Friday, October 28, 2005


Aidilfitri will be around... once again. Realize what have we done last hari raya? Remember what it's like during pagi raya, doing the salam2 thing? Hmm... well we are about to do these stuffs again in like, less than a week. How fast time flows eh?

As for me, nothing interesting for this raya. No new shoes, no new baju melayu, no new baju raya, jeans raya etc etc that i use to buy in my younger years. I dont know, maybe as we grew older, the excitement is fading... and i wonder why... But there's one thing for sure will happen to me this Syawal. This will most probably (99.99%) be my last Syawal as a bachelor y'all! Can you imagine that? Can't you? Ngehngehngeh... and I'm still imagining it.

So, my hari raya this year is very much focused on my engagement ceremony preparation. Quite hectic... and "pocket breaking" hehehehehehe... This is just the first stage... wait till the next stage... the wedding ceremony. I'm sure I'll be more pening... kehkehkeh... We are going to face this situation sooner or later and luckily my turn is up.

Adzim called me past few days... asking me to be his best man for his wedding. I dont mind... but the ceremony will be held at a hotel. Itu yang aku cemas sket tu... Aiyyebb woo... yes, of course the whole ballroom will be looking at the bride and groom... but I'm in their viewing frame too... and that's not good. Kena control hensem, perut, peluh dsb yang sewaktu dengannya. But, I just have to give him a hand. Besides, he's one of my best buddy during my school days. Whaddaheck? For my best friend...

Hey, hey, hey (Fat Albert style)... My sister will be in KL tomorrow. All of us will be fetching her except for my dad. Still busy with his business... last call nak raya lah katakan... So, that left me, my mum ngan Angah je lah yang pegi KLIA nampak gayanye... +Syahmi, this little boy whose behaviour is like an ape/monyet. Anak orang, mak aku jaga. Tak kisahlah, jangan die dok tak diam kat airport tu esok sudah. Pening kepala aku.

Well, I guess I won't be blogging for about a week. Raya babe! I'll be back on the 7th. Clisely,

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


I'm back... back from my work trip... Lumut. Man what a tiring journey. Nasib baik bukan aku yang drive, ngehngehngeh... Anyway, the hotel was good, the view was good, the clients were good but the food... quite good je lah... it was a buffet style buka puasa... but dont expect anything like KL style. Hehehe, still want to complain ah? My team was cool... I enjoyed working with them.

Ah! I almost forgot... take a look at this serene view from my hotel room. Nice eh?

That's the beauty part... the damn ugly part is coming up next. Man, my office space is under renovation and I just hate it when they do this. Habuk siot... dah lah keje aku tengah melambak nih... Next week is already Hari Raya... of course I'll be off the whole week... first time man, cuti raya. We will be sharing a room which consists of 3 officers... and I have just lost my private 4-walls space... damn it! Why should this happen NOW? When I'm all tight up with this intake process thing? Cobaannn... Ramadhannn...

That's not the real deal of why I'm so pissed off here. Since this is MY blog so I can say WHATEVER I LIKE. Do you know how funny it is here at my workplace? Heh. Let me tell you... This is the place where you can find:

1. Officers have to share their workspace in a room of 2 and 3 (like me) and our secretary have a room of their own! How funny is that? Excuse me dude, I think we deserve our very own room much more...

2. Renovations were made like, so many times. Ikut suka grandparents diorang. Ingat ni construction site ke? Where's your planning man?

3. Imbalance ratio of office space to total of staff. Why does this A dept. only get this x square metres of space when this R dept. get x times 2 square metres of space... whereas, staff in the A dept is much more than this R dept. What? Golden Department ah? Bullshit.

There's a lot more funny things happening here. Nak cakap banyak2 pun tak elok kan? Tempat aku carik rezeki. But pleaselah... open up sket akal tu... Think! For god sakes. A friend once said; ONE DAY, HE WILL FALL BECAUSE OF HIS OWN ACT AND DECISION. and I'm waiting for that moment... heheheh...

Anyway, share my morning view today once I stepped into my office...

Cantik bukan? Macam setan... it's already 10am and this contractors still aren't here. What a nice way to start my day. Duh... Patience is all I have.

Friday, October 21, 2005


Since I'm a kodok, so it's my duty to promote my Chief Kodok's new upcoming film and the unbearably eye-watering showcase... dude, Hans Isaac will be singing! Check this out people!!!

And not to forget people... the movie that Afdlin Shauki bagged the Best Director Award in Anugerah Skrin lately... BULI. Dengan mandat yang diberikan, saya dengan ini mengajak tuan-tuan dan puan-puan sekalian ke sequel film yang paling kodok abad ini iaitu... BULI BALIK! Yaa... mari kita kasi pecah ini filem! Don't forget people on the 26th January 2006.

Maka, jangan lupa untuk menonton filem yang best giloss ini. Mane aku tau? Aku tau la, aku dah tengok poster die. ngehngehngeh... Thought you are a kodok? No, you are not kodok enough if you don't watch this movie.

Thursday, October 20, 2005


It's been a while since I last blogged. Can't remember. Been busy lately... extremely busy. Works are all piled up and to be cleared before this Raya holiday. Man, give me a break. Only yesterday I get to buka puasa with my GF... it's our 2nd for this Ramadhan actually. The rest, kitorang merayau kat pasar Ramadhan je. OK gaks. Not bad what? That's the least we can do to exercise. Nak jogging? Get out of here...

Ah yes, I already got my new cellphone. Taklah canggih mane pun, tapi canggihlah dari 8310 aku dulu. Whatever it is, I'm happy with my new phone. Freaking jakun jugak aku memula dapat... biaselah, Malaysia! So, as usual, like my previous years, I need to be outstationed next week, at this point of time, Ramadhan... kerja laa... apa lagi? Maless (malas) betul rasanye. No drinks, no food, no cigarette... Ah-ha! Yes I know, thank you for reminding... nope, I failed to quit smoking. But at least I can make the 14's box last for about 3-4 days... kalau tak puasa 1 malam melepak dah abis.

My little sister will be in Malaysia next week. That's tempting. Can't wait. Lama tak jumpe. My cousin is still in ICU... broke his neck and injured his spinal cord... motorbike accident. Kesian betul aku tengok die. Nak raya2 nih... and my aunt waits for him day and night... patiently... everyday. A mom's love. He will most likely be paralysed neck downwards. Chances of survival? Uncertain. We can only pray for him to recover.

Coffee... I've never had coffee since 1st Ramadhan. I used to hangout at Starbucks almost every evening balik keje with my GF just to have our caffeine dose. But since puasa, tak pernah lagi. Arrghh... that iced Hazelnut latte... sedapnye!

Feeling sleepy already. 30 minutes for a nap. Time = Priceless.

Thursday, October 13, 2005


At 1:30pm just now, I suddenly made a very prompt decision. To buy a new cellphone. Since it was my 1 hour lunch break, at an instant we dashed to the cellphone shop. Before that, we have informed this minah that we will be using our Mastercards. She said ok with 3% charge. Then only we dashed to this shop at Maluri... not far from our office but a heartaching trip because of the traffic. The parking was helpless. I just double-parked in front of the shop. Ape2 hal senang nak alih kereta.

And then, there we were, like a child waiting on a Santa's lap, wishing for a gift. Only in this case, we have to pay for it. This was what happenned back then.

Firstly, the storekeeper is still loading the boxes (of phones I believe) and she asked us to wait like... 15 minutes. That's OK with me... still, the excitement of getting a new phone blooming in my heart.

Secondly, since it will took 15 minutes, she asked for our cards... nak "slot" dulu sementara tunggu (which she meant swipe). A bit shaky I was, since we still haven't even seen the box yet and she wanted to swipe our cards first? Err... still OK for me.

Thirdly, this was the bomb. I'm sorry, our credit card terminal is not working since last few days. I totally forgot. It will only be repaired by next week. WHADDA FRAAKKK??? Can you believe it? We called her first before we rushed here, and she said the terminal was down... only when we were already here... and waited for 15 minutes... after 2 rounds of parking quest... and we rushed here for nothing when I can sleep for like 1 hour? Kau nak bukak puasa dengan selipar ke???

Perghh... as predicted, traffic jam again back to my office. What a tense. Tapi, adalah hikmahnya kot aku tak dapat beli phone tu ari ni... kan? Entahlah. Hopefully this tense will turn up good.

Nasib baik bulan Ramadhan, kenalah aku banyak bersabar.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


I don't know why but I feel like talking about film today. Why? What's wrong with our film industry? Why should I talk about our film industry? Who am I to talk about film industry? Oi! I'm a Malaysian, so I can talk about our film industry and who are you to stop me? Besides, this is my blog though. Crap.

To my understanding, films should be entertaining in a diversed terms of humour, horror, love, etc, etc. Plus, films should also seem real or macam real like afdlin said = not particularly logic, but real.

I no longer watch any Malay movies at cinemas. Insulting eh? Sad but true. The truth is, I couldn't find any "spark" towards watching our home-made movies, especially those "crafted" by this one particular group (as in I grouped them my own and they don't even know it hahaha). And, look at what we have today? Crapola films.

I love this group of new-age filmakers eventhough they are not new in the showbizz. They have different paradigm and approach in film making. And I can proudly say, I love their work. They are: Shuhaimi Baba, Yasmin Ahmad, Aziz M. Osman and my favourite, Afdlin Shauki. There are a lot more to come I believe. For god sakes, ini macam gambar barulah boleh dipanggil filem. Kalau tak, panggil aje drama yang selalu tayang dalam slot 2 jam kat tv tu.

So, I have grouped our film-makers into two category. 1: The crapola film maker and 2: The good film maker. Who am I to group these people? The answer: A Malaysian who wish to see our film industry grow better. C'mon people, Thailand ngan Iraq pun boleh buat filem bagus tau! Just take a look at their country and our's.

Whatever it is, I'm waiting for Afdlin Shauki's BAIK PUNYA CILOK movie. His previous films haven't let me down yet, so I believe this one should be bigger and better. Long live the Fat director! Jangan marah aa Afdlin.

Filem kita, Wajah kita. (Takkan kita nak wajah kita buruk?)

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Sometimes, life is tiring. Sometimes, life is boring. But these are some of the things that makes life interesting. Duh. Some people they just dont know that we care for them so much and yet, what we get? A frakking rude attitude and frakking rude tone. You think you're so gangster ah? My gangster you dont know.

C'mon la... man, the opportunity is already in front of you, served. What else do you expect the other people to do ah? Do it for you ah? Yet, you have the gutts to use that rude tone on me ah? "Dont make me angry, you wont like me when I'm angry" (Bruce Banner of Hulk).

These are the kind of people who really pisses me off. Aku ni tak sampai hati je nak tangankan budak2... kesian. Tapi, itulah, hati aku yang sakit nengokkan perangai ntahape2 diorang ni. Hopefully my offsprings will not turn out macam budak2 ni esok. Ade yang bagus tu bagus... no doubt. But againlah, yang sikit ni yang lebih menyakitkan hati.

But coming back to a wise old man I knew once said, you can't control other people's behaviour but you can control yours. So, I will no longer focus on the small "heartaching" group anymore. Let's just let the time teach them their lesson. Hah! Padan muke korang.

Dah brape percent pahala puasa aku tinggal ah? Cheh.

Monday, October 10, 2005


I'm not that religious, am not that expert in Islam. But one thing for sure, I'm still learning of it... like most of us out there. There are some people who talks so much like they know so much about Islam, talks like they are the most alim of all... full of knowledge... orang kampung gua kata "bijak bestari". Sudahlah... we all are naive... no matter how good we are, we are never good enough for Allah. Banyak manapun ilmu kita kat dunia ni (7 lautan pun) tak sampai setitik pun ilmu-Nya. Ingat skett...

As for me, simple. Buat je amalan yang kita difardhukan untuk melakukannya. Niat, kerana Allah. Niat kena pasang betul bro, baru berkat hidup. Kalau tak tau pasal hukum-hakam agama, jangan cakap/elaborate lebih2. Salah cerita, lain jadiknye, buruk padahnya. Be wise people. Pakai kopiah/serban tak semestinya alim, pakai short tak semestinya tak sembahyang. Dont prejudge people before you barely know them. Think you're so good ah? Good charlotte can laa...

Whatever it is, we should pay some respect to each other... eventhough our very own enemy.
Be cool, car pool

Friday, October 7, 2005


The Order has begun... What order? Kuih-muih raya la... what else? Whatevr it is, i've already placed my order for the most superb tart in the world (as far as i've tasted).. which is provided by my boss. best giloss... mantap woo... hopefully 4 pax of 50 will do for this Hari Raya. If not, I will not put them on display for guests... keh keh keh...

I'm not so much of a kuih raya fan... but there certain kuihs that i really dig like my mom's choc chips, sultanah (hard to prepare man this one), my boss tart, semprit koko and honey-coated cornflakes. As for kerepeks, my toppest rank would be the tempeyek ikan bilis. Man, it's the bomb! (kalau dapat yang sedap la..)

Bro, it's only 3rd day of puasa and you already talk about kuih raya ka? Shame on you.


It's Friday. Normally, my friends and I would have a plate of Beriyani in front of Masjid Maluri before the Friday prayer. Plus... the chilling air kelapa muda. Allemak katakk... best giloss... pergh... do this again and my puasa will be called makrukh.


Ramadhan is back. Oh yes my fellow bloggers, again like my previous ramadhans, the same old resolution came in frame: TO QUIT SMOKING. Will i succeed? Will i fail? Lets just see by the end of this holy month.

On the other hand, i have one important ceremony to juggle with. It's sort of like a 1st turning point of a bachelor's life. I'm sure you understand what i mean. It's somewhere in November this year.. still in the Raya mood eh? Nasib baik orang kampung jugak... takyah pening kepala pasal tol. (aiyoyo Sammy)

My little sister will be coming home for Raya as well. Boy, i miss that girl. Ntah2 dah gemokss... whatever lah, she's still my sister. Expect a lot of goodies as well.. (keh keh keh...) all of us at home just cant wait to fetch her up at KLIA on the 29th October.

Hmm... nak buka ape ari ni eh? Which pasar ramadhan/juadah to go today eh? Dah la smalam buka dalam kereta ngan Fisherman's Friend je pulak tu... siut tol. Timing sket bro.