Monday, October 29, 2007


We went to Kluang for a wedding. It was Ely's (Shidah's friend) little sister's wedding - Baby. At first we plan to have an overnight stay there but the plan suddenly changed. Then daytrip it was.

Weather: Panas.
Route map given: Clear.
Food: Excellent.
Overall: Tiring but interesting.

After that we couldnt resist to go to the infamous Kluang Rail Coffee Shop. It is situated of course, at the Kluang railway station (lagi mau tanya). Classic habis. I dont care much about the place but the roti bakar i tell you, is out of this world! Real genius. The coffee, I couldnt quite find its' spark, maybe because I enjoyed the roti bakar more.

Here are some interesting photos I took at the kenduri and during our visit at the original Kluang Rail Coffee (Kluang Station franchise).


Ely's aunt's house. Pink power, in support of her niece's wedding theme (acah je).

The rare looking apam for dessert.

Bunga telur (pindang).

The kompang band. Look at the pakcik with the bass drum, gempak seh!

Fooling with macro.

The attendees.

A shot with the Mak/Pak Andam - Amin Jauhari (far right)

Raja itu ari.


Bon appetite!

Check this schedule before coming.

I dont actually know what this room does.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Jerawat, pimples, acne, zits dan lain-lain yang seangkatan... To some, there are differences between these but to me, they are all the same. And I hate them! Why? It's really obvious when people around me are asking about what happened to my face and my answer goes... Jerawat!.

Jerawat has never been a problem before but now, it's a BIG issue to me. They just cant help but expanding their territory on my face. Apehal? Here are some theories (I found out myself):

1. My hormones are evolving (marriage aftermath)
2. My antibody is no longer capable of defending thanks to malaysian food (belacan, udang kering, ikan bilis, ikan masin etc)
3. I forgot how important to wash/clean my face before going to bed

I never really care about "facial cleansing activities" before but that had changed now. My silly theory: The more you worry or care, the more likely it will annoy. But I guess this time I'm wrong.

Therefore, I've tried a few products to find out the most suitable to my sensitive skin if I may say.

The cleanser I'm currently using. Actually effective but dries my skin out.

Clearasil Ultra

My other cleanser. Quite suitable for me.


My previous jerawat cream. Flaky.

Clearasil Ultra acne cream

My current jerawat cream. So far so good.

Oxy 10

I'll tell when all my jerawats are gone. Godspeed... to me.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Sesungguhnya, hari ini aku sudah mula berkerja.
Kemalasan menyelimuti seluruh mata, hati dan kaki.
Rasa menyampah itu masih sama, tiada beza.
Ya tuhan, kuatkan semangatku ini.

Friday, October 12, 2007



Firstly, sorry friends for the delay of uploading these photos. Couldnt find any suitable time than today. It was fun having iftar with friends.

Planet Hollywood: Food... bolehlah... BBQ stall panjang macam nak beli tiket bas balik kampung. Verdict aku: I wont come here next year. Sucks.

NZ: Kedai mamak... what do you expect? As long as we got what we ordered, sudah... Verdict aku: When it comes to mamak stall, it's hard to say you wont flock back there unless they really2 sucks.

Speak no more, enjoy the not-so-sharp photos (next time suruh Raddy bawak camera).

6 October - Planet Hollywood, Bukit Bintang

The venue

The attendees

Rifta and Razin/Rizkin (if I'm not mistaken)

Qistina dah sengal

After feasting

This is what I'm talking about

9 October - NZ (Atas), Wangsa Maju

The kodoks

Aku dan Cipkodok

Saturday, October 6, 2007


This post is a continuation from Nina's blog and comments in my previous post entitled, POST-IFTAR PHOTOS. The issue? Those who went to Cozy's should know.

C'mon people now, 9th October (Tuesday) is the day we're talking about... let the comments box burst!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Some people just thought that they are invincible. They can't be taught, they can't be warned, they can't be scold and all. This always happens to those who have reached the so called "comfort zone" of their (working) life... which are full of leniencies. What makes they think there are such zones? I dont know but one thing for sure, it must be from the (working) environment.

A person cant change the world but thyself. When nobody no longer wants to change after penetrating their "comfort zone", what more could you ask of these people? Nothing.

Again, are these people (working) at the wrong place or me? Or am I wasting too much time thinking of this shit?

...I'd better go to sleep...

Monday, October 1, 2007


29 September - Tropicana, Damansara

The attendees (I'm the one who shoots)

That's me and Shidah

Elly and Hajar

The ever-smiling-and-cute little Hajar of Peanut & Sehu (la-la)

Tropicana offer a really (i mean really-really) wide spread of buffet. Best giloss! There were so many food served and it made me go nuts (i cant even list them here, banyak sangat). In short, they have almost all malaysian food on their menu. With RM55 (including tax), memang tersangatlah berbaloi sama ada korang larat makan atau tidak je lah. And not to forget they also have a nice little surau.

30 September - Cozy House, Great Eastern Mall

The controversial venue

The controversial table

After the feast

Cute little Sara of Herman & Eina

The attendees

I really have to be frank with you people out there, BE REALLY CAREFUL WHEN YOU BOOK TO DINE AT COZY HOUSE GREAT EASTERN MALL. They have this some kind of disease called "ter" or accidental fault. Tak kisah lah TERsalah ambik phone number ke, TERdelete order ke and all the other nonsense TERs are there.

However, alhamdulillah we managed to enjoy our food, i repeat, food at around 830pm and drinks, i repeat, drinks at approx. 9pm. Diorang ingat dapat pahala lebih ke buka puasa lambat? Cheh. Luckily I have some good friends at Starbucks who lend us a temporary "shelter" for quick iftar. Thanks guys!

Check out my fellow kodoks' blog for further details on what happenned to us during the iftar.

Morale when placing a booking to break fast at Cozy House GE Mall during Ramadhan:
1. Double confirm (or more) your phone number they jot down
2. Make sure you're well-versed with their menu because you'll be asked to place your order by 4pm (wtf...)
3. Call them 2 or 3 times for confirmation because the line will always be busy
4. Always be prepared with contigency plans should they screw-up in the last minutes

p/s: Luckily their food is not as bad as their management.