Wednesday, November 22, 2006


It's been a while since i last blogged. I'm so damn busy right after Aidilfitri and now, am having a little twist with my health. The doctor said it's the cigarettes i smoked but i think it's the wheather (heehee). Whatever it is, i think i've lost focus on a lot of things out there as it happens like i'm in a cave or something like that.

Al-fatihah tu Eina's (Herman's wife) late father En. Yang Ahmad who passed away last week.

I'm currently stationed as a "hotline" centre at my office and not being sent for outstation interview exercise. the good thing: no hassle to travel with my workloads along, bad thing: nak kencing pun susah! kejap2 update, kejap2 update. sigh...

Am still waiting for The Kodoks Raya Reunion which is supposed to be organized by Anne. What the hell happenned eh?

Heard of Visionworks moving into their new office. Need any hands you guys?

Harith Iskander is having his stand-up show at TAS somewhere this week I think. Any takers? Kodoks?

My schoolmate Izwan Ismail got married last Sunday, Congratulations bro!

The last movie I watched was My Super Ex-Girlfriend (gee, how bad is that?)

The anticipated Sumo-lah and CicakMan are about to open in the cinema

My weekends are full for others and I hardly have a nice little quality time with my wife...

I need a break, seriously.

Friday, November 3, 2006


Friends are the ones we love to be around with. A best friend is someone we really trust and love to share our views with. Well, that's my definintion of friends. Based on my silly definition, I have a lot of best friends.

I have an idea of considering best friends as someone who'll really stands beside you during your ups and downs. On top of that, I also believe that best friends should be your unofficial advisor - for good of course. But, I do experience an awkward relationship with someone I called my best friend.

I'm not sure whether he's joking or what, but he'll always suggest something that is logically not good for me. For an instance, "Beli je, ape lagi tunggu?" eventhough you know the purchase will cause you a headache and regret. I somehow feel like, is he trying to pull me down or what?

Then, there's this "rivalry" kind of issue in which I think it shouldnt take place in between you and someone who you call best friend. In a way, he somehow whether purposely or not, like to make comparisons. It's like, dude, you're just as unfortunate as me kind of expression.

But, being in the friendship so long, I just ignore the silly thoughts and take it as a joke. Suddenly, picture this: (in a discussion about books written by Azizi Ali and Irfan Khairi on how to make money) "Kalau kau tau sesuatu benda atau teknik yang boleh menguntungkan kau, boleh buat duit cara senang, kau nak share ke dengan orang lain?"
And I went... hmm...
How do you feel?