Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Betullah kata Forrest Gump, SHIT HAPPENS. And it happened to me last Saturday while i was on the way back from Tangkak-KL. Aku sudah langgar bontot satu wira hitam. Sebab? Aku ter micro-sleep kat area Pedas-Linggi. Siot betul! Tapi, nak buat camane, dah itu ketentuan-Nya.

Actually, i didnt really feel like going to Tangkak pun. It was my cousin's wedding. I was really not in the mood to travel. Tak sedap hati. Voila! Itulah sebabnya-rupanye-kisahnya. Luckily, nobody was hurt. We settled the issue there and then. We exchange numbers and my dad gave some deposit. Hey, it was my fault. Ntah berapa hengget (RM) pulak aku kena kali nih... Damn it.

1. Get enough sleep before a long journey.
2. If you feel sleepy, pull over and get some rest. Dont force your eyes.
3. Kalau dah nampak red-bull / livita / ali cafe / whatever energy drinks tu, just take it. Aku menyesal sungguh sebab dah usher those drinks while making a pit stop before. Bongok.
4. Next time, stay alert while driving... samdol!

Friday, December 23, 2005


Dah lama dah aku tak gi karaoke. And yesterday the 4 of us have made it to a karaoke centre. Man, a session that was supposed to be an hour finally turned up to be nearly 3 hours! It somehow released our aura of tense derived from stress (fullamak ayat). The bottom line is, we enjoyed the session so much! Feel like doing it again... (next month la kot, selalu sangat bosan lak).

On the other hand, my colleague just mentioned about the movie BAIK PUNYA CILOK (BPC) yesterday. Unsprisingly he failed to book any tickets. Full house bro! What a great welcome for a Malay movie. And true enough, when i blogged in Afdlin's : Inside My Head this morning, he mentioned BPC's show yesterday was a full house. What a cool way to end the year man... having your film been accepted by malaysians.

I would say, sometimes we do need to give ourselves some treat to release the stress inside. It's like a beast inside there i tell you. If you never release it, then you will become the beast. Of course we dont want to loose our cool and be a beast. Hahaha... And then, we must always remember, all things that happened to us is already destined. Everytime we tend to sort of "fill the complaint form", do remember that Allah is Maha Adil. The ups and downs are just tests.

Gua taknak cakap banyak, pegi tengok BAIK PUNYA CILOK. Kasi pecah la itu panggung!

Monday, December 19, 2005


What a week i've gone through! Lots of things happenned last week. Melantun-lantun sampai ke weekend busybodynye.

1. Tuesday: There was Baik Punya Cilok preview, i love it. #BEST

2. Thursday: There was my workplace's Annual Dinner at Legend Hotel. Guest artist FREDO & THE FLINSTONES, a bit sucky (nyampah pun ade gak aku tengok mamat tu + perangai tak semenggah, ingat die superstar sangat ke? hah? hah? hah?). Best lagi Afdlin Shauki punya show masa 2002 dulu. Luckily I've got an oven toaster for the lucky draw! #OK LAH

3. Friday: My cousin selamat dinikahkan. The ceremony was a bit sangap but i cheered myself up with my camera. Experimenting. #OK LAH

4. Saturday: Went to Seremban for Adzim's wedding. i arrived in the afternoon because we were supposed to have a rehearsal at 330pm. Checked-in at Royal Adelphi... one heck of a hotel. Very nice man! It was already 415pm and Adzim didnt call me up. Finally, no rehearsal pun. The ceremony started at 800pm. It went well. Tapi lepas majlis aku rasa macam monyet dok dalam bilik hotel sorang2. #SENGAL

5. Sunday: I woke up as early as 900am. What a record! Went to Adzim's house at Taman Negeri to return the Baju Melayu i used as pengapit and had breakfast with his family. 1115am aku cargass balik KL. #MIRACLE

6. Today: I'm feeling unwell. Skang lunch break, aku nak tido. #zzzZZZzzz... (the cpaital Z means snore...)


These are the photos during the BAIK PUNYA CILOK movie preview on the 13th December 2005. Excuse the delay. Busybody sket the last whole week. Enjoy!

p/s: Now you know already which one is pyerudz... voila!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


This promo is for my favourite hero AFDLIN SHAUKI.
I'm one of the lucky kodoks to get the opportunity to watch the BAIK PUNYA CILOK (BPC) movie yesterday. Man, i tell you people, go watch this movie once it opens on 22nd December 2005.

It's a buddy movie (cerita pasal kawan-kawan). An ordinary story but served with style and made extraordinary by Afdlin. I would not elaborate much on the movie. You guys need to watch the movie yourself bro! Baru thrill. The truth is, betul kata afdlin, this movie will change our perception on malay movies. It has its own style in delivering its tale. Comedy? Yes indeed, but new style.

The base plot is: One time robbery plan and execution that changed their whole life. (it's similar to Aziz's BIAR BETUL played by afdlin also). But the difference is, this involves friendship and not siblings. It's about sacrifices, it's about being loyal and it's about love... (for fishing also included maa..). And of course with different style of story-telling.

If you are a movie-goer that sometimes put up comments in your head, well this movie will surely get the good ones.

So Afdlin, i've done my part to promote your movie. You just keep up your good job in making better and better films in the future. Keep on rockin' bro!

Monday, December 12, 2005


My friend's (Adzim) wedding ceremony last Saturday was one hell of a wedding! (As far as i have attended in my whole life). It was a very, i mean, a very big wedding. There was DYMM Sultan Kedah plus those "kerabats" whom i barely know how to say their title and names. We rehearsed at around 12 noon though i was already there by 11am. We finished at around 3:30pm. I quickly picked my fiance up, have a late lunch and i was back again to Hotel Istana for the ceremony.

The ceremony went well... i guess. Nobody stumbled, nobody made the sultan murka... i guess... so, oklah kot? But then, it was such a new experience for me. Being in a ceremony with royal guests, big shots and rich people. Me? I was like an idiot stranger. But, whaddaheck, i was there for my friend, not for them.

Back home around 12:30am and called Raddy up to have my dinner. Aku tak makan langsung siut! Lapar nak mampos! At Hj. Tapah, at that very moment, i felt like having the best meal i've ever had my entire life!

However, to Adzim and Intan, Congratulations! Dont worry, I'M HIP!

p/s: Err, did i mentioned that i was the groommate (pengapit) that night? Hahahaha! Padan muka aku kan?

Friday, December 9, 2005


Decision is something we deliver after consuming a period of time thinking. During the process, there might be a few heads. Naturally, when there are more than a head, there must be arguments. Of course, for the sake of making good decision we must take the arguments into consideration. How long would it take? That will very much depends on individual's intelligence and rationalisme. Good decisions will be respected, vice-versa will be cursed. What kind of good are we talking about? Beneficial to majorities of course! But good decision can be changed to a bad decision. How? By the power of words + influence + lies! Voila! The decision-maker changed his tiny fucking useless little mind and revert the good decision to bad.

Sigh. Go on asshole. Go on and please the 24 bastards and loose the 200+ others. Go on and push our patience to the limit. Time will tell what a fucked-up decision-maker you are. By the time you relaized it, we are already sinking like titanic. At that very moment, you are history!

Authority is a responsibility. Use it rationally. Jangan jadi lembu.

Monday, December 5, 2005


My weekend was quite as my usual weekends. But there were some interesting activities i went through.

1. My colleague's last kopek hari raya open house. I'm supposed to fetch my fiance at 2pm and straightly go to the open house. And i woke up at 2pm instead. What a jerk. Luckily i made it.

2. Then, off we went to KLCC, the year end sale has started. Damn... The KLCC parking management blocked all the entrance for god knows why. The traffic went beserk and so was i. It was an hour of caci-maki. The parking satu hal, and yet there were these people who still want to go and block the junctions. When the light turned green, i also turned green. Damn.

3. In KLCC... it was like Pasar Wakaf Che Yeh, Kelantan. Hell why are there so many people here? No other place to go ah? (ask yourself lah...) but i need to go there and buy my things. Nasib baik we bought the thing we were looking for. So, it was worth the visit lah, kan?

4. Then there was my favourite hangout coffee shop, starbucks. Tempat semua penuh. Dome pulak closed for private function. I NEED MY CAFFEINE DOSE! And these people with empty cups, no cups (coffee drinks i mean) were still sitting there looking pretty while we were here and there eyeing for a sit. Damn. Nasib baik Aseana ada. And they've got coffee, eventhough it was not as good as starbucks. Bolehlah...

5. At night i met my schoolmates and we chat like there's no tomorrow. Catching up, dah lama tak jumpa. Adzim is getting married this coming saturday and i will be his best man. The first reception will be at Istana Hotel and the following week at Dewan MPS, Seremban. Best ke aku nih? Hehehehe...

6. Sunday afternoon, we went to Raddy's sister-in-law's butik perkahwinan to check her stuffs out. Nothing much there except Shidah and Yati were annoyed by our ape-like act in the boutique. The thing is, we couldnt believe that we were in this kind of shop... and looking for the stuffs that we are going to wear! Padan muka, dulu gelakkan orang, skarang, turn kau pulak! Ambik! It was a good experience and exploration... especially the tengkolok. Nasib baik kedai sedara, kalau tak mesti dah kena halau.

7. After smallville, i hang out with Raddy as usual, at our usual hangout spot with our usual sparring lepak partner (group otai yang dok meja sebelah).

That's all about my weekend. I'm hip!