Saturday, September 29, 2007


My weekend is full with friends' iftar sessions. Yep, Saturday - Sunday. Today will be with Shidah's friends at Tropicana, Damansara and Sunday will be with my fellow kodoks at Cozy House, Great Eastern Mall. We were also booked for next Saturday by my childhood friends at Planet Hollywood.

What can I say, the chances to miss the Tarawaikh prayer for attending these sessions are sky high (hehehe... alasan). Well friends, see you there!


The cockpit

Went for my ride's 40k service just now. This particular service centre doesn't use any numbering system for their customers assuming people who comes here have a high civic-conscious mind. Frankly, not all of them have.

It opened at 830am but people were already there as early as 745am and I was there at 8am being the second in the "unofficial line". To make my presence felt, I stayed outside reading newspaper. People started filling the empty parking spaces every minute ever since.

When the shutters up, to my surprise, everybody flocked-in like they never look a Ramadhan buffet spread before, racing to be the first to handover the service booklet to the service desk operator. He arrange the booklets in the order of - who reached his hand first. Huh? What happened to me being the second in line, supposedly? Stretched to number 8 or 10 maybe. WTF...

Luckily it's Ramadhan and my patience is just at its' best level yet. This "dirty trick" really thought me not waste my time popping out of the bed early to get to this service centre next time. Maybe for my little sister's new ride next week.

Friday, September 28, 2007


Cake sekadar perhiasan

It was my beloved wife's birthday on the 27th Sept. Yeah, a bit late for my blog entry but we sure have celebrated that day with berbuka puasa, just the two of us.

Happy birthday!

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Pencils from Corbis

Just got hooked with SUDOKU. Interesting. Japanese old timers play this puzzle to sharpen their mind and focus. Try-lah.

p/s: check my sidebar/Interest for an online Sudoku.


POANG armchair by IKEA

Purchased this unique-looking armchair few months back when IKEA hold a sale I've been longing for. Am hooked to this thing everytime I paid a visit there. Moreover, they have this one victimized model where it's being stomped on and off I think from the moment IKEA starts operating. It shows how durable this armchair is. What more could you ask when it comes with a 25-years warranty! Wow! Hebatnya!

But that's not what I'm about to disclose here...

We assembled the armchairs at our Bandar Seri Putra home a few months after we purchased them. Mudah. But unfortunately, one of the sets came without its' stopper (the one with black in colour at the base). At first it was OK until we went back to purchase its' spare part at IKEA's customer service counter (they have this numbering system specifically for spare parts I tell you, go check).

Now listen up (to this compressed conversation):

IKEA: I'm sorry sir, we dont have the stopper. You need to purchase the whole lower base because it comes together.

pye: I just need the stopper and I'm asking to purchase it not get it for free.

IKEA: But you dont even have the receipt with you. You must be fair to us also.

pye: Are you saying we have to keep the receipt for 25 years? (bare in mind it's a thermal printed receipt... you know how long it lasts)

IKEA: Yes (nodding slowly)...

pye: Look, I purchased this armchair early this year. We only assembled it a few months back because we just moved into our new house. Only now we realized the stopper is missing. This is the manufacturer's defect. Are you being fair to me?

IKEA: I'm sorry sir, there's nothing we can do.

pye: Hey, I'm asking to purchase the stoppers. I'm not asking anything for free here.

IKEA: I'm sorry sir, there's nothing we can do about this. I can only give you one stopper.

pye: (what the frak???) This one stopper is useless to me. It's OK, not your fault but do tell the people up there to start selling this parts. Nevermind, I'll complain somewhere else.



Banquet function from Corbis

Mungkin ada yang tak familiar dengan perkataan ni. Tapi yang jelas dan mudah, maksudnya berbuka puasa.

Bulan Ramadhan ni banyaklah majlis-majlis iftar diadakan di merata-rata tempat. Jadinya, penuhlah aktiviti mingguan kebanyakan orang yang berpuasa (dan mungkin juga tidak) dek kerana jemputan-jemputan yang diterima untuk ke majlis iftar.

Bila sebut majlis berbuka puasa je kita bayangkan buffet spread di hotel-hotel. Jaranglah kita teringat masjid/musalla yang sepelaung dari rumah kita tu (walaupun aku tak pernah berbuka di masjid umah aku). Kenapa? Sebab kita sudah lama dimomokkan dengan perkara-perkara largho sebegitu.

Tak perlulah bila kita sebut majlis berbuka puasa je, hotel yang terlintas, restoran hebat yang terbayang dsb. Yang penting, kita dapat berbuka puasa, itu sudah mencukupi. Bonus kalau dapat bersama ahli keluarga beramai-ramai dan kawan-kawan yang best.

Iftar. It's not necessarily has to be done in a fancy way.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


This is not the first time i make plans.
This is not the first plan of mine to quit smoking.

This is not the first time i fail.
This is not the first failure of mine to stick to my plan.

Though i never plan to fail but it seems that i failed to plan wisely.

I failed in my plan to quit smoking, again (and again).

Maaf Zahir Batin.


Comic strip from Dilbert

This kinda remind me of the management at my working place. Tak percaya? tanya Najwa Aiman.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


KAMI soundtrack
KAMI soundtrack cover

I'm currently hooked into this new local tv series. Interesting. No wonder because it is produced by Red Films. Teringat zaman mula-mula belajar jamming dulu, tengok gig, zaman "rm10 pun cukup nak keluar KL", and lots more... heheheh (ko jangan gelak Raddy).
The soundtrack is a must-get.

Check the site out at the sidebar/Advertisement.


During Ramadhan...

You'll usually get hungry than ever

The traffic is usually jammed than ever

Lots of people suddenly become bussinessman/woman

Murtabak is a must buy item for breaking fast

Parking lot in front of my in-law's house looks like a car stock yard

Lunch break is officially for sleeping, not napping

Buffet is suddenly the most-mentioned word

Patience is the real test for airheads

...I plan to quit my bad habit which is smoking (so far, so good).

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


While blog-hopping at office, I came across a weblog. The style looks/sounds familiar but I just couldnt make sure of it until this evening. It was a dear friend of mine, Syah's blog that I found. More interestingly, his flickr page. Stunning shots.


No offense but I'm strating to get annoyed by Malaysia showbiz scene. I dont know who or what, but these people is making the entertainment industry grow smaller. Am nobody involved in showbiz nor being nearby the people in the industry.

I'm telling you that it sickens me already to see the same old faces as actors in one film after another, one drama after another, being MCs at functions, being a talkshow/tv show host, signed-up as DJ, at the same time also singer etc, etc...

Is Malaysia that small until you cant find any fresh talents around? And the best part is, most of them suck at it (being an all-rounder).

I'm not saying that Malaysian celebrities are not multi-talented. They are... but not all of them for god sakes. What more could i say when they are not even good at their so called "core talent".

To showbiz people out there, please, do scout around. There are a lots of talents out there waiting to be discovered.

This makes me wonder if any of us ever seen Keanu Reeves having his own talkshow, or being a radio DJ, or being an MC at dinner functions or etc.

One thing not everybody can do

Monday, September 10, 2007


The scene

The people

The Firestarter

The chubby baby (Qistina)

The kids (Syamil and Ainul)


It's been a very long time since I last had a picnic. Failing to secure the International Tattoo tickets last weekend had led my brother-in-law (a.k.a The Firestarter) to plan an impromptu picnic. We went to Kemensah, a not-so-far place from our home.

There's nothing as good as getting soaked in a cold flowing river stream and having nasi lemak as brunch eventhough I had the same meal for breakfast (I'm in the effort of growing my belly, so what?).

Wish we could do this again some other time at some other place where there will be no dumb-ass people join us right next to us (I'm talking about 6" of distance!). Aku salin seluar pun nak tengok. Bongok.

Monday, September 3, 2007


aleya scofield

This is my cute little niece, Nur Farisya Aleeya. Looking at her reminds me of Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) from my favourite series, of course, Prison Break.


anep pandan indah
They celebrated merdeka with Akad Nikah

anep home
Reception belah lelaki

Anep is considered my cousin on Shidah's side (of her mom to be exact). As usual, whenever there's wedding, there will sure be a lot to talk about. Be it good or bad, there will always be something. But I dont need to talk about it here.

Anyway, it was a tremendous wedding because we just came and eat and smoke and talk and eat chendol and went home! How cool was that?