers wrote? (Hah, ambik kau!)

3. I see the idea as a way to insulate people's freedom of speech and creativity. They have to admit that the rakyat is not as dumb as they thought.

4. What will they become once graduated from the above program? A blogger? Do you need a degree to be a blogger? You tell me.

Whatever it is, I don't want to speculate anything anymore. Just to register my concern and view of the rational of having such program in our country's institute of higher learning. Err... is this allowed nowadays?

Sometimes, new thing is good,
But not all new things are good.

Monday, May 19, 2008


Balancing act

Between these three factors below, which one is your preferred status?
-MELAYU (ethnicity)
(one race nationality)

Tough choice eh?
Not to some, Yes to many.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Are you the wheel for this mechanism?

One always claim that he/she is an important entity at their working place. Well, most of us (employee) feels that way about ourselves. Do you know your value? Or are you even valued by your employer? Do you even know what I'm trying to drive here? No? Read on.

I'm sure you've heard the saying: We won't be appreciated until we're gone. It's true, to some. Check it out yourself. How? Try take a long leave (1-2 weeks in a row) or be on MC for quite a long period (with doctor's advice of course) and see how your employer reacts? Especially during a bloody peak period of work that really requires you! Oh, and I just love that smell of victory, but be careful not to let arrogance get over you because that's not good.

I somehow always feel that I'm undervalued by my employer. Not to boast but I believe I have revolutionized (are there such word?) lots of things (which I really think so) for my function but I don't think all my efforts were appreciated. Reason being: Check my payslip and you'll understand. But you might ask: Why the hell are you still there? I'll go: Get me a job (I like) with better pay and I'm gone.

Personally, I think our employer need to be taught some lesson on "appreciation" once in a while. It's nothing, just to test the water. However, it is not advisable to be "executed" frequently and don't tell me I did not remind you.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Kenapa pelakon iklan kena handsome-handsome atau lawa-lawa je?

Kenapa kalau lampu merah (traffic light) kereta depan kita macam tak sabar-sabar nak jalan tapi bila lampu hijau terhegeh-hegeh nak jalan?

Kenapa rancangan realiti nyanyian (beberapa) ni nak komen fizikal dan fashion peserta but not their singing performance?

Kenapa dalam tv selalu dipaparkan majlis perkahwinan yang besar-besar, hebat-hebat, mewah-mewah aje? Yang gotong-royong masak sendiri, majlis yang pakai canopy ni taknak cover ke?

Kenapa bila sebut thai food je, kita refer orang kelantan? Orang negeri lain tak reti masak thai food ke?

Kenapa korang masih membaca entry aku yang merepek nih?

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I purchased a copy of Berita Harian today.
Major newspapers are displaying this guy's face.
Caught big time I guess, but for what offense?
Murder? Rape? Robbery? Picking his nose in public?
Salah semuanya!
He was caught because of writing an article in a blog (a hot one of course).
Yes, he is a blogger just like me, like you and everybody else.
What is this? Apa ini?
I cannot express my feelings or ideas ah nowadays?
You claim we are a country practicing democracy.
Never learn from the last GE ah?

Bloggers! Let's stand up for our rights!
Bertukar! (as in Masked Rider style)

Read more: here.


Arriving at Alin's for akad nikah. Pinjam from Raddy's.

Huzai's wedding photos are ready (I'm not sure about the full complete product a.k.a. the album) but Raddy have posted some of it at his photo weblog.

Check it out: here.