Thursday, August 30, 2007


Jalur Gemilang

I dont want to be among the late ones wishing my beloved country, Happy Birthday.

This year's Merdeka is very special because it's our 50th year. But what's far more important than reaching 50 is, where have we taken the country for the last 50 years? If this sounds too large, than ask ourselves where have we taken ourselves ever since we breathe on this independent soil.

Merdeka means very much bigger than being in the crowd cheering for the fireworks, or being in the crowd watching floats and marching bands, or even ambushing the malls promoting merdeka sale(?).

Look around, or maybe just look inside us.

Monday, August 27, 2007


An expression of hate

HATE is a feeling we usually feel when, well, we hate somebody (usually this feeling is meant for human beings). But why? The definition differs to each and everyone of us. Here's mine.

How could you possibly not hate someone who stabs you in the back?

How could you possibly not hate someone who acts differently in front of you and differently when with others that makes you look like the bad ones?

How could you possibly not hate someone whom you know does the illegally bad/wrong thing but deny it and yet point it out to other people?

How could you possibly not hate someone who protects the guilty like they were angels?

How could you possibly not hate someone who's thirsty of authority but she can never get it due to the hierarchy but still, she gets it through a really dumb person sitting at the top?

How could you possibly not hate someone who keeps denying the clearly bad things they've done and try their hardest to make it look innocent?

Why should I care for this shit as long as I get my monthly pay, that's good enough for me. Dont you think?

Sunday, August 19, 2007


How I spent my weekend:

Saturday, 18 Aug
0430 - Bangun terkejut, mandi, terus ke LCCT (hantar family mertua to Bandung)
0615 - Sampai LCCT
0630 - Check-in, flight delayed... 0850
0730 - Lepak McDonald's sampai 0820
0915 - Sampai Bandar Seri Putra (lepas buat tawaf kat KESAS)
1100 - Jumpa dentist kat Dato' Keramat
1330 - Ambik Icah at Damai LRT station, pegi showroom Perodua & Honda
1515 - Sampai umah Mama, makan
1700 - Pegi Ikea, Ikano
2130 - Sampai umah Ibu Mertua

Sunday, 19 Aug
0000 - Layan Prison Break (yg ntah ke berapa kali)
0100 - Naik tido, dengan sangat nyenyak...
1100 - Bangun
1230 - Gerak ke rumah Mama
1415 - Pegi Hapis kawin, jumpa kengkawan, hujan, lepak lama lagi... sengal
1545 - Balik... TERtido...
2015 - TERbangun...
2100 - Makan, Whazzup Mila
2200 - Smallville
2300 - ...

That's more or less of my activity this weekend. Tiring but interesting because I've got:
1. a pair of Crocs
2. to see Huzaimi getting fatter (with a new girlfriend, Alin)
3. to see Fudza's cute daughter Qistina
4. to see Raddy getting bigger as well (Yatie pun nampak naik sket)
5. to meet all of my other friends: Harmila, Salleh + Sara, Baiyah, Faisal Itik, Rock, Amiza, Irwan Amin, Azwad and list goes on...

A friend's wedding will normally be a small reunion to most of us. Well, what will happen if all of us are married? No more reunion? Never get to see each other anymore? Well, the choice is in our hands.. At the same time, enjoy these photos...
Selamat Pengantin Baru!

The Gang

The Gang, again

The malu-malu couple

The infamous Qistina

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Altantunya murder trial still on... dont know who will be charged guilty. Heard it was a conspiracy that involving NTR. Dont know, dont care.

Projek susu sekolah menyebabkan pelajar keracunan lagi. Lagi? Apa sajalah masalah dengan susu sekolah nih? Stopkan je lah projek karut nih. Banyak lagi cara lain nak bantu pelajar selain dari projek susu sekolah.

Transformers was a movie greatly done and delivered. I'm a huge fan back in the 80's. It was a bit frustrating to watch Bumblebee transforms as a Pontiac rather than a VW Beetle but still, the movie was great. I faced a little bit of a hard time explaining about the characters to my nephew Syafiq when I was refering to the 80's while he was refering to the Japanese and movie version. Banyak clash of facts siot.

I havent washed my car for quite some times. What a mess...

Our kitchen cabinet is ready. Best! Best... bayarlah!

If you thought Warrick's (CSI Vegas) hair is a disaster, wait till you see mine. Muahahaha!

Hans and Erra broke-up. I'm on Hans' side, so what?

I only need RM 1 million for an early retirement plan. Anyone generous enough to donate me RM 1 million? Anyone? No one?

I cant get enough of Prison Break. Addicted to it. Obsessed with it.

Too many Indonesian bands invaded our shore. Are all our local artistes been abducted by aliens or taken some place else? Talking about merdeka spirit...

Sending Icah (my little sister) to LRT Jelatek every morning is my new "job description" as an eldest brother.

My best pal Raddy and little brother Aleng have their own fotopages to display their photography skill respectively. Check out their foto blog via my links...

The KFC chicken chop black pepper is a real value meal... but not the soup according to Shidah.

Ah, we've already been married for a year now... ;)

I couldnt find Shahnon's (Best vocal AIM 2006) album anywhere. Help me.

Cuepecs (betul ke?) is asking for a half-day leave for female workers during ramadhan. Excuse me, have they really done their research or homework before proposing something silly like this? Sorry ladies, no offense but, are you still on with the gender equality issue? Sigh...

Our house in Bandar Seri Putra is our priority now. Lots of things and expenses involved. You wouldnt know until you experienced it.

I'm currently listening to Klasik FM every morning and night. Funny eh? Entertaining though... in a different manner. Heheheh...

The UMBRELLA song by RIHANA is kinda in my head every time. It's killing me man. Umbrella... ella... ella... ella... dua insan bercinta? cinta 200 ela?

I'm starting to feel dizzy... This monitor maybe... or I'm just tired maybe... or CSI Miami has just started maybe. Yeah, the latter...