Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I can no longer recall when was the last time i blogged although i can simply check it with my posting e-blogger page. sigh.

A quickie check:

-Went for Night At The Museum with my fellow kodoks: Nina (her treat), Herman, Eina, Razi and Lynn. What a stress relieving movie.

-Celebrated Aiman's birthday (my nephew of shidah's side). One hell of a family gathering.

-Took a day off yesterday just to shop and spend some quality time with my mrs.

-Spit my heart out during a meeting among executives and my dept. head. luckily i could hold my angst as compared to that lady of which you know who... ;P

-Not going to the Annual Dinner for the first time ever eventhough the guest artist had just been crowned as the Juara Lagu champion simply because of HATE - not with the artist but the event. damn you people (adik-beradik boikot la nih...). they gave me options of going or not, and i made mine.

-Will be off again during Hari Wilayah for a family trip to PD, yahoo! dot com.

oh no! the laziness has strucked me again... helllpppp... cant do anything but to sign out...
arrrrggghhhh... may the force be with you...