Friday, December 22, 2006


I kinda like the current weather we're having now. Cloudy. No skin-burning ray of sun. Maybe because i'm the quik-sweaty kind of homosapien. i just cant stand the heat from the sun because it makes me sweaty, dizzy, angry and all the other things that rhymes ;)

Somewhere in Malaysia, there are people who dont really dig the clouds. Cloudy = Rain = Flood! Johor, Melaka, Kelantan & Terengganu are among the states being affected by the currently non-stop heavy rain. It's like a disaster when a colleague mentioned to me that the flood in Segamat even reached a 2 storey house height. How bad is that?

Think about the up-coming Aidiladha, school's starting, christmas and all those things. The PBT, government, cabinets (not kitchen cabinet aa) should really look into this matter. i mean, yes, we can't avoid the rain and flood but we can at least figure out why the hell did the river got overflowed? Have you provide and maintain the drainage system? err... do you even have a good drainage system? Sigh.

We pay our taxes you know.

Thursday, December 14, 2006


I'm really starting to seriously hate my workplace's environment. Be it the people, the people or the people. sigh. I mean, it is a good organization (referring to its origin of establishment) but it is somehow managed by... (fill in the blank yourself).

The above people say it's the staff that doesnt appreciate the organization and the below people say it's the above people that is greedy. As for me (being in the middle of course), it's the attitude. A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E!

If you didnt get your attitude right in your working place, be whatever organization you're working in, you're actually creating a disaster to the company.

This goes back to enforcements, fair judgement etc etc and all sorts of things that we usually hear but still, it's there. These are all basics. Fix these shits properly and we're good to go. We dont need a new scheme for performance, new appraisal system, new this and new that. Kalau perangai macam gampang, buatlah apa pun, it will only get you and unfortunately all of your assets (personnel) to "nowhereland".

One of the above people once told me, "If this company is very bad and the management doesnt know how to manage, why wait? go somewhere else-lah".

And i went, "Of course we can always leave for a better opportunity out there, no doubt. The question is, by saying that, are you guys actually comfortable with your performance here? Have you done all your best to be good leaders? Worse still, do you guys actually have a performance here?"

People wont be complaining if they were really taken care of. Of course, the world is not and never enough for us human. But, if 7 or 8 out of 10 people doing a survey of you guys said you guys suck, what does that shows? I dont know, I'll let you guys answer it yourselves. Orang komen/kritik hangin pulak.

Not everybody can be a good leader. If you cannot find them in your organization, search somewhere else will you? For god's sake, please stop assuming people to do a job that is beyond their eligibility, capabilities and give them phat allowances. Worse still, you can even wait for them to be eligible and confirm them for the managerial position no matter how long it takes. Kalau bagus tak apa, ini macam... (isi sendiri dengan mana-mana perkataan mencarut).
I'll still be around until I've found somewhere else better to go. I think it's a trend here whereby people with good performance will leave this place for a greener grass out there because the employer seems love to be blinded by ass-licking and world class act people. Office politic really stinks i tell you.

p/s: Kerja itu satu ibadah, lakukanlah ia dengan ikhlas dan penuh rasa tanggungjawab.