Friday, December 22, 2006


I kinda like the current weather we're having now. Cloudy. No skin-burning ray of sun. Maybe because i'm the quik-sweaty kind of homosapien. i just cant stand the heat from the sun because it makes me sweaty, dizzy, angry and all the other things that rhymes ;)

Somewhere in Malaysia, there are people who dont really dig the clouds. Cloudy = Rain = Flood! Johor, Melaka, Kelantan & Terengganu are among the states being affected by the currently non-stop heavy rain. It's like a disaster when a colleague mentioned to me that the flood in Segamat even reached a 2 storey house height. How bad is that?

Think about the up-coming Aidiladha, school's starting, christmas and all those things. The PBT, government, cabinets (not kitchen cabinet aa) should really look into this matter. i mean, yes, we can't avoid the rain and flood but we can at least figure out why the hell did the river got overflowed? Have you provide and maintain the drainage system? err... do you even have a good drainage system? Sigh.

We pay our taxes you know.

Thursday, December 14, 2006


I'm really starting to seriously hate my workplace's environment. Be it the people, the people or the people. sigh. I mean, it is a good organization (referring to its origin of establishment) but it is somehow managed by... (fill in the blank yourself).

The above people say it's the staff that doesnt appreciate the organization and the below people say it's the above people that is greedy. As for me (being in the middle of course), it's the attitude. A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E!

If you didnt get your attitude right in your working place, be whatever organization you're working in, you're actually creating a disaster to the company.

This goes back to enforcements, fair judgement etc etc and all sorts of things that we usually hear but still, it's there. These are all basics. Fix these shits properly and we're good to go. We dont need a new scheme for performance, new appraisal system, new this and new that. Kalau perangai macam gampang, buatlah apa pun, it will only get you and unfortunately all of your assets (personnel) to "nowhereland".

One of the above people once told me, "If this company is very bad and the management doesnt know how to manage, why wait? go somewhere else-lah".

And i went, "Of course we can always leave for a better opportunity out there, no doubt. The question is, by saying that, are you guys actually comfortable with your performance here? Have you done all your best to be good leaders? Worse still, do you guys actually have a performance here?"

People wont be complaining if they were really taken care of. Of course, the world is not and never enough for us human. But, if 7 or 8 out of 10 people doing a survey of you guys said you guys suck, what does that shows? I dont know, I'll let you guys answer it yourselves. Orang komen/kritik hangin pulak.

Not everybody can be a good leader. If you cannot find them in your organization, search somewhere else will you? For god's sake, please stop assuming people to do a job that is beyond their eligibility, capabilities and give them phat allowances. Worse still, you can even wait for them to be eligible and confirm them for the managerial position no matter how long it takes. Kalau bagus tak apa, ini macam... (isi sendiri dengan mana-mana perkataan mencarut).
I'll still be around until I've found somewhere else better to go. I think it's a trend here whereby people with good performance will leave this place for a greener grass out there because the employer seems love to be blinded by ass-licking and world class act people. Office politic really stinks i tell you.

p/s: Kerja itu satu ibadah, lakukanlah ia dengan ikhlas dan penuh rasa tanggungjawab.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


It's been a while since i last blogged. I'm so damn busy right after Aidilfitri and now, am having a little twist with my health. The doctor said it's the cigarettes i smoked but i think it's the wheather (heehee). Whatever it is, i think i've lost focus on a lot of things out there as it happens like i'm in a cave or something like that.

Al-fatihah tu Eina's (Herman's wife) late father En. Yang Ahmad who passed away last week.

I'm currently stationed as a "hotline" centre at my office and not being sent for outstation interview exercise. the good thing: no hassle to travel with my workloads along, bad thing: nak kencing pun susah! kejap2 update, kejap2 update. sigh...

Am still waiting for The Kodoks Raya Reunion which is supposed to be organized by Anne. What the hell happenned eh?

Heard of Visionworks moving into their new office. Need any hands you guys?

Harith Iskander is having his stand-up show at TAS somewhere this week I think. Any takers? Kodoks?

My schoolmate Izwan Ismail got married last Sunday, Congratulations bro!

The last movie I watched was My Super Ex-Girlfriend (gee, how bad is that?)

The anticipated Sumo-lah and CicakMan are about to open in the cinema

My weekends are full for others and I hardly have a nice little quality time with my wife...

I need a break, seriously.

Friday, November 3, 2006


Friends are the ones we love to be around with. A best friend is someone we really trust and love to share our views with. Well, that's my definintion of friends. Based on my silly definition, I have a lot of best friends.

I have an idea of considering best friends as someone who'll really stands beside you during your ups and downs. On top of that, I also believe that best friends should be your unofficial advisor - for good of course. But, I do experience an awkward relationship with someone I called my best friend.

I'm not sure whether he's joking or what, but he'll always suggest something that is logically not good for me. For an instance, "Beli je, ape lagi tunggu?" eventhough you know the purchase will cause you a headache and regret. I somehow feel like, is he trying to pull me down or what?

Then, there's this "rivalry" kind of issue in which I think it shouldnt take place in between you and someone who you call best friend. In a way, he somehow whether purposely or not, like to make comparisons. It's like, dude, you're just as unfortunate as me kind of expression.

But, being in the friendship so long, I just ignore the silly thoughts and take it as a joke. Suddenly, picture this: (in a discussion about books written by Azizi Ali and Irfan Khairi on how to make money) "Kalau kau tau sesuatu benda atau teknik yang boleh menguntungkan kau, boleh buat duit cara senang, kau nak share ke dengan orang lain?"
And I went... hmm...
How do you feel?

Friday, October 20, 2006


I'm pretty sure when I say that we're still carrying our childhood attitude up to this very day of our lives. Unbelievable? Believe it. It's there whether you notice or not. It's there whether you like it or not. It's there whether you intentionally practicing it or not. Here are some that happens to me and people around me.

I still count the tiles while heading to the men's room at the office. I'll make sure to step on the exact length (via the tiles count) as my previous steps. ;P

I always make sure most of my stuff especially my stationaries and drawing tools are properly arranged in place. If they're on my pedestal, they will never get "crookedly" arranged.

I love making saliva baloons out of my mouth when I'm bored or when I have nothing to do. Ini special skill tak semua orang reti buat woo...

There are people who just cant stand it if anyone else around gets more / better than thyself. They are just simply jealous of others. Nak lebih pada orang jugak... tak boleh tengok orang lebih pada dia.

There's also this type who will not speak to you if they feel you've hurt their feeling. And you have no clue. Merajuklah konon...

At the buffet table is one of my favourite. Be it any function, most people will grab as many food as they could especially the exoticly rare ones like satay, cakes, ice-cream etc etc. Walhal, the food punyalah banyak. Tak terhabis punn... Istilah budak skolah aku: JOLAP.

The bottom line is, sometimes these things are seen as funny but sometimes they aren't. We're all grown-ups so think before we're about to do something silly. As a usual human being, we'll always be blinded by others misbehaviour rather than ours. Let's ponder our ownself.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


She thinks she walks gracefully
Down the third floor alley
She thinks she is nice to all
But there's something behind the wall

Then there's this one man
Who had a master plan
He can see something beyond
And that's something to look on

That b***h works for this man
The man who holds all the plan
But the man doesnt know the fact
That b***h is a two-or-maybe-more-face act

I hate the b***h now even more
Because of her act and much-much more
I blame it all to the man's fault
For listening to her too much though at fault

Then comes this funniest part
Where the trust ring has fallen apart
The b***h is slowly departing
And the man seems to be following

Ain't that miraculously funny
When you dont have any trustee
Though you used to be the listener and keeper
Like keeping a poo-poo in a diaper

Let the man keep trusting the b***h
Let the b***h keep on being a b***h
One fine day they'll be fighting
Because of the False Feeding

p/s: Jangan paksa aku buat puisi tak senonoh macam ni lagi.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


X: Where are you from, eh?
pye: KL of course.
X: No, I mean where are you really-really from? Any kampungs?
pye: No. I really am from KL. Borned and raised.
X: Tak best-lah time raya, orang semua balik kampung.
pye: ... (If your kampung is so best, then why are you living in KL at the first place?)

The above conversation is what I normally get especially during this festive season. I just dont understand why is that being a KL-lad not "best". Sometimes I feel that these people are trying to make me feel guilty for being borned and raised as a budak KL. I even get this during my boarding school years.

Out of no where...
Y: Kau budak mana? KL?
pye: Ha'ah.
Y: Ape? Ingat kau budak KL, kau bagus? Dah best sangat?
pye: ... (whadda ffffff...? dude, what's your prblem?)
And I didnt even remember insulting that fella in any means. Apa salah aku?

And the story never stops even after I'm working in... of course in my hometown, KL. Same old argument. They said Hari Raya is no fun in KL, Tak thrill, Tak best etc etc. But this time around I've got wiser.

Z: Tahun ni memang raya kat sini (KL) lah eh?
pye: Ha'ah-lah, mane lagi? Dah laki-bini orang sini.
Z: Ishh... tak seronok raya sini, kampung jugak best.
pye: Ape pulak tak bestnya? Semua orang datang KL carik makan, carik rezeki.
Z: Yelah, itu carik makan... ini raya.
pye: Lah? Abis tu? Semua orang akan cakap kampung masing-masing best. Samalah saya. KL ni kampung saya. Mestilah saya cakap KL ni best! Tak kisah lah raya ke tak raya.
Z: ...

Haha! How's that? And Shidah also got insulted once by this one fella whom we already got insulted with eventhough he did nothing wrong (hehe, get that?). The first one or two lines are similar with the above but the killer line sounds more or less like this:

Ape pulak tak bestnya? Best lah! Semua orang dah balik kampung masing-masing, barulah aman damai sikit KL ni. Kalau tak menyemak je, buat jam jalan!
And the ugly fella went - blank. Padan muka!

I have no intention of hurting any of you who are not from KL out there. But, please show some respect to others no matter where they come from. I'm sure everybody is very proud of their kampungs, their origins.
Well, so do I.

Friday, October 6, 2006


Here's something about me to be shared:

1. I love saying SAPAR LAMAM instead of pasar Malam

2. I call underpants as SERPFENDER / SOTONGS / FENDER

3. I call bra as OAKLEY / RAY-BAN / AH-CHO-CHOL

4. I love calling reckless road users as MONYET

5. KEPALA ABAH KAU-lah! is meant for angry expression

6. OVERDOSE is used for mentioning anything exceeding its supposed limit such as execessive spread of food, drink too sour etc etc

7. LEPS is an acronym for lepak

8. KAP-YA-KEY, CHO-O-COH (in spelling mode) is said out loud if the person is well, kecoh/menggelabah dan yang seangkatan dengannya because they dont even have any clue on what I'm shouting at.

9. SEPAK-JOGET (imagine the action: you'll dance when i slap you) a phrase expressing disgust/ meluat/ menyampah

10. I'll use ARGON when something or someone disappear or cannot be found. It is also suitable as an invitation to leave/get lost/berambus/blah

Next time if you heard any peculiar/weird words came out of my mouth, that will most likely be my own linggo or terminology. Hahahaha... sukati aku-lah kan?


Tuesday, October 3, 2006


Ever heard the word KASTA? It's a people status pyramid originated from India (if I'm not mistaken). It has a similar meaning with level, taraf etc etc. Some say this KASTA thing is no longer relevant in today's world. Kuno katanya. Is that really true? Let's see...

Why are there still reserved parking for higher-ranked people when all the others have to rumble for it everyday. To make things worse, the existing parking space is already limited and yet need to be reserved! The best part would be, these people who have reserved parkings are always late to the office (no worries mate!), sometimes never turn-up (their father own this company you know) and not all of them are really eligible to park under the reserved lot and that's a different story.

Why are the higher-ranked people gets the fastest internet/network connection when the lower-ranked people get the slower and always-disconnected line? Whereas these lower-ranked people are those who really needs it for their daily operation. The best part would be, the KASTA tinggi people will never get disconnected because they are using special lines. Maybe they are just too busy watching the company's stockmarket performance online. Hey! Bulls#!t I said.

Why does someone who's supposed to be lower-ranked than you have an individual office when you have to share one? And yet, this monkey get to shout to anyone she (notice that) like from her (again) room. Kau ingat kau siapa? Banyak besar ke? Sedarlah diri sikit.

Why does the higher-ranked people always get excused from whatever misconduct reasons being and they never get warned or taken action or what so ever? They can always do what they want, when they want it like it's their daddy's company. Are they so damn f***in' good? Are they the one who really build or sustain this company?

Where do you belong in the KASTA PYRAMID? Top? Middle? Bottom? No where? The question is: Do these kind of people really deserve to be treated as such or even placed at the high-ranked KASTA?
Siapa kata sistem KASTA adalah kuno dan tidak relevan lagi?

Sunday, October 1, 2006


It was yesterday when me and my regular kodoks had a big fast-breaking day out. Yup! a really big one. It was at the Seoul B-something restaurant (i cant remember it exactly), located at Plaza Pantai. That was my first time there. Kinda weird place... or was it just my imagination? naahhh... janji makan buffet kat restaurant tu best kodok! sampai kitorang dah tak larat nak makan lagi. The price? Value for your money!

It was one fun outing, thanks to our organizer, Nina and to all of the kodoks who made it happened. They were Nina, Lynn, Zarina, Herman, Taufik, Lizzam, Wan, Razi and not forgetting me and my wife Shidah.
You guys were great, man. Unfortunately, DJ Redzuan couldnt join us because of his work commitment. We're expecting another similar session but with our Chief, Afdlin Shauki. It may be a bit/lot more bigger than this one. Let's just wait and see.

Anyway, here are some of the pictures taken using my camera. do check my fellow kodoks' blog (check the Get In The Ring column) to find out other photos in different angles.

Thursday, September 28, 2006


As in my previous entries, I always mentioned that WE ALWAYS HAVE OPTIONS/CHOICES IN LIFE.

It all started a few days ago when I received a silly task that need to be delivered A.S.A.P. Yes people, the one that I dont agree to do because to me the objective/outcome is pointless and you dont need such silly and time-consuming exercise just to come out with a brilliant solution or to recognize the defect (who am I to argue in this company anyway?). The best part would be translating the findings into action which is already known even if you didnt run the exercise.

But being a dude who doesnt own any share in the company (neither do they), I just execute the task without questions asked. At first it sucks... really sucks man. Yelah, buat benda yang memeningkan dengan tidak ikhlas. But when I take it as a challenge, as in I can organize the messed-up findings and come up with senseful facts, I became unintentionally interested. Funny eh?

And finally, I completed the task with style within the stipulated time. Picture that! And not just that, I'm even done with another similar task (kerja orang yang aku terpaksa buat demi kebaikan syarikat) in this week also! Haha! (Awas! Ini bukan riak tapi berkongsi kegembiraan)

I would say, we can accomplish anything if we wish to. It's a matter of whether you want to do it or not and not I dont think I can do this, it's beyond my ability. On top of that, we can even complete it whenever we want it to be completed. If you want it quick, aspire the thunder while vice-versa, aspire the bullock cart. Hebatkan? The power is indeed in our hands and mind.

Start discovering your ability, people. In fact, please remember that we all are a perfect creation our Creator have ever created.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I dont know whether it's just me or the people I meet everyday or am I just that observant or my sensitivity sense is very high. I... just dont know and not sure.

Sometimes I feel that some people are just jealous of me for God knows why. I dont know. Maybe I have something that they dont? Maybe I have something better than their's? Or even maybe they just wanted to be like me, but they just cant (haha! Loo-hoo-se-her). But I'm OK with that. I can live with it. But the thing is, their ego just cant go any lower. Dahlah dengki ngan orang, nak eksyen pulak lagi.
Kau kenapa?
Think I care? Shiisshhh...

Than this one kind that doesnt-want-to-listen-to-people-and-then-menyusahkan-orang (gee, that's a newly renamed species I believe). I dont what's their problem but it sure is a kind of kesakitan di bontot dan hati (pain in the ass) thing. How does it feels when you already told this person that the plan would've worked smoothly if you do like this but they ignored you instead? And finally you have to clear the SHIT given.
Kau kenapa?
What the fff...? Eat shit-lah! Astaga... ramadhan nih...

But there's also this type whose ass were always covered by the big-big Ass-wiper (kahkahkah). To them these people are always right, they never did anything wrong or bad. They would go beserk when told that what they did was wrong. But why to a certain group of people only? Why not all? Dewakah mereka? Again, when it comes to my part... wah! semedang (manjang/always) tak betul! The best part would be, if the designated person wouldnt want to do it, then who else will? We have to do this for the sake of our survival. Excuse me wiseman, Why should we pay them for, again?
Kau kenapa?

But dont bother... I will as usual act as cool as ice (which I really am... LOL) when facing these. I always hope that one day the Almighty will turn their world upside down. Am not praying for bad things for people but just good enough for them to realize that they dont own the world, Respect others around and aren't we should be happy to good things that happens to people we call friends around us. You tell me.

Monday, September 25, 2006


Seriously I'm tired and sick of this Datin SN and Datuk K wedding thing. Be it the Khatam Quran, Nikah, wedding reception at KLCC, wedding reception at Kuala Lipis... and to my disgust, yesterday in one of the advertisements, there's another one coming up... BEHIND THE SCENE pulak... bullststst!

What's next eh? Maybe this comic strip might give us a clue...

Monday, September 18, 2006


During last ramadhan, I was still a bachelor but this year, i'm married. how quick could that be? hehehehe... gua ada banyak rumah nak kena raya tahun ni beb!

Belum pun sempat ape-ape lagi lots of hotels have started promoting their Ramadhan Buffet feast. The picture of people-packed pasar juadah suddenly came into mind. It's funny when you still want to go there eventhough you know that you will hate the crowd. It's the once a year "feel" y'all. Popiah basah, ayam percik, kuih sampan (ntah ape ntah nama dia aku tak ingat), murtabak... bestnye! For all we know, we are already spending more than the non-bulan puasa month. hehehe.

Oh ya, i'm inviting all my fellow kodoks (yang interestedlah) to kasi pecah our majlis berbuka puasa bersama kodok. Will the great Chief kodok be joining this activity? Itu kena tanya Nina sebab beliaulah Cik Kiah yang menggorganize majlis ini, yeeaaa!!! Hopefully kita dapat bagi sokongan pada aktiviti yang dijangka akan menjadi best gila (sebab ini adalah acara makan-makan).

Ladies & gentlemen, please place your booking now.
Nama, valid email dan handphone no. jangan lupa haa...

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I dont know about the others but to me last night's (10 sept) Actorlympics was a bit sucky. Was it because:
1. The casts were already exhausted?
2. The audience sucks?
3. Harith & Edwin joined the show eventhough they were not the (paid) cast?
4. A couple of casts went sober?
5. I need a break from Actorlympics for a while like what Nina & Lizzam did?
6. I no longer enjoy the type of comedy presented?
7. The audience always shout toilet for venue and brokeback mountain for movie?
8. I am hungry?

I dont know, but at least I got to meet with my fellow kodoks again that night. It was cool rushing our way to Bukit Jalil from Bangsar just to catch Mawi's performance muahahahahaha....

This is my view on the casts:
Douglas Lim - Brilliant but watch your language
Na'a Murad & Gavin Yap - Good combination, macam Gremlins
Rashid Salleh - What were you doing dude?
Joanna Bessey - Watch Ida Nerina & Nell Ng's previous performance
Harith, Afdlin & Edwin - You guys were the men (err.. are you fine with it Edwin? kehkehkeh)

Friday, September 1, 2006


Semalam banyak bunga api meletup kat sana-sini walaupun masa Raya Cina dan Hari Raya fireworks ni diharamkan. Merdeka katanya.

Semalam jugak banyak konsert diadakan sempena Merdeka. KLCC tak pernah miss punya. Even in the clubs pun orang celebrate sambil mabuk-mabuk, joget-joget. Merdeka katanya.

Ada jugak yang hanya duduk-duduk di rumah bersama keluarga depan tv yang ditonton sampai pagi sebab esok tak sekolah. Merdeka katanya.

Tak lupa juga ahli-ahli sarkis jalanan (mat-mat rempit) yang memang suka akan kesesakan jalanraya kerana di waktu inilah mereka boleh menampilkan kehandalan mereka menyelit dan mencelah antara kenderaan yang beratur. Merdeka katanya.

Apa yang merdeka? Bunga api? Konsert? Night clubs? Televisyen? Meremp-it?
Jiwa? Kosong.
Are you feeling lucky?

Monday, August 28, 2006


Some people say that the truth is out there, some say sooner or later, the truth will shine, some say in the end, the truth is all we have. Be whatever it will, only we ourselves who know the truth about our own self.

The truth is:

Thursday, August 24, 2006


There are things happening around us that we tend to forget or not to think about. Sometimes it's good to let it be in both ways but sometimes it's not.

Arrogant homosapiens are my most hated species. This follows with the sellfish and "acting-smart-but-actually-dumb" type of people. Can anyone tell me if there is any religion in this world actually asking its followers to do bad things? None. Bukan Roti Naan. Where got? Are there any parents in the world would tought their offsprings of being rude? Lagilah tak ada! You will even get scold for being one.

This is the thing. The choice is always our's, in the heart and especially in that tiny brain. Are we going to let people make fun/blame our religion/parents just because of our so called "misconduct"? Bet you wont want that. On the other side, why look "through" someone and blame something "behind" them?

We all are responsible of our very own life. We also carry our family's and religion's dignity. So carry them along properly.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


At first, it's kinda weird and funny and glad to have 2 moms and 2 dads. Not to mention some extra siblings and not to forget 3 little rascals (though the youngest 2 are the most "vocal"). I now have an addition to my family members of 5. Best of all, I have a wife named Rashidah a.k.a. Shidah. Life has changed bro!

Lots and lots of things happenned during my A.W.O.L. period in this blog. Some are great, some are lame and some are just worse than shit. Well that's life, otherwise, you must be living in a fairy tale huh? In the end of the day, you actually know to whom you can always turn to... they are called friends, family and life partner.

Nevermind, it is called faith and all things that happened to us has its purpose or "hikmah". I somehow believe in this carma thing. Not clear? Listen to Wings' hit song called HUKUM KARMA.

It's only my second week after a long holiday and I'm just picking up the pace. Got to go.

Thursday, June 8, 2006


Luckily I still remember how to publish entries in my weblog. Hehehehe... been busy, the internet connection sucks, turtle-speed PC, e-blogger gone crazy, etc etc etc... Screw 'em all.

What does this title entry means? Interprate it in whatever way you wish but this is my view.

Some b**t**d road user pisses you off like they purposely "invite" you to race. Pangkah depan kereta korang sesuka hati abah dia, and give you the synical look saying, "Think your car so fast? can beat my car ah? Let's race and see..." Be it cars or bikes. These monkeys really pisses me off. After thinking deeply, I'd say, "Why should I bother feeling pissed by their ape-like act?" I'm actually expanding my patience and not exploding my anger.

This colleague of your's spread a really bullshit gossip on you. And it is so not true. But being typical Malay (excuse me), those bullshits are the truth and they should believe it. Your image and dignity is affected. Orang pandang slack je kat korang... Take a deep breath and tell this to yourself, "You can say whatever you want or like about me. The truth will be revealed sooner or later. Bumi ni bulat, you wont always be at the top". With this, you're actually expanding your faith in The Almighty's might as well as you coolness. Tak guna mengamuk dan melayan kebongokkan monyet-monyet tersebut.

Orang semacam taknak berkawan dengan kita? Berlagak macam dah tak kenal kita lepas dapat bekerja dengan artis? Why bother or care? Ape? Ingat die best sangat ke? Banyak lagi orang yang nak berkawan dengan kita. Why dont you expand your net of friendship instead of getting explode because this one bloody chap doesnt seems to appreciate your friendship? Zipped.

To conclude this, I would say, just dont give a damn thought about things that actually doesnt affect us. It's just a waste of time and energy. Make use of it for better things. Why should we care on things or person who doesnt care or even give a slight damn thought about us?



Aku rase blog aku dah gile. Macam gampang peningnya. Nak log-in sikit punya payah. Ntahapehapentah...

Sunday, May 28, 2006


Gua baru balik dari kenduri Kodok Herman ngan Zarina. Looking good in purple. Both didnt wear specs. I dont know whether they can see me and Shidah kat depan pelamin tu... hehehehe...

Anyways, the food was really good! I mean it. Best giloss! We actually arrived at approx 115pm. Satu kodok pun takde. Thought of waiting for Nina and Nana when they said they'll reach there at 2pm. At last, gua redah je masuk dewan. Buat deek... Pengantin sampai, amek gambar pakai handphone (excuse for the blurry photo). Being sangap gile 2 orang, tak kenal sesape, we then decided to chiow at 230pm.

Simple yet nice wedding. Congratulations, Herman & Zarina. Semoga berbahagia ke anak cucu.

Thursday, May 25, 2006


Let's go to:
1. Herman's wedding at Maluri this Sunday (28 May 2006)
2. Actorlympics (31 May - 4 June 2006)

Let's make a date to celebrate the above activities. Amacam "regular kodoks"?
Feed me back friends.

Monday, May 22, 2006


I'm so damn tired. Just arrived from Penang. Sakit belakang driving lama sangat. Nasib baik kena pegi Penang, kalau Changlun? Pengsan! My car was like a "kereta bajak". The PROPEL people were doing something on the highway just now. Like sprinkling the tarmac with some kind of white liquid ke hape ntah... cipan betul. I just cant stand it so I have to visit the carwash after this.

Just got to know it was Afdlin's birthday last Friday (19th May). Happy belated birthday bro! Older means Wiser!

As we all know, Malaysia is currently promoting the nice people (Malaysian) image. It sounds something like, BE A COURTEOUS MALAYSIAN. And if you realize, amongst the clise comments we heard from tourists are Malaysians are very nice people, Malaysians are so warm people, etc etc etc... The bottom line is, we have projected a good image in the eyes of the tourists. Congratulations.

Now, eat this.

1. I was on my way to the buffet breakfast area at the hotel. Following behind were some tourists. They were greeted with Good Morning when crossing the Reception counter. But wait a minute, why didnt they greet me? Ke, aku dah dapat ilmu invisible?

2. We were walking along the Ferringhi night market when none of the hawkers attended us on the merchandise they are selling. But wait when there are "omputih" stopping by, they would go like, Yes sir, anything for you? Good price for you..., Have a look ma'am, this will look nice on you..., blah blah blah...

3. Having to dine in the smoking area, we have to wait in line. We would normally treated like, Smoking or non smoking? Name? You have to wait for another 15 minutes. And they would go like, Good evening sir, how may I help you? I'm sorry sir we're currently full, can you wait for a while. Have a sit first over here...

4. I would normally get a different kind of service according to my dressing. Of course, they were nicer when I'm in the office attire but contrastly when I'm wearing jeans and t-shirt.

Just to list a few on how the locals were discriminated by our very own locals. Banyak lagi kalau nak detail out. Look man, we are all customers no matter whether we are locals or tourists. Why should there be any discrimination in the services? Why cant you talk nicely to the local people? We also pay for the services you provide.

I'm sure some of you have encountered such cases especially at the glamorous shopping malls. What a dork. Ingat orang tempatan tak ada duit ke nak shopping, hah? Ingat high class sangat ke tourists tu semua? Taik ah!

So much for the, Malaysians are very nice people... should be extended with: to the tourists and not to the locals. Think about it...

Thursday, May 18, 2006


I hate to admit it but I have to go to Penang, again this weekend. Only this time, I have a heavier responsibility. Doing 2 jobs at one time. Shooting 2 birds with one stone. Serampang 2 mata. Bola mata ikan. Like a stone. Keungguluan cinta... dari sinar mata... ROCK OUU! May and June has always been the busiest period of my working life. Macam nak mampos!

I attended a so called management meeting the other day. Hell, my ass was numb. 5 hours and I felt like s#!7. Bergaduh 24 jam. Never wanted to admit thy fault. Everybody else is wrong except thyself. Aku seperti kebiasaannya, makan sandwich yang dihidangkan tanpa menghiraukan keadaan sekeliling. But that wasnt my point. I suddenly felt this pain right from the back of my neck to my head right after... I sip the nescafe served in front of me. rasa nak meletup kepala aku. FYI, I quit coffee for breakfast a long time ago. Plus the tense in the meeting environment some more... You think my blood presure gone up ah? Think so lah... afraid to check maa... laters...

Time is chasing me as well. It seems like I just cant get enough of my 24 hours. Lots of things to think about, lots of work to do, at office, at home, committees, road tax renewal, wedding, to be a pengapit, house renovation, blah blah blah... boleh blah! Mungkin jugak Tuhan bagi aku sibuk gila babs skarang supaya aku boleh berehat2 secukupnya from August onwards? Insyaallah...

Well, that's life... isnt it? Kalau statik je, mati namanya. Tak gitu? Gitu... gitu... (I'm talking in my head and translated it into words - merengkah aku?). Ah-ha! I have a date with Harith in Thursday Nite Live.


Friday, May 12, 2006


I'm really looking forward for this public holiday. It's not because I'm celebrating the Wesak Day, not even close. I just need some rest. My workload has never been this cruel to me. And WLady a.k.a. Nina is laughing at me out loud because she's currently having a long rest heheheheh...

I get grumpy when stressed and I believe everybody is. It feels like this blood vein in my forehead is just waiting to explode. Sometimes it really hurts when I feel dizzy because of the pain coming from the back of my neck towards my front skull. Uuu... ngeri sungguh bunyinya... suara ngeri... datang dari lembah sunyi... (cuba teka lagu apa?).

Aku juga benci kepada orang yang memperlekehkan urgency kerja aku kerana kepentingan diri mereka sendiri. Bertanggung jawablah sikit... Aku sebenarnya suka mendoakan dalam hati bahawa perbuatan mereka pasti akan terbalas oleh Tuhan dan bila itu berlaku, aku cuma perlu seeeenyum aje. Kalau tak tahan, aku gelak lah. It's a karma thing.

As Najwa Aiman once said to me, our road is one of the biggest factor to high blood disease. I couldnt agree more with him. It really is true. Sometimes the "sabar" is there but it get lost when the stupidity is really intolerable. Shouting my lungs out is my best solution yet. Kengkadang, aku buat tak tau je... malas nak focus dan membazir tenaga aku memikirkan kebodohan mereka itu. Marah pun pakai tenaga ape?

I'm actually really afraid of this stress thing. Having to know how we could be affected of it, lagi lah aku risau. Currently, I'm like having this bulks of things to be done and it's kinda blobbing in my head. Lots of things. Kusut betul. Sebab itulah aku rimas bila benda yang kecil dan bodoh dan tidak memberi kesan kepada hidup aku diisukan dan mengheret aku ke dalam perbincangan yang tidak perlu. There are bigger things happening in my head. I sound really stress kan? Hehehe...

I will have some fun this weekend. What is my kind of fun? Hmm... Sleeping long hours is fun to me, lazing around at mamak stall is fun to me, reading all day is fun to me, window shopping is fun to me but the truth is, i dont really have any specific definition in fun. Even disturbing my mom in the kitchen while she's busy cooking is also fun to me.
Naahh... I'll find my fun.

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Why do people being resistance to new ideas?

Not all but there people out there who doesnt seem to welcome new ideas thrown to them. Well, firstly because of education and secondly information. Sometimes, it is hard to accept new things in our life especially when we feel threaten. That's common. As for me, I do feel the exact same way sometimes.

But the thing is, we usually snapped too early before our mind couldnt even think deeply and even before our eyes couldnt even blink. This refers to education and information I mentioned earlier. Educated people usually thinks in both ways, pros and cons before jumping into silly or emotional conclusion. They will relate their knowledge to the situations/conflicts they're in. Same goes to information. We must get the facts right. Miscommunication is not a new problem to mankind. This has lead to several catastrophe all around the world. That might be too big for us to think of. Let's just get back to our own self.

Sometimes, new is good and sometimes it is not. Dont judge things with a narrow point of view. Take a look around as Limp Bizkit might say in the M:I:2 soundtrack. Get educated and get the right information before resisting new ideas or even comments. Besides, we're only human. It's such a waste if we decline to something we never even try. Who knows, "that" something could've change our lives to being better?

Just some thoughts... Cheers!

Thursday, May 4, 2006


I dont know about you guys but lately I seem to came across with a lot of cyclists in my area (Ampang - Ulu Klang). No, not the one with the engine... ini yang guna tenaga kaki nih... basikal lah! It's really cool to see these people accept our governments' campaign towards a healthier life or utamakan kesihatan or so and so. Not to mention with the petrol price is up, cycling has been an alternative.

Firstly, afsal banyak Indon je yang ngayuh beskal and not us Malaysians? And then, why the hell did they cycle like they have this Green Lantern's shield protecting them. I'm not against them but helloo... boleh tepi sikit tak? kang kena langgar kang bergaduh... We're talking about during rush hour nih... when everybody is rushing to punch their card, and still these dudes never seems to care... it's like, hah! langgar lah kalau berani... goblok.

Then there's these motorbikes. Yes, now I'm talking about the one with the engines. These *tooot* ah, they ride like they can buy their life at the hypermarkets! Basketball betul. I myself have several times encountered horrific experience with these daredevils. They ride like hell, no lights, no reflective jackets, against the road flow kalau orang kampung aku cakap melawan arus. Bongok betul. A few times jugak aku nyaris accident head-to-head ngan aksi bodoh diorang nih.

Then there are also these monkeys who doesnt know how to park properly. Ape? Ingat ko pakai sport rim besar, pasang spoiler yang boleh ampai kain tu, pastu boleh parking sukati abah nko lah? Basketball... And believe me, these are the types of people who will drag you to a fight if we accidentally scratched their car while passing through. Got brain or not? Eat more brain-brain (otak-otak) then...

You know what? Sometimes I do feel like nak langgar je monyet-monyet nih. Just who do they think they are? Lu ingat lu sapa haa? Lu ingat abah lu turap ini jalan ka?
Baik aku minum Banana Mocha Frapp petang nih untuk menyejukkan hati... huuhuu...

Monday, May 1, 2006


I have a new resolution. Weird? Naahh... it's a short-term resolution specially created for my "one-pack" stomach mucle (orang lain six-pack). AKU NAK LOSE WEIGHT! Heehee... not much, from 65kg to 60kg je... In conjunction with this silly resolution, these are the things I shall/wish to do (am crossing my fingers as well)...

1. Cycle 5km in the morning and another 5km in the evening, everyday.

2. Routine discipline: 50 sit-ups before and after bed. Followed by ropeless skipping (due to limited area) - 80 jumps. Torso tiger machine after prayer (at home only). 20 times dumbell lift-ups for each arms while dressing up.

3. No more meal after 10pm. To quit the snacking habit. To reduce sugar in drinks and carbohydrates.

4. More fruits, less rice.

5. The might be a bit hard one: Puasa setiap hari Khamis.

Luckily I prefer Teh O ais than Teh ais and Ais kosong than Teh tarik. But the new Starbucks Banana Mocha Frappucino is a mind blowing drink! I really love it!

So how to diet like this?

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I believe we all do have a few dumb thoughts during our childhood years and I'm about to disclose mine. Do laugh along if we share the same silly thoughts... kwehkwehkwehkweh...

1. Being influenced by the amazing Spider-man, I once (err... few times until I realized it was not true) took any spiders I could catch and put them on my wrist. Hoping it will bite me so I can have the wall-crawler's super powers. Bongok.

2. I didnt sharpen my pencil at both ends because my friends told me our moms could die because of it. Ye ke?

3. I never pointed my index finger towards the rainbow for it could amputate it. Sheesh...

4. A friend once told me the earth is always moving. That's true but listen to his next fact: We're not actually moving but the earth is. For example, If I walk from point A to B, I aint really walking but the earth is. I'm actually still at point A. And I went like ooo... at that time. But now, gampang! cikgu sains mana ajar die ni ntah. heehee...

5. Obsessed by "harta karun" (treasure), I oftenly dig the frontyard with a scoop looking for one. The best part was, I only dig about a few inches deep and when I couldnt see any treasure box, I buried the hole and dig a new spot. I quit when I've dug almost all "potential" spot in the yard. Ssssomebody kill me!

6. Everytime I saw computers, I would wait excitedly for AUTOMAN to appear from the screen to our world. p/s: AUTOMAN is one of my favourite series in the 80's if any of you remember.

7. MacGyver was a hit series in the 80's. I really want the Swiss Army knife he use in his actions to defeat the bad guys. The knife must ne really "something". But now after having one, I just simply use it for opening plastic packages only. Heehee...

8. I once thought chicken eggs were layed without any shells. It actually took some time after the laying process for the "soft" eggs to harden and become its shell. Kehkehkeh...

9. I really thought there are people living in the clouds. It's like there's a kingdom up there. Remember Jack & the Beanstalk? I used to try growing that giant tree in my yard. Sadly, it doesnt grow that tall to reach the skies and I wonder why...

Last but not least, when I was a kid I really thought it would be much better to grow up fast and be an adult. But now I really-really think that being a kid is very much better...
Dont you think so?

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Let's talk about discs or "cakera"...

VHS (atau orang kampung aku cakap video tape) used to be a hot item back in the 80's and early 90's. It does stays for a while during its' heydays. I still remember in my school days, sikit2 tengok video kat rumah kawan and that was because my dad never bought any video player. Nanti korang tak belajar katanya. But the scenario changed when VCD came in. At that period of time, my siblings were already done with schools. And Abah bought our very own Mini hi-fi cum VCD player for our home. We were like jakuns heehee. Kemaruk tengok vcd je la keje.

At that time, I was still studying in JB. As we all know, JB was among the hub of piracies in Malaysia at that time. I wont mention the plaza's name here heehee. The thing is, I will always bring back some collection of VCDs to be watched at home with my family. Being a student, as long as the picture is clear, that means the VCD is worth buying. I never thought of the piracy policy nor the effect to the film industries. Naive.

And now the DVD has invaded us. In my point of view, this DVD thing is staying for good like its' predecessor, VHS. VCD is just a stepping stone to DVD. But I'm a bit wiser as I grow older (really?). I no longer by pirated goods. That's why my DVD collection is not as good as my VCDs heehee. But I only buy Collector's Edition and movies I really love to watch over and over again.

I have another hobby which is not likeable to Shidah - buying music cds. Man, I am addicted to this because I love music. And again, I'm wiser now so I dont buy pirated cds anymore. Music cd is interesting. Previously we have cassettes which doesnt seem to last. Lama2 sket dah berkulat, pastu buang. But cds, they lasts. True what??? Mini Discs tried to penatrate the market but I dont think it will survive for the format is very expensive and I dont think any album distributors would want to take any risks on it.

Whatever my reasons being, I'm actually collecting these discs for my satisfaction as well as for my future generation. I want my kids to learn about the music and the movie I love; and hopefully they will appreciate it. Who knows, it might be a valueable collector's item in the future? heehee... kayo pakcik.

p/s: Waiting for Afdlin and Yasmin's movies in DVD format.

Monday, April 17, 2006


As I woke up this morning, these are the thoughts that came across...
Is it really Monday and I have to go to work?
Is that really my tummy or just an optical illusion of it? Quickly, do the sit-up!
Eh, phone dah abis charge ke belum eh?
Baju tido ni nak cuci ke boleh pakai lagi, ek?
I have a registration to handle... almost forgotten about it... damnit
I have a long overdue assignment on ISO procedure... damnit
Do I need to shave?

While dressing and watching (listening actually) MHI...
Macam bagus je mamat ni (one male moderator)... and I say that everytime he's on air... sigh!
Iran is ready to bomb the States if they interfere their nuclear... whatever! Gile ke? Nasib baik aku dok Malaysia.
Eh, biceps lembik macam tauhu... main dumbell jap...
Afdlin kata MAFAA merepek on the Buli Balik movie case. Ape sajalah Malaysia ni... memang merepek 38jam sehari! Macam mana nak maju?

While driving to office...
Shidah ada appointment pagi nih... ikut Hj. Misa, aku takyah tunggu depan umah
Rokok? Banyak lagi... smalam baru beli kotak besar
HotFM: Drumstick Fara Fauzana, kuat lari blah blah blah... -Kurus sangat ke Fara Fauzana ni?
Bilanya lah yang aku nak pegi keje tak jam?

At the office...

p/s: Life goes on whether we're enjoying it or not.


Go and watch Yasmin Ahmad's GUBRA. Damn interesting film I tell you. A mind challenging, eye-opener, can opener also can-lah. But seriously, I like GUBRA better than SEPET. The plot is simple but elaborated wisely. When watching this movie , please see beyond the screen, beyond the script and you'll get/learn something.

Among my favourite lines:
1. Lu ah, satu hari tak makan babi tak boleh ka?
2. Tetek berbulu...
3. Kita kahwin sudah 30 tahun, gaduh pun sudah 20 tahun...

Hehe... talk2 no use maa... go watch the movie... then you'll know why I love it... dont believe aa?
Eh, lu sudah GUBRA ka?

Thursday, April 6, 2006


These are my observations on some kind of people's personalities. Please open-up your mind while reading...

Some people just love to have recognitions. They love to be in-charged of everything. They thought they are the most important homo-sapien in the world they're living in. And not to mention, this type of individual also have some kind of thought that they have all the exclusivity and privilege which others dont have. Bossy and loves yelling is another description for this type of homo-sapien.

There's this anotner kind of people who's just too ambitious. They thought they own everything under the sun. Everybody else is not good, not hardworking, not this and not that. Maybe they have forgotten their roots, i think. Sedarlah diri dan ingat asal-usul sikit. Everything in our life has its basics and purpose. Grass doesnt grow for nothing. Hidrogen doesnt exist just to make bombs. The thing is, We all have our functions no matter who or what we are. Dont ever under estimate others for you'll never know what are they capable of.

The one i hate the most is the ass-licker and "lidah bercabang". These kind of people aa i tell you, can really create a really really really bad air to our living environment. The best part would be, there are people who believe all the words that came out of their filthy mouth. Itu yang aku tak tahan tu. Nak aku cakap bongok kang marah, tapi memang bongok punn... bodoh macam telur tembelang.

Last but not least, the type of people who loves to take advantage of people to secure their ass. What an ugly attitude. Taking other people's trust/naivity for granted. Menyusahkan orang je jenis nih.

So, have you seen yourself in the mirror lately? Which personality is yours? Kehkehkeh... kidding.
Have a nice day!

p/s: See you kodoks at Gubra movie this Sunday! Thanks again Nina!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Just sharing some thoughts... wonder if any of you sometime have the same thoughts came across yours.

1. I was really awed when reading about the paralympians. I mean, they still have this passion and courage to pursue their sports of favourite despite their physical disabilities. Look at me, I have all the limbs but still I cant swim. But this one disabled fellow without one leg can represent his country in swimming. How great is that?

2. Is helping others performing their job/task given good or bad? In a way, it kind of boost up our reputation or capability in completing tasks given in impromptu. But on the other hand, maybe it shows that we are not loaded with enough work which is totally not true. It kinda hard to face this for I would normally try to give out my best at work. But dont push me harder for I'm no Clark Kent.

3. Always be thankful for what we have now for it wont lasts forever. We might get we what we wish for but always keep the wish balance. For an instance, if we wish to get rich, dont forget to wish for being generous as well. It's a very valuable lesson I learnt from a close friend of mine.

Oh! Look at the time! I'm off for futsal now...

Friday, March 17, 2006


Yes indeed. Life is too short to be wasted. Abah just informed me that one of his best friend, namely Uncle Karim just passed away yesterday evening. What is so special about this chap? He used to live in my neighbourhood. Abah and Uncle Karim were friends during their bell-bottom days in Texas Instruments. The kicker, he has a down-syndrome son and he was my age. He was nicknamed Chubby for being chubby.

They treated Chubby with full of love like their other kids. It didnt last long when they decided to move to Melaka to run a chalet business. Sadly, Chubby left this world last few years. End of 2005, we were shocked to hear about Uncle Karim been warded and he was in coma and brain-dead. Abah and mama went to visit him in Melaka but he was just laying on the bed unconciously. And yesterday, he passed away after being coma for so long.

And last night also, I drove passed a house with another demise person in Lembah Keramat. It was way past midninght and I suppose the funeral will take place early this morning.

As I sat alone, it came into thinking that, our life might be taken away, anytime, anywhere, anyhow. Are we ready for it?

Al-fatihah to Uncle Karim and everybody we know who had left us, forever.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


I've been so damn tired eversince my last official trip to Penang. Tapi aku dah balas dendam kesumat yang paling Ausmat sekali last Sunday. Tidur sehingga berbelas jam dan masih aku berasa letih sebab overdose tidur.

I have lost my interest in TV, video clips, movies and other types of entertainment at this point of my life. Stress barangkali? But still, lepak mamak tetap lepak mamak... cant help it. Last thing i remembered, i finished smallville season 4 (currently playing on TV3) and season 5. borrowed shidah's Baik Punya Cilok vcd (ori tau!) and tried to memorize some catchy dialogs. never watched ABP-BH nor konsert sure/jom heboh. I just cant figure out why am I so damn bored and tired.

Finally, I realized something. I've been loaded with lots of work and responsibility at the office and I have like another 4 or 5 months preparing for my BIG day. Kereta aku dah macam setan punya kotor, nak cuci, hujan... pun kusut jugak. Hmm... kusut-masai-pangsai-luncai-hancai...

I need a break, seriously.

Tuesday, March 7, 2006


During Actorlympics 24th Feb 2006...

Monday, March 6, 2006


Woohoo... I think it has been quite some time since I last blogged. Need some updates here:

24th Feb: Watched Actorlympics. Met the regular kodoks, spent some time with the gang and Afdlin at Muthu's or something like that in Bangsar.

27th Feb: Thought of watching PGLTM with the kodoks when Mien confirmed our tickets but I couldnt make it because I have to go to Penang for an official visit. Damn.

28th Feb: I drove to Penang with my superior for an exhibition and some career talk. I easily got confused with roads in Penang man. Seriously, macam setan! Our hotel was situated in the Bukit Jambul area, in which I've only been there once like 2 or 3 years ago. Mane nak hingat jalan. But we made it to the hotel at 9pm. Not a bad hotel, not so good breakfast, not so far from the exhibition venue, not bad-lah. But the sun really hates us, that I can tell.

1st Mar: Exhibition and career talk. What to talk? Tired talking already. Panas gile. Berkapang rasanya.

2nd Mar: Exhibition alone. Bosan.

3rd Mar: Career talk at 3pm and 8pm. Bangsat punya arrangement. Ape kebenda datang skolah orang malam2 bagi talk? Gua redah jugak la... keje kan? Then, meet our colleague and have some seafood treat kat Kg. Nelayan hapa benda ntah? Tapi ambience and food not bad. Tepi pantai.

4th Mar: We shoot to Kangar as early as 6am. Gile ngantuk. Another group of 3 had waited for us there since 7am. We proceed to Haatyai at 10am and arrived in another 2 hours later. Damn busy town. Thought of shopping some goods for my wedding, hampeh. Macam Petaling Street tapi banyak2 lorong. Goods? Not really in my interest. I better spare my money for Padang Besar trip. Bosanlah Haatyai.

5th Mar: Went back to Malaysia around 10am and arrived around 12pm. Shoot for Padang Besar and yes I fulfilled my purpose of visit. Mission accomplished! It's really worth paying a visit to Padang Besar if you love shopping. Besides, goods here are better in terms of quality and variance. We returned to KL around 330pm and reached home around 11pm. We stopped so many times along the highway. And I met Herman at R&R Bkt. Semanggol if I'm not mistaken. Heehee, what a small world.

Now, I'm forcing my eyes and body to work. I really am tired and soooooo sleepy. *Yawn.

Sunday, February 19, 2006


Nothing much to say when Liverpool has won 1-0 over Man U at Anfield yesterday. God bless!

Friday, February 17, 2006


Nothing much lately... Chief Kodok Afdlin Shauki couldnt get the PGLTM tickets for the kodok flash mob. Miscommunication with Istana Budaya I suppose. However, this has been healed because we'll be watching Actorlympics: Japan Edition next week (24 feb). Yaayy!!

My superior wont be around next week, so she had just put me in-charge of things while she were off. That doesnt sound very good to me. In another aspect, this will be the time when I can show my true colours. How's that, huh? Ahh.. lets just see what will happen next week.

I'll be going to Jalan TAR tomorrow... what else? Shopping barang kawin lah! Heehee... I'm mentally prepared for tomorrow. Hopefully we'll get what we're looking for, with good bargain of course.

Oyeah, there was one bastard just made a little ugly dent on my car, right next to the rear spoiler at the Great Eastern Mall's parking lot. I only realize it this morning. Really pissed me off. Damn it! But, when I came to think of it, maybe that was just a little test put on me during this engagement period or what the Malays would say, "darah manis". Whatever lah. I'll mend the dent when somebody give me a sack full of cash.

Err... smells like my mum just done cooking her kuetiow special edition-limited edition katanya... Got to go! Cheers!

Thursday, February 16, 2006


Last night, I sneaked out of my house just to puff a single stick of cigarette. Yeah, I didnt smoke in my parent's house. Have some respect to the home man! The thing is, as I was smoking in the dark night, this memory of how I was first hooked to cigs suddenly flashed my cerebrum.

It was after PMR back in 1993 when we were not allowed to leave our hostel. In fact, we were asked to do some "social service"... which was, decorating the school. We have to do some murals, wooden fences, gardening and so on. The school's gardeners and general workers were like on holiday for a few months. And it was in that particular year also we were allowed to "fly" by the seniors. Fly is a term for sneaking out at night, illegally.

The first time I flown (heehee) I smoked a few puff and went coughing like hell. Damn. After then, it all went like, huaaaa... ngam ho! But, I was not that heavy back then. I still remembered one night. my friend just have to help me out all the way back to the hostel when I smoked 13 cigs just for that very night. I swear I was flying! Pening siot! Ape punye bangang...

I kept on smoking until I went to the university. I quit during my first year. Seriously and I'm still wondering how and why. But it all started again when I was no longer allowed to stay at the hostel because I was useless to the campus community (pegi kelas, balik, makan, tido and it cycles for a year). Then I started to smoke again. But I never blamed my friends or the environment... it was just the weather (heehee... what? this one minister used that reason recently, so can I!). And I still smoke until today... Why? It does wonders to stress I tell you! But kids, dont do this at home.

Quit? Naahhh... quitters are losers... hahahahaha....

Sunday, February 12, 2006


What are we actually doing in our life?
1. Pay car/home loan?
2. Have our own family?
3. Raise our family?
4. Die in style?
5. ... I'm stuck, cant think of anything else.

Hey man, these are facts arent they? I mean this is what almost everybody in this world do. But in between, there is actually some space that we could stand our true capability out (brain power/ skills/ etc). One once told me that, nobody in this world is borned bad. It's how we "paint" our life. All we need is to find that space, work it out passionately and never give up.

Dont simply blame our hard times on our parents / anything irrelevant when we did nothing to improve ourselves.

One day, we will always have to face the same routines on the above whether we like it or not. That's not the "thing". The most important thing is how do we face it. Wisely? Stupidly? Carefully? All of what said? Or, Lily Patra?

The body we are living in is ours. The soul that lives inside us is also ours.
What have we actually done to our life? You choose!

p/s: I've chose to be a kodok.

Sunday, February 5, 2006


Ahhh... just got back from Penang. Most probably my last vacation as a bachelor. Went there with Raddy who will also end his bachelor days in another 4 months. It was actually our 3rd trip to Penang or to be precise Bt. Ferringhi. I dont know why but everytime we plan a vacation like this, Penang will always be on top. Is it the beach? The food? The environment? The people? Money inclination? Yes. Penang seems to be a great place for our budget breakaway. Have to be careful in spending money nowadays... ngehngehngeh (and Shidah would go... really?)

We departed at 12am Friday from Puduraya. Yes, we backpacked to Penang. Tiring but interesting. In that way, we get to see lots of people with various attitude. Some are to be taken as lessons and not to mention, some are to be laugh at (mostly, heehee...).

We arrived at Butterworth around 4am (one fast driver), had our breakfast and waited for the first ferry to the island. From the island's jetty, we walked to Komtar (damn good exercise) and had another breakfast (hahahahahaha...). The waiter was an old man. So deaf I tell you. He acted like we ordered wrongly but he was the one who wasn't listening. In the end we figured out he was so tired after a long shift because he left home with his bicycle after taken our orders.

Later, I got yelled by this one insane man while waiting for the bus to Ferringhi. Damn. Nasib baik kau gila, kalau tak dah lama aku hentak. And Raddy made the bus conductor mad by not returning the newspaper he borrowed. We checked-in to the same hotel we stayed for our last 2 visits (within budget maa...). Great bed and great breakfast (What more could you ask?)

What we did for the whole 3 days and 2 nights stay at Bt. Ferringhi?
1. Went window shopping at the night market along Jalan Bt. Ferringhi
2. Went to Nasi Kandar Line Clear next to Chowrasta Market for lunch
3. Sleep like there's no tomorrow

We didnt even dip our feet into the pool nor the beach. Cool eh? That's our kind of vacation. Well, maybe we wont be able to have this kind of vacation anymore in the future... once we ended our wonderful bachelor days. Hehehe... Cheers!

Wednesday, February 1, 2006


Disclaimer: I'm no movie specialist but just an ordinary movie goer. I dont have any "official" papers or experience or shit in movie making. What I'm about to write is just my views and understandings on the movie BULI BALIK by Afdlin Shauki. So, let me write...

I love the movie BULI and expecting something better in BULI BALIK. The thing is, I just have this not-so-good-feeling about BULI BALIK before I watch the movie. But now after watching it, I'm feeling good and doing my tiny part in promoting the film by mouth to my colleagues and friends. In a simpler phrase, I'M WRONG ABOUT MY FEELINGS ON THIS MOVIE.

Nordin returns with a new image and attitude. More confidence, more aggressive, richer and fatter heheheh... Seriously, this is what I learned from the movie.

1. We can always decide who we want to be in life. The choice is really in our hands. You want to be Good? Bad? Merciful? Revengeful? Bloodyfool? You choose!
Ref: Nordin taking Roy to hospital, Nordin punched Roy on the rugby field, Nordin realized his mistakes in front of Ika's house.

2. In this world, we are surrounded by friends. Among them, there are some who will stick with us no matter what, there are those who just take chances on us and not to forget the talam-face (two-faced) type. Sometimes, friends can also influence us to be what we dont want.
Ref: Nordin's group counselling friends looking for Soraya Dean, Syaf while having an argument with Nordin through phone, Syaf while influencing Nordin to take advantage of bullying Roy.

3. Sometimes, people who are "tagged" as smart (in BULI BALIK case, the Prof Madya in Siapa Salah Kena Karan) can be an idiot person. Be it their behaviour or knowledge. And not to mention their paradigm. Reminds me of this one director with the "magic" formula in film making.

4. We humans always love compliments. We can surpass our anger and doubts when being complimented.
Ref: Tan Sri Maikel caught AC sneaking in his office.

5. Your closest friend might be your biggest enemy but in BULI BALIK it shows the reverse. Your biggest enemy might be your closest friend.

6. Life is just so unpredictable. We taught we can always achieve our dreams but the truth is, life aint that easy. We can only make plans but in the end, our faith lies in the hand of The Almighty.

BULI BALIK is like a reflection of our life. We can see us in that movie, played by the actors of course. As Afdlin said, "If you are looking for comedy in this movie, you will get the comedy. But if you are looking for something beyond comedy, you will get it... if you search for it".
My hat's off for Afdlin Shauki.

p/s: Cakap banyak tak guna, pegi tengok BULI BALIK skarang. The moment you ever taught of hating me for giving good comments on this movie, think again. How many good/satisfactory (in a real definition) Malay movies have we watched for the past 10 years? Tepuk dada tanya selera bro!

Saturday, January 28, 2006


What a great night I had last Thursday! I got to watch BULI BALIK, I easily got a parking space at Berjaya Times Square, I got to meet the kodoks, I got to meet Afdlin Shauki, and the best part of all, I got to hangout with Afdlin and the kodoks! I'll give my review on BULI BALIK in my next post.

But for now, enjoy this photos...

Thursday, January 26, 2006


I am really excited and actually since last night. Firstly, Shidah told me she has successfully booked BULI BALIK at TGV KLCC today (nationwide opening). Suddenly, the TGV people called her yesterday saying the booking was cancelled. Bloody hell! At that very moment also I knew about the BULI BALIK flash mob at GSC Times Square today but I have no tickets! Arrrgghhh! (Remember my post : Are you hungry/Hungry for Entertainment?).

Tiba-tiba malam tadi taliponku berdering dengan paparan nombor yang tidak kukenali. Dengan suara gusar dan keanehan aku menjawabnya. Lantas hatiku melonjak gembira kerana Lady Nina telah mendapatkan tiket untuk kami! Yeeeaayyyy! Gile best kodok! Dan beberapa ketika lagi aku akan ke Berjaya Times Square untuk menonton BULI BALIK by Afdlin Shauki! Yeeeaayyy!

Feels like I'm on top of the world!


Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Yes, it's official. I've been working for 14 days in a row including weekend. And that was something I didnt really enjoy. I've had a registration on last-last weekend and a nonsense workshop last week. And now, here I am... still standing... with some running nose and dizzy head... at my office, working. Tak apa, I'm going to have a veeeeerrry long holiday this chinese new year... 30 jan - 6 feb! Muahahahaha!

The planning workshop I attended sucked big time! Seriously. We went there without any proper agenda for discussion. All I heard was ramblings of nonsense and pointless from the so called No. 1 man of the company I'm working for. Man, what a waste of money and time! It was a 3 days 2 nights workshop - friday to sunday - 830am to 1130pm discussion of god knows what. I felt like walking into a room of mystery and blur during the whole session.

I can see lots of "acting" going on, "mouthfighting", "asslicking" and all the things I really hate because I knew they were not sincere. And they did that just for the sake of getting the fascilitator's (my MD) attention and nak tunjuk bagus. The most memorable statement was, we are already in the 21st century my friend, we need to change. In one aspect, yes I agree with it, but vice-versa, you think you're really good ah? Fully-equipped for the 21st century ah? Aku malas je nak tunjuk computer and IT skill aku, kang tercengang diorang kang... ngehngehngeh... The thing is, dont underrate people as you like, because, there are other people out there who might be more advance than you. And maybe those people are just sitting right next to you.

All in all, I can say that, it is indeed true that Melayu memang mudah lupa. These people (mostly), referring to the workshop I attended, has forgotten about our main objective of business. The purpose of the company's existence. It's simple, to equip our students with competative technical knowledge for Malaysia to become an Industrial country. That is suppose to be our focus! Ought to be! But this seemed to be forgotten by some people for they started to focus more on their personal interest - not to mention, money. What a rat!

Talking about rat; One rat might be easy to get rid off, but as it breeds... you'll know how hard it is to handle. My stupid question is, why the hell did you "let them" breed at the first place?

Saturday, January 14, 2006


Ever thought of this issue? This issue always came across my mind. Yes, I always talk in my head and I always talk to myself. Heehee. Gila? Taklah, it's like an exercise for my brain. Sometimes I purposely put in conflict, elaborate issues, define why this and not that, "discuss" options and make unnecessary decisions in my mind. Just put it this way, it's my norm. The talking-in-head thing is just the appetizer, so we can put it aside ;)

Some would say my behaviour or norm is a common thing for a normal person but to some people it is not. You know what? I dont believe in those things. Please define the true meaning of being normal. What do you mean by normal. For example, is a 1.65m guy weighing 65kg considered as normal and the other 1.65m guy weighing 90kg considered as not normal?

Who put the standards of normality? Knock, knock. It's us human, though... For god sakes, we are not perfect either. Then who are we to put such standards to other human beings? Are we suppose to be friends with only certain "type" of people? Should we only attend "this" kind of people in our life. Bullshit. Yes people, history does give us some lessons or guidance for us not to make the same mistake. But, have we ever thought that history also may occur repeatedly or maybe not! Orang tua-tua selalu kata, "Jangan buat gini, tak elok, jadi camtu-camni nanti sok, sape susah?" Sometimes it's true, but not all the time. Agree?

So, to me, there are no such thing as normal or perfect. Be it anything. Normal is what we are. It's in the DNA. We are what we are. And I believe that, whatever choice we've made for our life is already destined. It's very much up to us to make our life good, bad, super-good or else.

I love to break certain rules in life (as an average Malay) for it motivates me to be better as well as to prove that I'm in control of my life and not these nitty-witty-tiny-puny little insensible factors. Who's with me?

Friday, January 13, 2006


Damn I'm stressed! Phew. Yesterday's new students registration was quite cool. Not so hectic as we always had. But, the headache came when I have find another 10 for replacement. Man, that's a lot! With limited reserve candidates, it really made my day horrible. Luckily, we managed to fill up the 10 places and they will register on Monday. Sadly, we are going to have the new semester registration for the students this Sunday. Yes, this SUNDAY. Damn. Whattado? It's stated in my Job Description. Just do-lah!

Talking about registration, especially the new students who came with their parents normally. I tell you, these parents and students are like a pain in the a**. Not to mention their mentality. Man! Read on:

1. At the registration counter checking the new students namelist which was clearly printed ALPHABETICALLY at a glance saying - "Nombor 36? Kenapa jauh sangat ke bawah?" - Letak lagi nama anak abjad hujung2, sape suruh?

2. These students must line-up to check their name in a list and put down their signature. I was so pissed when this one boy suddenly pointing his chubby finger from the back to his mom who stands next to me. Dude! There 2 other fellows in front of you. Cant you wait? Yang mak die pun sama. Sakitlah hati aku. I aint going anywhere, so does the namelist. Why the hustle?

3. I was talking to this parent when suddenly without guilt, this boy show me some copies to be certified like nobody was there. Eh, ngko buta ke? Kan aku tengah bercakap dengan bapak budak ni.

4. "Parents please proceed to the Seminar Room and wait there. Please let the students handle the registration themselves for we dont want to cramp this hallway". And I felt like talking to the walls.

5. "Kenapa tak fotostat dokumen2 ni siap sebelum datang?"
"Tak sempat..."
"Bila dapat Offer Letter ni?"
"Awal bulan 12 ari tu..."
...baguslah kalau begitu nak...

6. "Bantal memang kena bawak ke?"
"Kalau tak duduk asrama tak perlulah bawak"
"Ni surat tawaran ni tak jelas, senarai barang suruh bawak ada, kena bawak"
"Saya rasa dalam ramai2 yang datang mendaftar ni, encik sorang je yang tanya pasal benda ni" - being synical.
...sebab orang lain berpikir logik. tak duduk hostel, ape kejadahnya nak bawak bantal?

See! Tak sakit ke hati korang kalau kena situasi macam gini? But, these have already been a common scenario to me during the registration. I'm used to it. Immune sudah. Sabar je lah labu...

Monday, January 9, 2006


Normally, I would be very busy if any of my relatives (close ones - like cousins) are getting married. I would surely be in-charge of the dishes or dishes or dishes. Orang muda katanya, tenaga tengah kuat. But yesterday's wedding was weird. It was my cousin's wedding at Segambut Dalam and guess what? I just Eat 'N' Go.

The reason being was, I have nothing to do because all these orang kampung had took charge of everything. Yip! Everything from the cooking to the serving to the dishes. We, the relatives, felt like some sort of morons who were just watching and greeting the guests. I was so bored because I couldnt do anything to help. My goodness. But seriously, these orang kampung are so very helpful I tell you. The gotong-royong spirit is still strong in them. Well at least they still inherit the spirit that's already faded in most of us. Dont believe ah? Check ourselves out lah. Do you know your neighbours? I mean, do you really know your neighbours. Across the road? At the back of your house? Haa... that's the appetizer only, haha... (cakap orang je aku kan?)

Whatever it is, I did feel like a moron yesterday because I couldnt lend my hand during the wedding but just my stomach. Was it because I dont really know them? Or was I dont know how to mix with them? Or was I just dont care? Sigh...

Friday, January 6, 2006


Hungry? Lapar? We will definitely think of food kan? Well, that's what my stomach feels right now. But, no sweat! I'll be heading to someplace to take care of my hunger after this.
But I would like to write about some different kind of hunger now.

1. HUNGRY FOR SOMETHING TO HIT ON (literally) - This is what I usually feel when I'm pissed-off by any acts of intolerable stupidity, unfair judgement, blames on mistakes that I certainly not responsible of. Huuiii... it suddenly feels like I have a bigger fist than Muhammad Ali! But, what can I do since it's not right to simply hit people just like that because of our rage, kan?
How do I cool-off? Smoke all the cigarettes I can like I cannot buy another box later. Cursing pun best jugak, heheheh...

2. HUNGRY FOR ENTERTAINMENT - We are human and we all need entertainment. But have you ever feel you need it so badly? I do. When? When my little brain can no longer take any pressure created by this nasty thing called stress. Stress is very dangerous thing I tell you. It can break you temper loose if you cannot control it. When that happens, I can no longer think straight. That's when I'll be really hungry for entertainment.
How do I cool-off? An entertaining comedy film or stage play is the absolute answer.

3. HUNGRY FOR READING STUFFS - I love to read almost anything readable. The best reading items to me would be the newspaper, Spider-Man comics, car magazines and anything that's rich of knowledge. But, it's really kind of frustrating when I couldnt grab anything to read on my way to do my thing at home. The stomach is already making this weird tornado, the a**hole is already gushing this hazardous aroma... fuuyo, and I'm still searching for some reading stuffs. Damn!
How do I cool-off? I just stack all my comic books next to my room's entrance. In that way, I can swiftly go to the restroom with a smile because I have something to read!

Hehehe... what a funny and weird behaviour eh? Haa... gelak la... korang pun ada your own "unique" behaviour kan? Mesti punya! Well, I've shared mine ;P

Wednesday, January 4, 2006


Before I start my writing, it's better for me to declare that this is just my observations. And of course, not all of these reflects malaysians. Open-up your mind.

Sigh. Why do Malaysians sometimes act like uncivilized people?

1. The traffic light to the right junction is green. You slow down to check if there's any stupid bikes/cars coming furiously from right or left just to chase the yellow light. Clear. Suddenly the junction you're about to enter was jammed. right in front of you is the mighty yellow box. Why must you still join the jammed road when you should wait until it's cleared. Besides, there's a huge yellow box there, sir. I mean, yeah the light is green, but, use your sense lah bro... You're just making the traffic worse. Sigh.

2. We all love to hangout at mamak stalls. Some say it's the environment, the food, the ambiance, the people, the service. But, there's one thing i realized. There are some stalls and some of their waiter just have this so-called HIKMAT MEMBUTAKAN MATA dan MEMEKAKKAN TELINGA. Have you ever experienced a scene when you call up the mamak (who's looking at you at that moment) and they suddenly just turn their head away like nothing happen. Siot betul. Rasa macam nak baling ngan gelas pun ade jugak kadang2 tu. Sigh.

3. Ever went to Jalan Doraisamy for the sup mamak lately? I went there last Sunday with my friends. Now there are pubs and some fancy restaurants (i guess) along the road besides this marvellous mamak stall. People normally park along the pavement to hangout there. Malam, DBKL takde. Right after we parked, this one guy suddenly came to us claiming for parking charges. Oi dude! Since when you're given the authority to collect the parking charges? We played him around until he said, "Takpelah bang, abang pegilah makan. Nanti panjang cerita". C'mon man, we've been here long before you even know this Jalan Doraisamy. And suddenly you want to collect money from us because there are pubs and restaurants there. Eat my shorts!

4. Some people just so frakking lazy to flush the bowl after doing their thing. Man, will they do that at home? And they can leave the bowl because it's a public toilet? Is it so hard to pull the flush lever?

5. Ever got mad finding a parking space and suddenly gone beserk when there's a car parked horizontally beautiful in two parking space? Is it so hard to park properly?

6. At Jalan Jelatek, in front of Great Eastern Mall my favourite coffee pit stop. I need to go to the right heading Taman Keramat. The thing is, there's only one lane going to the right and the other 2 is going straight to Jalan Ampang. These dumbass will just stay at the middle lane waiting the green light just to "pangkah" those who already lined-up in the correct lane for only god knows how long. Yes, the policeman do allow 2 lanes to turn right while they were in-charge of the traffic. But when they're gone, that means, all the traffic rules are back as usual including the lanes and lights. Is that so hard to understand?

7. Why make all the complaints and keep on asking Pak Lah / Government to interfere in all this tiny puny little things. We are the consumer. If you dont like something, dont give your support. If this thing is expensive, dont buy. If that thing is hazardous, avoid it. Please learn your rights and power and use it wisely. Stop the whining. Ini sikit2, mintak Kerajaan supaya bantu, banteras, haramkan, itulah, inilah... Sigh.

Well, i think i should stop here. Am not in rage, but frustrated.
Going for the delicious Mc'Donald's Prosperity Burger... Yummy!

Tuesday, January 3, 2006


It was today that I only realized we are already in 2006. Great huh?

Well, maybe because I've had a long holiday since 29 Dec 2005 until yesterday, 2 January 2006.
Or maybe because I was too busy with lots of things...
Or maybe I was busy repairing my car (after that dumb minor accident)...
Or maybe I was busy catching up with my childhood friend who went home for the New Year break from Bangkok...
Or maybe I was too busy catching up with my readings...
Or maybe I was busy coping my cold fever...
Or maybe I was busy watching Actorlympics...
Or maybe I was busy spending time with my fiance at IKANO...
Or maybe I was just busy doing nothing?

Whatever it is, 2006 is here. This means I only have around 8 months to get my wedding prepared. Fuiyo! So fast ah? Lets have a look on the checklist shall we? (and I can suddenly feel the heat already...)