Monday, April 16, 2007


Isn't it funny
...when your life got very busy all of a sudden without you noticing it?
...when you were thought as a slacker for speaking out your mind?
...when you actually assume that your office is your only world?
...when realizing that you're actually reaching 30 next year?
...when people no longer wants to befriend you after your synical but logical shout?
...when you realized that you're married? your life turns out to be?
...when you actually look cool in a bald head?
Are these things funny to you?

Tuesday, April 3, 2007


It was last saturday when we clean our house, but the aching i tell you, is still killing my back. tired like a racing horse. It makes me feel very the laziest eventhough i took a leave yesterday.

Got 2 free tickets for a Jazz Orchestra show organized by Goethe Institute at KLPac this thursday. I definitely will be there.

Studying some brochures and catalogues for the house furnitures. Quite a headache jugak when you need to study after working for the past 8 hours.

It always rain when i wash my car but it never does when my car is damn dirty.

Watched MUKHSIN yesterday. Kau memang pandai buat filem lah Yasmin Ahmad. The most touching scene for me would be when Husin (Mukhsin's brother) tell Mak Senah that his mom had just committed suicide. Mak Senah tried to calm Husin but he angerly refused. He only cried when Mukhsin came and embraced him. That brotherly feel between them really touched my feeling. Syahdu gile scene tu.

Forced to play futsal this saturday despite my knee injury. Harus aku dok tepi kuis bola sikit2 sambil kontrol hensem 80 peratus! Nak suruh lari sana-sini macam dulu, kem salam.

Still grey on my employer's future path. I dont know where the hell they are trying to take us all. No idea. Cannot see. Dont care.

Got a new haircut... if you can call botak a haircut. Kah kah kah... Till then...