Sunday, May 28, 2006


Gua baru balik dari kenduri Kodok Herman ngan Zarina. Looking good in purple. Both didnt wear specs. I dont know whether they can see me and Shidah kat depan pelamin tu... hehehehe...

Anyways, the food was really good! I mean it. Best giloss! We actually arrived at approx 115pm. Satu kodok pun takde. Thought of waiting for Nina and Nana when they said they'll reach there at 2pm. At last, gua redah je masuk dewan. Buat deek... Pengantin sampai, amek gambar pakai handphone (excuse for the blurry photo). Being sangap gile 2 orang, tak kenal sesape, we then decided to chiow at 230pm.

Simple yet nice wedding. Congratulations, Herman & Zarina. Semoga berbahagia ke anak cucu.

Thursday, May 25, 2006


Let's go to:
1. Herman's wedding at Maluri this Sunday (28 May 2006)
2. Actorlympics (31 May - 4 June 2006)

Let's make a date to celebrate the above activities. Amacam "regular kodoks"?
Feed me back friends.

Monday, May 22, 2006


I'm so damn tired. Just arrived from Penang. Sakit belakang driving lama sangat. Nasib baik kena pegi Penang, kalau Changlun? Pengsan! My car was like a "kereta bajak". The PROPEL people were doing something on the highway just now. Like sprinkling the tarmac with some kind of white liquid ke hape ntah... cipan betul. I just cant stand it so I have to visit the carwash after this.

Just got to know it was Afdlin's birthday last Friday (19th May). Happy belated birthday bro! Older means Wiser!

As we all know, Malaysia is currently promoting the nice people (Malaysian) image. It sounds something like, BE A COURTEOUS MALAYSIAN. And if you realize, amongst the clise comments we heard from tourists are Malaysians are very nice people, Malaysians are so warm people, etc etc etc... The bottom line is, we have projected a good image in the eyes of the tourists. Congratulations.

Now, eat this.

1. I was on my way to the buffet breakfast area at the hotel. Following behind were some tourists. They were greeted with Good Morning when crossing the Reception counter. But wait a minute, why didnt they greet me? Ke, aku dah dapat ilmu invisible?

2. We were walking along the Ferringhi night market when none of the hawkers attended us on the merchandise they are selling. But wait when there are "omputih" stopping by, they would go like, Yes sir, anything for you? Good price for you..., Have a look ma'am, this will look nice on you..., blah blah blah...

3. Having to dine in the smoking area, we have to wait in line. We would normally treated like, Smoking or non smoking? Name? You have to wait for another 15 minutes. And they would go like, Good evening sir, how may I help you? I'm sorry sir we're currently full, can you wait for a while. Have a sit first over here...

4. I would normally get a different kind of service according to my dressing. Of course, they were nicer when I'm in the office attire but contrastly when I'm wearing jeans and t-shirt.

Just to list a few on how the locals were discriminated by our very own locals. Banyak lagi kalau nak detail out. Look man, we are all customers no matter whether we are locals or tourists. Why should there be any discrimination in the services? Why cant you talk nicely to the local people? We also pay for the services you provide.

I'm sure some of you have encountered such cases especially at the glamorous shopping malls. What a dork. Ingat orang tempatan tak ada duit ke nak shopping, hah? Ingat high class sangat ke tourists tu semua? Taik ah!

So much for the, Malaysians are very nice people... should be extended with: to the tourists and not to the locals. Think about it...

Thursday, May 18, 2006


I hate to admit it but I have to go to Penang, again this weekend. Only this time, I have a heavier responsibility. Doing 2 jobs at one time. Shooting 2 birds with one stone. Serampang 2 mata. Bola mata ikan. Like a stone. Keungguluan cinta... dari sinar mata... ROCK OUU! May and June has always been the busiest period of my working life. Macam nak mampos!

I attended a so called management meeting the other day. Hell, my ass was numb. 5 hours and I felt like s#!7. Bergaduh 24 jam. Never wanted to admit thy fault. Everybody else is wrong except thyself. Aku seperti kebiasaannya, makan sandwich yang dihidangkan tanpa menghiraukan keadaan sekeliling. But that wasnt my point. I suddenly felt this pain right from the back of my neck to my head right after... I sip the nescafe served in front of me. rasa nak meletup kepala aku. FYI, I quit coffee for breakfast a long time ago. Plus the tense in the meeting environment some more... You think my blood presure gone up ah? Think so lah... afraid to check maa... laters...

Time is chasing me as well. It seems like I just cant get enough of my 24 hours. Lots of things to think about, lots of work to do, at office, at home, committees, road tax renewal, wedding, to be a pengapit, house renovation, blah blah blah... boleh blah! Mungkin jugak Tuhan bagi aku sibuk gila babs skarang supaya aku boleh berehat2 secukupnya from August onwards? Insyaallah...

Well, that's life... isnt it? Kalau statik je, mati namanya. Tak gitu? Gitu... gitu... (I'm talking in my head and translated it into words - merengkah aku?). Ah-ha! I have a date with Harith in Thursday Nite Live.


Friday, May 12, 2006


I'm really looking forward for this public holiday. It's not because I'm celebrating the Wesak Day, not even close. I just need some rest. My workload has never been this cruel to me. And WLady a.k.a. Nina is laughing at me out loud because she's currently having a long rest heheheheh...

I get grumpy when stressed and I believe everybody is. It feels like this blood vein in my forehead is just waiting to explode. Sometimes it really hurts when I feel dizzy because of the pain coming from the back of my neck towards my front skull. Uuu... ngeri sungguh bunyinya... suara ngeri... datang dari lembah sunyi... (cuba teka lagu apa?).

Aku juga benci kepada orang yang memperlekehkan urgency kerja aku kerana kepentingan diri mereka sendiri. Bertanggung jawablah sikit... Aku sebenarnya suka mendoakan dalam hati bahawa perbuatan mereka pasti akan terbalas oleh Tuhan dan bila itu berlaku, aku cuma perlu seeeenyum aje. Kalau tak tahan, aku gelak lah. It's a karma thing.

As Najwa Aiman once said to me, our road is one of the biggest factor to high blood disease. I couldnt agree more with him. It really is true. Sometimes the "sabar" is there but it get lost when the stupidity is really intolerable. Shouting my lungs out is my best solution yet. Kengkadang, aku buat tak tau je... malas nak focus dan membazir tenaga aku memikirkan kebodohan mereka itu. Marah pun pakai tenaga ape?

I'm actually really afraid of this stress thing. Having to know how we could be affected of it, lagi lah aku risau. Currently, I'm like having this bulks of things to be done and it's kinda blobbing in my head. Lots of things. Kusut betul. Sebab itulah aku rimas bila benda yang kecil dan bodoh dan tidak memberi kesan kepada hidup aku diisukan dan mengheret aku ke dalam perbincangan yang tidak perlu. There are bigger things happening in my head. I sound really stress kan? Hehehe...

I will have some fun this weekend. What is my kind of fun? Hmm... Sleeping long hours is fun to me, lazing around at mamak stall is fun to me, reading all day is fun to me, window shopping is fun to me but the truth is, i dont really have any specific definition in fun. Even disturbing my mom in the kitchen while she's busy cooking is also fun to me.
Naahh... I'll find my fun.

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Why do people being resistance to new ideas?

Not all but there people out there who doesnt seem to welcome new ideas thrown to them. Well, firstly because of education and secondly information. Sometimes, it is hard to accept new things in our life especially when we feel threaten. That's common. As for me, I do feel the exact same way sometimes.

But the thing is, we usually snapped too early before our mind couldnt even think deeply and even before our eyes couldnt even blink. This refers to education and information I mentioned earlier. Educated people usually thinks in both ways, pros and cons before jumping into silly or emotional conclusion. They will relate their knowledge to the situations/conflicts they're in. Same goes to information. We must get the facts right. Miscommunication is not a new problem to mankind. This has lead to several catastrophe all around the world. That might be too big for us to think of. Let's just get back to our own self.

Sometimes, new is good and sometimes it is not. Dont judge things with a narrow point of view. Take a look around as Limp Bizkit might say in the M:I:2 soundtrack. Get educated and get the right information before resisting new ideas or even comments. Besides, we're only human. It's such a waste if we decline to something we never even try. Who knows, "that" something could've change our lives to being better?

Just some thoughts... Cheers!

Thursday, May 4, 2006


I dont know about you guys but lately I seem to came across with a lot of cyclists in my area (Ampang - Ulu Klang). No, not the one with the engine... ini yang guna tenaga kaki nih... basikal lah! It's really cool to see these people accept our governments' campaign towards a healthier life or utamakan kesihatan or so and so. Not to mention with the petrol price is up, cycling has been an alternative.

Firstly, afsal banyak Indon je yang ngayuh beskal and not us Malaysians? And then, why the hell did they cycle like they have this Green Lantern's shield protecting them. I'm not against them but helloo... boleh tepi sikit tak? kang kena langgar kang bergaduh... We're talking about during rush hour nih... when everybody is rushing to punch their card, and still these dudes never seems to care... it's like, hah! langgar lah kalau berani... goblok.

Then there's these motorbikes. Yes, now I'm talking about the one with the engines. These *tooot* ah, they ride like they can buy their life at the hypermarkets! Basketball betul. I myself have several times encountered horrific experience with these daredevils. They ride like hell, no lights, no reflective jackets, against the road flow kalau orang kampung aku cakap melawan arus. Bongok betul. A few times jugak aku nyaris accident head-to-head ngan aksi bodoh diorang nih.

Then there are also these monkeys who doesnt know how to park properly. Ape? Ingat ko pakai sport rim besar, pasang spoiler yang boleh ampai kain tu, pastu boleh parking sukati abah nko lah? Basketball... And believe me, these are the types of people who will drag you to a fight if we accidentally scratched their car while passing through. Got brain or not? Eat more brain-brain (otak-otak) then...

You know what? Sometimes I do feel like nak langgar je monyet-monyet nih. Just who do they think they are? Lu ingat lu sapa haa? Lu ingat abah lu turap ini jalan ka?
Baik aku minum Banana Mocha Frapp petang nih untuk menyejukkan hati... huuhuu...

Monday, May 1, 2006


I have a new resolution. Weird? Naahh... it's a short-term resolution specially created for my "one-pack" stomach mucle (orang lain six-pack). AKU NAK LOSE WEIGHT! Heehee... not much, from 65kg to 60kg je... In conjunction with this silly resolution, these are the things I shall/wish to do (am crossing my fingers as well)...

1. Cycle 5km in the morning and another 5km in the evening, everyday.

2. Routine discipline: 50 sit-ups before and after bed. Followed by ropeless skipping (due to limited area) - 80 jumps. Torso tiger machine after prayer (at home only). 20 times dumbell lift-ups for each arms while dressing up.

3. No more meal after 10pm. To quit the snacking habit. To reduce sugar in drinks and carbohydrates.

4. More fruits, less rice.

5. The might be a bit hard one: Puasa setiap hari Khamis.

Luckily I prefer Teh O ais than Teh ais and Ais kosong than Teh tarik. But the new Starbucks Banana Mocha Frappucino is a mind blowing drink! I really love it!

So how to diet like this?