Thursday, March 29, 2007


I finally found a nice time to blog after a veeeeeeeery long break from this activity. Yeah, thanks to the "super-fast" net connection at my office. I cant even see my "handsome" red profile face as well as other photos on my blog. And not to mention for other blogs. What more to paste comments. Shiiish...

It's been a long time since we kodoks keep in touch (you know who you are guys!). Congratulations to Herman & Eina for their newborn. Harap-harap sihatlah ibu dan anak hendaknya.

Sumolah screening expected in February has been postponed to May. Not a very good news since a lot of very much anticipated import movies are expected to screen during this period as well. Summer kan? Macam mana filem Malaysia nak maju? Takpe, i'll still watch sumo-lah. Hopefully ada arrangement among the kodoks. Dapat sesama reramai lagi syok! Rock uh!

Been so very busy during weekends. A lot of things to do when you're about to move to your new house. Trust me on this guys. Be it financially or your precious time. We'll just hope for the best.
Office politics never been better. Stinker than ever. Needless to mention here anymore. Sickens me right into my very bones.
I'll find my time to write again. Got to catch dinner. Perut dah lapar nih.