Friday, October 20, 2006


I'm pretty sure when I say that we're still carrying our childhood attitude up to this very day of our lives. Unbelievable? Believe it. It's there whether you notice or not. It's there whether you like it or not. It's there whether you intentionally practicing it or not. Here are some that happens to me and people around me.

I still count the tiles while heading to the men's room at the office. I'll make sure to step on the exact length (via the tiles count) as my previous steps. ;P

I always make sure most of my stuff especially my stationaries and drawing tools are properly arranged in place. If they're on my pedestal, they will never get "crookedly" arranged.

I love making saliva baloons out of my mouth when I'm bored or when I have nothing to do. Ini special skill tak semua orang reti buat woo...

There are people who just cant stand it if anyone else around gets more / better than thyself. They are just simply jealous of others. Nak lebih pada orang jugak... tak boleh tengok orang lebih pada dia.

There's also this type who will not speak to you if they feel you've hurt their feeling. And you have no clue. Merajuklah konon...

At the buffet table is one of my favourite. Be it any function, most people will grab as many food as they could especially the exoticly rare ones like satay, cakes, ice-cream etc etc. Walhal, the food punyalah banyak. Tak terhabis punn... Istilah budak skolah aku: JOLAP.

The bottom line is, sometimes these things are seen as funny but sometimes they aren't. We're all grown-ups so think before we're about to do something silly. As a usual human being, we'll always be blinded by others misbehaviour rather than ours. Let's ponder our ownself.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


She thinks she walks gracefully
Down the third floor alley
She thinks she is nice to all
But there's something behind the wall

Then there's this one man
Who had a master plan
He can see something beyond
And that's something to look on

That b***h works for this man
The man who holds all the plan
But the man doesnt know the fact
That b***h is a two-or-maybe-more-face act

I hate the b***h now even more
Because of her act and much-much more
I blame it all to the man's fault
For listening to her too much though at fault

Then comes this funniest part
Where the trust ring has fallen apart
The b***h is slowly departing
And the man seems to be following

Ain't that miraculously funny
When you dont have any trustee
Though you used to be the listener and keeper
Like keeping a poo-poo in a diaper

Let the man keep trusting the b***h
Let the b***h keep on being a b***h
One fine day they'll be fighting
Because of the False Feeding

p/s: Jangan paksa aku buat puisi tak senonoh macam ni lagi.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


X: Where are you from, eh?
pye: KL of course.
X: No, I mean where are you really-really from? Any kampungs?
pye: No. I really am from KL. Borned and raised.
X: Tak best-lah time raya, orang semua balik kampung.
pye: ... (If your kampung is so best, then why are you living in KL at the first place?)

The above conversation is what I normally get especially during this festive season. I just dont understand why is that being a KL-lad not "best". Sometimes I feel that these people are trying to make me feel guilty for being borned and raised as a budak KL. I even get this during my boarding school years.

Out of no where...
Y: Kau budak mana? KL?
pye: Ha'ah.
Y: Ape? Ingat kau budak KL, kau bagus? Dah best sangat?
pye: ... (whadda ffffff...? dude, what's your prblem?)
And I didnt even remember insulting that fella in any means. Apa salah aku?

And the story never stops even after I'm working in... of course in my hometown, KL. Same old argument. They said Hari Raya is no fun in KL, Tak thrill, Tak best etc etc. But this time around I've got wiser.

Z: Tahun ni memang raya kat sini (KL) lah eh?
pye: Ha'ah-lah, mane lagi? Dah laki-bini orang sini.
Z: Ishh... tak seronok raya sini, kampung jugak best.
pye: Ape pulak tak bestnya? Semua orang datang KL carik makan, carik rezeki.
Z: Yelah, itu carik makan... ini raya.
pye: Lah? Abis tu? Semua orang akan cakap kampung masing-masing best. Samalah saya. KL ni kampung saya. Mestilah saya cakap KL ni best! Tak kisah lah raya ke tak raya.
Z: ...

Haha! How's that? And Shidah also got insulted once by this one fella whom we already got insulted with eventhough he did nothing wrong (hehe, get that?). The first one or two lines are similar with the above but the killer line sounds more or less like this:

Ape pulak tak bestnya? Best lah! Semua orang dah balik kampung masing-masing, barulah aman damai sikit KL ni. Kalau tak menyemak je, buat jam jalan!
And the ugly fella went - blank. Padan muka!

I have no intention of hurting any of you who are not from KL out there. But, please show some respect to others no matter where they come from. I'm sure everybody is very proud of their kampungs, their origins.
Well, so do I.

Friday, October 6, 2006


Here's something about me to be shared:

1. I love saying SAPAR LAMAM instead of pasar Malam

2. I call underpants as SERPFENDER / SOTONGS / FENDER

3. I call bra as OAKLEY / RAY-BAN / AH-CHO-CHOL

4. I love calling reckless road users as MONYET

5. KEPALA ABAH KAU-lah! is meant for angry expression

6. OVERDOSE is used for mentioning anything exceeding its supposed limit such as execessive spread of food, drink too sour etc etc

7. LEPS is an acronym for lepak

8. KAP-YA-KEY, CHO-O-COH (in spelling mode) is said out loud if the person is well, kecoh/menggelabah dan yang seangkatan dengannya because they dont even have any clue on what I'm shouting at.

9. SEPAK-JOGET (imagine the action: you'll dance when i slap you) a phrase expressing disgust/ meluat/ menyampah

10. I'll use ARGON when something or someone disappear or cannot be found. It is also suitable as an invitation to leave/get lost/berambus/blah

Next time if you heard any peculiar/weird words came out of my mouth, that will most likely be my own linggo or terminology. Hahahaha... sukati aku-lah kan?


Tuesday, October 3, 2006


Ever heard the word KASTA? It's a people status pyramid originated from India (if I'm not mistaken). It has a similar meaning with level, taraf etc etc. Some say this KASTA thing is no longer relevant in today's world. Kuno katanya. Is that really true? Let's see...

Why are there still reserved parking for higher-ranked people when all the others have to rumble for it everyday. To make things worse, the existing parking space is already limited and yet need to be reserved! The best part would be, these people who have reserved parkings are always late to the office (no worries mate!), sometimes never turn-up (their father own this company you know) and not all of them are really eligible to park under the reserved lot and that's a different story.

Why are the higher-ranked people gets the fastest internet/network connection when the lower-ranked people get the slower and always-disconnected line? Whereas these lower-ranked people are those who really needs it for their daily operation. The best part would be, the KASTA tinggi people will never get disconnected because they are using special lines. Maybe they are just too busy watching the company's stockmarket performance online. Hey! Bulls#!t I said.

Why does someone who's supposed to be lower-ranked than you have an individual office when you have to share one? And yet, this monkey get to shout to anyone she (notice that) like from her (again) room. Kau ingat kau siapa? Banyak besar ke? Sedarlah diri sikit.

Why does the higher-ranked people always get excused from whatever misconduct reasons being and they never get warned or taken action or what so ever? They can always do what they want, when they want it like it's their daddy's company. Are they so damn f***in' good? Are they the one who really build or sustain this company?

Where do you belong in the KASTA PYRAMID? Top? Middle? Bottom? No where? The question is: Do these kind of people really deserve to be treated as such or even placed at the high-ranked KASTA?
Siapa kata sistem KASTA adalah kuno dan tidak relevan lagi?

Sunday, October 1, 2006


It was yesterday when me and my regular kodoks had a big fast-breaking day out. Yup! a really big one. It was at the Seoul B-something restaurant (i cant remember it exactly), located at Plaza Pantai. That was my first time there. Kinda weird place... or was it just my imagination? naahhh... janji makan buffet kat restaurant tu best kodok! sampai kitorang dah tak larat nak makan lagi. The price? Value for your money!

It was one fun outing, thanks to our organizer, Nina and to all of the kodoks who made it happened. They were Nina, Lynn, Zarina, Herman, Taufik, Lizzam, Wan, Razi and not forgetting me and my wife Shidah.
You guys were great, man. Unfortunately, DJ Redzuan couldnt join us because of his work commitment. We're expecting another similar session but with our Chief, Afdlin Shauki. It may be a bit/lot more bigger than this one. Let's just wait and see.

Anyway, here are some of the pictures taken using my camera. do check my fellow kodoks' blog (check the Get In The Ring column) to find out other photos in different angles.