Friday, January 18, 2008


Unlike sevven who consistently watches tv series online, I only watch tv series on... well, tv of course. I grew up enjoying tonnes and tonnes of series in the 80's. Thanks to my dad who usually got himself stuck to a number of popular tv series back then.

Speaking of which, TV2 is currently showing reruns of 80's popular series starting Wednesday to Friday at 1230pm. Mission Impossible and Macgyver are among the series they're showing. Pardon me, I forgot the other one.

Richard Dean Anderson as Angus Macgyver

Hey hey hey... Prison Break Season 3 is back online and this is the only series I really cant wait to watch it on tv (season 2 pun belum keluar Astro). Just watched episode 9 after their long break since Christmas and New Year. I like.

AC Di Sini have a new set in conjunction with the new year (2008) I guess. Back without the caricature artist. Dah penuh sangat dinding set tu gamaknya. And the first guest(s) I watched this season was AC's friends: Afdlin, Awie and Hans for their new flick, CUCI. Got to watch that movie. Err... talkshow bukan series kan? Halal lah.

Heroes Season 2 is back this January at Astro. How fast can the Astro people install the dish and decoder eh?

Sorry I cant give any views on Spa-Q, Ai Di Beijing, Jelatang and such but I do enjoy watching Dunia Baru.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


New Year celebration: London's Eye

Isn't it lame to give "busy" as an excuse for not updating your web log? But who cares? I've been and always will be busy every Decembers and Junes (mind the purposely added "s").

I don't talk or write or even think about resolutions when it comes to a new year. Why should you wait for one bloody year to come up with a resolution? Tak payah nak bagi alasan azam tahun baru... mengarut je.

I want to write about what have we learned from 2007. The biggest was of course the Angkasawan thing but the fracture of unity and harmony among malaysians is bigger, at least from my point of view. There will be a big impact (if everything goes clean and transparent) during our upcoming only-they-know-when General Election. Whatever.

Potholes still pisses me off. The funniest part is, whenever there's some big shots or minister or even agong nak lalu jalan tu, cantik pulak diorang turap. What? The roads WILL ONLY be repaired when these people are coming ke? While the rest of the years, the potholes will remain as potholes like the PBT's a**h***.

I dont want to talk about office. My blood pressure will blow as well as my patience. Damn it. Yes Lynn, I'm always bitter about office because it is like that everyday except during the payday. And I still cant figure out why I'm still working there?

New house? Ahh yes... at least there's something nice I can write about. We'll be moving in (fully) next week insyaallah. Spent a night there during 1st Muharram and loving it.

Scratched car? F*** it. Malas nak pikir, nanti sakit hati tak berkesudahan.

The rest is just the same old new year.