Saturday, January 28, 2006


What a great night I had last Thursday! I got to watch BULI BALIK, I easily got a parking space at Berjaya Times Square, I got to meet the kodoks, I got to meet Afdlin Shauki, and the best part of all, I got to hangout with Afdlin and the kodoks! I'll give my review on BULI BALIK in my next post.

But for now, enjoy this photos...

Thursday, January 26, 2006


I am really excited and actually since last night. Firstly, Shidah told me she has successfully booked BULI BALIK at TGV KLCC today (nationwide opening). Suddenly, the TGV people called her yesterday saying the booking was cancelled. Bloody hell! At that very moment also I knew about the BULI BALIK flash mob at GSC Times Square today but I have no tickets! Arrrgghhh! (Remember my post : Are you hungry/Hungry for Entertainment?).

Tiba-tiba malam tadi taliponku berdering dengan paparan nombor yang tidak kukenali. Dengan suara gusar dan keanehan aku menjawabnya. Lantas hatiku melonjak gembira kerana Lady Nina telah mendapatkan tiket untuk kami! Yeeeaayyyy! Gile best kodok! Dan beberapa ketika lagi aku akan ke Berjaya Times Square untuk menonton BULI BALIK by Afdlin Shauki! Yeeeaayyy!

Feels like I'm on top of the world!


Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Yes, it's official. I've been working for 14 days in a row including weekend. And that was something I didnt really enjoy. I've had a registration on last-last weekend and a nonsense workshop last week. And now, here I am... still standing... with some running nose and dizzy head... at my office, working. Tak apa, I'm going to have a veeeeerrry long holiday this chinese new year... 30 jan - 6 feb! Muahahahaha!

The planning workshop I attended sucked big time! Seriously. We went there without any proper agenda for discussion. All I heard was ramblings of nonsense and pointless from the so called No. 1 man of the company I'm working for. Man, what a waste of money and time! It was a 3 days 2 nights workshop - friday to sunday - 830am to 1130pm discussion of god knows what. I felt like walking into a room of mystery and blur during the whole session.

I can see lots of "acting" going on, "mouthfighting", "asslicking" and all the things I really hate because I knew they were not sincere. And they did that just for the sake of getting the fascilitator's (my MD) attention and nak tunjuk bagus. The most memorable statement was, we are already in the 21st century my friend, we need to change. In one aspect, yes I agree with it, but vice-versa, you think you're really good ah? Fully-equipped for the 21st century ah? Aku malas je nak tunjuk computer and IT skill aku, kang tercengang diorang kang... ngehngehngeh... The thing is, dont underrate people as you like, because, there are other people out there who might be more advance than you. And maybe those people are just sitting right next to you.

All in all, I can say that, it is indeed true that Melayu memang mudah lupa. These people (mostly), referring to the workshop I attended, has forgotten about our main objective of business. The purpose of the company's existence. It's simple, to equip our students with competative technical knowledge for Malaysia to become an Industrial country. That is suppose to be our focus! Ought to be! But this seemed to be forgotten by some people for they started to focus more on their personal interest - not to mention, money. What a rat!

Talking about rat; One rat might be easy to get rid off, but as it breeds... you'll know how hard it is to handle. My stupid question is, why the hell did you "let them" breed at the first place?

Saturday, January 14, 2006


Ever thought of this issue? This issue always came across my mind. Yes, I always talk in my head and I always talk to myself. Heehee. Gila? Taklah, it's like an exercise for my brain. Sometimes I purposely put in conflict, elaborate issues, define why this and not that, "discuss" options and make unnecessary decisions in my mind. Just put it this way, it's my norm. The talking-in-head thing is just the appetizer, so we can put it aside ;)

Some would say my behaviour or norm is a common thing for a normal person but to some people it is not. You know what? I dont believe in those things. Please define the true meaning of being normal. What do you mean by normal. For example, is a 1.65m guy weighing 65kg considered as normal and the other 1.65m guy weighing 90kg considered as not normal?

Who put the standards of normality? Knock, knock. It's us human, though... For god sakes, we are not perfect either. Then who are we to put such standards to other human beings? Are we suppose to be friends with only certain "type" of people? Should we only attend "this" kind of people in our life. Bullshit. Yes people, history does give us some lessons or guidance for us not to make the same mistake. But, have we ever thought that history also may occur repeatedly or maybe not! Orang tua-tua selalu kata, "Jangan buat gini, tak elok, jadi camtu-camni nanti sok, sape susah?" Sometimes it's true, but not all the time. Agree?

So, to me, there are no such thing as normal or perfect. Be it anything. Normal is what we are. It's in the DNA. We are what we are. And I believe that, whatever choice we've made for our life is already destined. It's very much up to us to make our life good, bad, super-good or else.

I love to break certain rules in life (as an average Malay) for it motivates me to be better as well as to prove that I'm in control of my life and not these nitty-witty-tiny-puny little insensible factors. Who's with me?

Friday, January 13, 2006


Damn I'm stressed! Phew. Yesterday's new students registration was quite cool. Not so hectic as we always had. But, the headache came when I have find another 10 for replacement. Man, that's a lot! With limited reserve candidates, it really made my day horrible. Luckily, we managed to fill up the 10 places and they will register on Monday. Sadly, we are going to have the new semester registration for the students this Sunday. Yes, this SUNDAY. Damn. Whattado? It's stated in my Job Description. Just do-lah!

Talking about registration, especially the new students who came with their parents normally. I tell you, these parents and students are like a pain in the a**. Not to mention their mentality. Man! Read on:

1. At the registration counter checking the new students namelist which was clearly printed ALPHABETICALLY at a glance saying - "Nombor 36? Kenapa jauh sangat ke bawah?" - Letak lagi nama anak abjad hujung2, sape suruh?

2. These students must line-up to check their name in a list and put down their signature. I was so pissed when this one boy suddenly pointing his chubby finger from the back to his mom who stands next to me. Dude! There 2 other fellows in front of you. Cant you wait? Yang mak die pun sama. Sakitlah hati aku. I aint going anywhere, so does the namelist. Why the hustle?

3. I was talking to this parent when suddenly without guilt, this boy show me some copies to be certified like nobody was there. Eh, ngko buta ke? Kan aku tengah bercakap dengan bapak budak ni.

4. "Parents please proceed to the Seminar Room and wait there. Please let the students handle the registration themselves for we dont want to cramp this hallway". And I felt like talking to the walls.

5. "Kenapa tak fotostat dokumen2 ni siap sebelum datang?"
"Tak sempat..."
"Bila dapat Offer Letter ni?"
"Awal bulan 12 ari tu..."
...baguslah kalau begitu nak...

6. "Bantal memang kena bawak ke?"
"Kalau tak duduk asrama tak perlulah bawak"
"Ni surat tawaran ni tak jelas, senarai barang suruh bawak ada, kena bawak"
"Saya rasa dalam ramai2 yang datang mendaftar ni, encik sorang je yang tanya pasal benda ni" - being synical.
...sebab orang lain berpikir logik. tak duduk hostel, ape kejadahnya nak bawak bantal?

See! Tak sakit ke hati korang kalau kena situasi macam gini? But, these have already been a common scenario to me during the registration. I'm used to it. Immune sudah. Sabar je lah labu...

Monday, January 9, 2006


Normally, I would be very busy if any of my relatives (close ones - like cousins) are getting married. I would surely be in-charge of the dishes or dishes or dishes. Orang muda katanya, tenaga tengah kuat. But yesterday's wedding was weird. It was my cousin's wedding at Segambut Dalam and guess what? I just Eat 'N' Go.

The reason being was, I have nothing to do because all these orang kampung had took charge of everything. Yip! Everything from the cooking to the serving to the dishes. We, the relatives, felt like some sort of morons who were just watching and greeting the guests. I was so bored because I couldnt do anything to help. My goodness. But seriously, these orang kampung are so very helpful I tell you. The gotong-royong spirit is still strong in them. Well at least they still inherit the spirit that's already faded in most of us. Dont believe ah? Check ourselves out lah. Do you know your neighbours? I mean, do you really know your neighbours. Across the road? At the back of your house? Haa... that's the appetizer only, haha... (cakap orang je aku kan?)

Whatever it is, I did feel like a moron yesterday because I couldnt lend my hand during the wedding but just my stomach. Was it because I dont really know them? Or was I dont know how to mix with them? Or was I just dont care? Sigh...

Friday, January 6, 2006


Hungry? Lapar? We will definitely think of food kan? Well, that's what my stomach feels right now. But, no sweat! I'll be heading to someplace to take care of my hunger after this.
But I would like to write about some different kind of hunger now.

1. HUNGRY FOR SOMETHING TO HIT ON (literally) - This is what I usually feel when I'm pissed-off by any acts of intolerable stupidity, unfair judgement, blames on mistakes that I certainly not responsible of. Huuiii... it suddenly feels like I have a bigger fist than Muhammad Ali! But, what can I do since it's not right to simply hit people just like that because of our rage, kan?
How do I cool-off? Smoke all the cigarettes I can like I cannot buy another box later. Cursing pun best jugak, heheheh...

2. HUNGRY FOR ENTERTAINMENT - We are human and we all need entertainment. But have you ever feel you need it so badly? I do. When? When my little brain can no longer take any pressure created by this nasty thing called stress. Stress is very dangerous thing I tell you. It can break you temper loose if you cannot control it. When that happens, I can no longer think straight. That's when I'll be really hungry for entertainment.
How do I cool-off? An entertaining comedy film or stage play is the absolute answer.

3. HUNGRY FOR READING STUFFS - I love to read almost anything readable. The best reading items to me would be the newspaper, Spider-Man comics, car magazines and anything that's rich of knowledge. But, it's really kind of frustrating when I couldnt grab anything to read on my way to do my thing at home. The stomach is already making this weird tornado, the a**hole is already gushing this hazardous aroma... fuuyo, and I'm still searching for some reading stuffs. Damn!
How do I cool-off? I just stack all my comic books next to my room's entrance. In that way, I can swiftly go to the restroom with a smile because I have something to read!

Hehehe... what a funny and weird behaviour eh? Haa... gelak la... korang pun ada your own "unique" behaviour kan? Mesti punya! Well, I've shared mine ;P

Wednesday, January 4, 2006


Before I start my writing, it's better for me to declare that this is just my observations. And of course, not all of these reflects malaysians. Open-up your mind.

Sigh. Why do Malaysians sometimes act like uncivilized people?

1. The traffic light to the right junction is green. You slow down to check if there's any stupid bikes/cars coming furiously from right or left just to chase the yellow light. Clear. Suddenly the junction you're about to enter was jammed. right in front of you is the mighty yellow box. Why must you still join the jammed road when you should wait until it's cleared. Besides, there's a huge yellow box there, sir. I mean, yeah the light is green, but, use your sense lah bro... You're just making the traffic worse. Sigh.

2. We all love to hangout at mamak stalls. Some say it's the environment, the food, the ambiance, the people, the service. But, there's one thing i realized. There are some stalls and some of their waiter just have this so-called HIKMAT MEMBUTAKAN MATA dan MEMEKAKKAN TELINGA. Have you ever experienced a scene when you call up the mamak (who's looking at you at that moment) and they suddenly just turn their head away like nothing happen. Siot betul. Rasa macam nak baling ngan gelas pun ade jugak kadang2 tu. Sigh.

3. Ever went to Jalan Doraisamy for the sup mamak lately? I went there last Sunday with my friends. Now there are pubs and some fancy restaurants (i guess) along the road besides this marvellous mamak stall. People normally park along the pavement to hangout there. Malam, DBKL takde. Right after we parked, this one guy suddenly came to us claiming for parking charges. Oi dude! Since when you're given the authority to collect the parking charges? We played him around until he said, "Takpelah bang, abang pegilah makan. Nanti panjang cerita". C'mon man, we've been here long before you even know this Jalan Doraisamy. And suddenly you want to collect money from us because there are pubs and restaurants there. Eat my shorts!

4. Some people just so frakking lazy to flush the bowl after doing their thing. Man, will they do that at home? And they can leave the bowl because it's a public toilet? Is it so hard to pull the flush lever?

5. Ever got mad finding a parking space and suddenly gone beserk when there's a car parked horizontally beautiful in two parking space? Is it so hard to park properly?

6. At Jalan Jelatek, in front of Great Eastern Mall my favourite coffee pit stop. I need to go to the right heading Taman Keramat. The thing is, there's only one lane going to the right and the other 2 is going straight to Jalan Ampang. These dumbass will just stay at the middle lane waiting the green light just to "pangkah" those who already lined-up in the correct lane for only god knows how long. Yes, the policeman do allow 2 lanes to turn right while they were in-charge of the traffic. But when they're gone, that means, all the traffic rules are back as usual including the lanes and lights. Is that so hard to understand?

7. Why make all the complaints and keep on asking Pak Lah / Government to interfere in all this tiny puny little things. We are the consumer. If you dont like something, dont give your support. If this thing is expensive, dont buy. If that thing is hazardous, avoid it. Please learn your rights and power and use it wisely. Stop the whining. Ini sikit2, mintak Kerajaan supaya bantu, banteras, haramkan, itulah, inilah... Sigh.

Well, i think i should stop here. Am not in rage, but frustrated.
Going for the delicious Mc'Donald's Prosperity Burger... Yummy!

Tuesday, January 3, 2006


It was today that I only realized we are already in 2006. Great huh?

Well, maybe because I've had a long holiday since 29 Dec 2005 until yesterday, 2 January 2006.
Or maybe because I was too busy with lots of things...
Or maybe I was busy repairing my car (after that dumb minor accident)...
Or maybe I was busy catching up with my childhood friend who went home for the New Year break from Bangkok...
Or maybe I was too busy catching up with my readings...
Or maybe I was busy coping my cold fever...
Or maybe I was busy watching Actorlympics...
Or maybe I was busy spending time with my fiance at IKANO...
Or maybe I was just busy doing nothing?

Whatever it is, 2006 is here. This means I only have around 8 months to get my wedding prepared. Fuiyo! So fast ah? Lets have a look on the checklist shall we? (and I can suddenly feel the heat already...)