Thursday, September 28, 2006


As in my previous entries, I always mentioned that WE ALWAYS HAVE OPTIONS/CHOICES IN LIFE.

It all started a few days ago when I received a silly task that need to be delivered A.S.A.P. Yes people, the one that I dont agree to do because to me the objective/outcome is pointless and you dont need such silly and time-consuming exercise just to come out with a brilliant solution or to recognize the defect (who am I to argue in this company anyway?). The best part would be translating the findings into action which is already known even if you didnt run the exercise.

But being a dude who doesnt own any share in the company (neither do they), I just execute the task without questions asked. At first it sucks... really sucks man. Yelah, buat benda yang memeningkan dengan tidak ikhlas. But when I take it as a challenge, as in I can organize the messed-up findings and come up with senseful facts, I became unintentionally interested. Funny eh?

And finally, I completed the task with style within the stipulated time. Picture that! And not just that, I'm even done with another similar task (kerja orang yang aku terpaksa buat demi kebaikan syarikat) in this week also! Haha! (Awas! Ini bukan riak tapi berkongsi kegembiraan)

I would say, we can accomplish anything if we wish to. It's a matter of whether you want to do it or not and not I dont think I can do this, it's beyond my ability. On top of that, we can even complete it whenever we want it to be completed. If you want it quick, aspire the thunder while vice-versa, aspire the bullock cart. Hebatkan? The power is indeed in our hands and mind.

Start discovering your ability, people. In fact, please remember that we all are a perfect creation our Creator have ever created.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I dont know whether it's just me or the people I meet everyday or am I just that observant or my sensitivity sense is very high. I... just dont know and not sure.

Sometimes I feel that some people are just jealous of me for God knows why. I dont know. Maybe I have something that they dont? Maybe I have something better than their's? Or even maybe they just wanted to be like me, but they just cant (haha! Loo-hoo-se-her). But I'm OK with that. I can live with it. But the thing is, their ego just cant go any lower. Dahlah dengki ngan orang, nak eksyen pulak lagi.
Kau kenapa?
Think I care? Shiisshhh...

Than this one kind that doesnt-want-to-listen-to-people-and-then-menyusahkan-orang (gee, that's a newly renamed species I believe). I dont what's their problem but it sure is a kind of kesakitan di bontot dan hati (pain in the ass) thing. How does it feels when you already told this person that the plan would've worked smoothly if you do like this but they ignored you instead? And finally you have to clear the SHIT given.
Kau kenapa?
What the fff...? Eat shit-lah! Astaga... ramadhan nih...

But there's also this type whose ass were always covered by the big-big Ass-wiper (kahkahkah). To them these people are always right, they never did anything wrong or bad. They would go beserk when told that what they did was wrong. But why to a certain group of people only? Why not all? Dewakah mereka? Again, when it comes to my part... wah! semedang (manjang/always) tak betul! The best part would be, if the designated person wouldnt want to do it, then who else will? We have to do this for the sake of our survival. Excuse me wiseman, Why should we pay them for, again?
Kau kenapa?

But dont bother... I will as usual act as cool as ice (which I really am... LOL) when facing these. I always hope that one day the Almighty will turn their world upside down. Am not praying for bad things for people but just good enough for them to realize that they dont own the world, Respect others around and aren't we should be happy to good things that happens to people we call friends around us. You tell me.

Monday, September 25, 2006


Seriously I'm tired and sick of this Datin SN and Datuk K wedding thing. Be it the Khatam Quran, Nikah, wedding reception at KLCC, wedding reception at Kuala Lipis... and to my disgust, yesterday in one of the advertisements, there's another one coming up... BEHIND THE SCENE pulak... bullststst!

What's next eh? Maybe this comic strip might give us a clue...

Monday, September 18, 2006


During last ramadhan, I was still a bachelor but this year, i'm married. how quick could that be? hehehehe... gua ada banyak rumah nak kena raya tahun ni beb!

Belum pun sempat ape-ape lagi lots of hotels have started promoting their Ramadhan Buffet feast. The picture of people-packed pasar juadah suddenly came into mind. It's funny when you still want to go there eventhough you know that you will hate the crowd. It's the once a year "feel" y'all. Popiah basah, ayam percik, kuih sampan (ntah ape ntah nama dia aku tak ingat), murtabak... bestnye! For all we know, we are already spending more than the non-bulan puasa month. hehehe.

Oh ya, i'm inviting all my fellow kodoks (yang interestedlah) to kasi pecah our majlis berbuka puasa bersama kodok. Will the great Chief kodok be joining this activity? Itu kena tanya Nina sebab beliaulah Cik Kiah yang menggorganize majlis ini, yeeaaa!!! Hopefully kita dapat bagi sokongan pada aktiviti yang dijangka akan menjadi best gila (sebab ini adalah acara makan-makan).

Ladies & gentlemen, please place your booking now.
Nama, valid email dan handphone no. jangan lupa haa...

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I dont know about the others but to me last night's (10 sept) Actorlympics was a bit sucky. Was it because:
1. The casts were already exhausted?
2. The audience sucks?
3. Harith & Edwin joined the show eventhough they were not the (paid) cast?
4. A couple of casts went sober?
5. I need a break from Actorlympics for a while like what Nina & Lizzam did?
6. I no longer enjoy the type of comedy presented?
7. The audience always shout toilet for venue and brokeback mountain for movie?
8. I am hungry?

I dont know, but at least I got to meet with my fellow kodoks again that night. It was cool rushing our way to Bukit Jalil from Bangsar just to catch Mawi's performance muahahahahaha....

This is my view on the casts:
Douglas Lim - Brilliant but watch your language
Na'a Murad & Gavin Yap - Good combination, macam Gremlins
Rashid Salleh - What were you doing dude?
Joanna Bessey - Watch Ida Nerina & Nell Ng's previous performance
Harith, Afdlin & Edwin - You guys were the men (err.. are you fine with it Edwin? kehkehkeh)

Friday, September 1, 2006


Semalam banyak bunga api meletup kat sana-sini walaupun masa Raya Cina dan Hari Raya fireworks ni diharamkan. Merdeka katanya.

Semalam jugak banyak konsert diadakan sempena Merdeka. KLCC tak pernah miss punya. Even in the clubs pun orang celebrate sambil mabuk-mabuk, joget-joget. Merdeka katanya.

Ada jugak yang hanya duduk-duduk di rumah bersama keluarga depan tv yang ditonton sampai pagi sebab esok tak sekolah. Merdeka katanya.

Tak lupa juga ahli-ahli sarkis jalanan (mat-mat rempit) yang memang suka akan kesesakan jalanraya kerana di waktu inilah mereka boleh menampilkan kehandalan mereka menyelit dan mencelah antara kenderaan yang beratur. Merdeka katanya.

Apa yang merdeka? Bunga api? Konsert? Night clubs? Televisyen? Meremp-it?
Jiwa? Kosong.
Are you feeling lucky?