Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I believe we all do have a few dumb thoughts during our childhood years and I'm about to disclose mine. Do laugh along if we share the same silly thoughts... kwehkwehkwehkweh...

1. Being influenced by the amazing Spider-man, I once (err... few times until I realized it was not true) took any spiders I could catch and put them on my wrist. Hoping it will bite me so I can have the wall-crawler's super powers. Bongok.

2. I didnt sharpen my pencil at both ends because my friends told me our moms could die because of it. Ye ke?

3. I never pointed my index finger towards the rainbow for it could amputate it. Sheesh...

4. A friend once told me the earth is always moving. That's true but listen to his next fact: We're not actually moving but the earth is. For example, If I walk from point A to B, I aint really walking but the earth is. I'm actually still at point A. And I went like ooo... at that time. But now, gampang! cikgu sains mana ajar die ni ntah. heehee...

5. Obsessed by "harta karun" (treasure), I oftenly dig the frontyard with a scoop looking for one. The best part was, I only dig about a few inches deep and when I couldnt see any treasure box, I buried the hole and dig a new spot. I quit when I've dug almost all "potential" spot in the yard. Ssssomebody kill me!

6. Everytime I saw computers, I would wait excitedly for AUTOMAN to appear from the screen to our world. p/s: AUTOMAN is one of my favourite series in the 80's if any of you remember.

7. MacGyver was a hit series in the 80's. I really want the Swiss Army knife he use in his actions to defeat the bad guys. The knife must ne really "something". But now after having one, I just simply use it for opening plastic packages only. Heehee...

8. I once thought chicken eggs were layed without any shells. It actually took some time after the laying process for the "soft" eggs to harden and become its shell. Kehkehkeh...

9. I really thought there are people living in the clouds. It's like there's a kingdom up there. Remember Jack & the Beanstalk? I used to try growing that giant tree in my yard. Sadly, it doesnt grow that tall to reach the skies and I wonder why...

Last but not least, when I was a kid I really thought it would be much better to grow up fast and be an adult. But now I really-really think that being a kid is very much better...
Dont you think so?

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Let's talk about discs or "cakera"...

VHS (atau orang kampung aku cakap video tape) used to be a hot item back in the 80's and early 90's. It does stays for a while during its' heydays. I still remember in my school days, sikit2 tengok video kat rumah kawan and that was because my dad never bought any video player. Nanti korang tak belajar katanya. But the scenario changed when VCD came in. At that period of time, my siblings were already done with schools. And Abah bought our very own Mini hi-fi cum VCD player for our home. We were like jakuns heehee. Kemaruk tengok vcd je la keje.

At that time, I was still studying in JB. As we all know, JB was among the hub of piracies in Malaysia at that time. I wont mention the plaza's name here heehee. The thing is, I will always bring back some collection of VCDs to be watched at home with my family. Being a student, as long as the picture is clear, that means the VCD is worth buying. I never thought of the piracy policy nor the effect to the film industries. Naive.

And now the DVD has invaded us. In my point of view, this DVD thing is staying for good like its' predecessor, VHS. VCD is just a stepping stone to DVD. But I'm a bit wiser as I grow older (really?). I no longer by pirated goods. That's why my DVD collection is not as good as my VCDs heehee. But I only buy Collector's Edition and movies I really love to watch over and over again.

I have another hobby which is not likeable to Shidah - buying music cds. Man, I am addicted to this because I love music. And again, I'm wiser now so I dont buy pirated cds anymore. Music cd is interesting. Previously we have cassettes which doesnt seem to last. Lama2 sket dah berkulat, pastu buang. But cds, they lasts. True what??? Mini Discs tried to penatrate the market but I dont think it will survive for the format is very expensive and I dont think any album distributors would want to take any risks on it.

Whatever my reasons being, I'm actually collecting these discs for my satisfaction as well as for my future generation. I want my kids to learn about the music and the movie I love; and hopefully they will appreciate it. Who knows, it might be a valueable collector's item in the future? heehee... kayo pakcik.

p/s: Waiting for Afdlin and Yasmin's movies in DVD format.

Monday, April 17, 2006


As I woke up this morning, these are the thoughts that came across...
Is it really Monday and I have to go to work?
Is that really my tummy or just an optical illusion of it? Quickly, do the sit-up!
Eh, phone dah abis charge ke belum eh?
Baju tido ni nak cuci ke boleh pakai lagi, ek?
I have a registration to handle... almost forgotten about it... damnit
I have a long overdue assignment on ISO procedure... damnit
Do I need to shave?

While dressing and watching (listening actually) MHI...
Macam bagus je mamat ni (one male moderator)... and I say that everytime he's on air... sigh!
Iran is ready to bomb the States if they interfere their nuclear... whatever! Gile ke? Nasib baik aku dok Malaysia.
Eh, biceps lembik macam tauhu... main dumbell jap...
Afdlin kata MAFAA merepek on the Buli Balik movie case. Ape sajalah Malaysia ni... memang merepek 38jam sehari! Macam mana nak maju?

While driving to office...
Shidah ada appointment pagi nih... ikut Hj. Misa, aku takyah tunggu depan umah
Rokok? Banyak lagi... smalam baru beli kotak besar
HotFM: Drumstick Fara Fauzana, kuat lari blah blah blah... -Kurus sangat ke Fara Fauzana ni?
Bilanya lah yang aku nak pegi keje tak jam?

At the office...

p/s: Life goes on whether we're enjoying it or not.


Go and watch Yasmin Ahmad's GUBRA. Damn interesting film I tell you. A mind challenging, eye-opener, can opener also can-lah. But seriously, I like GUBRA better than SEPET. The plot is simple but elaborated wisely. When watching this movie , please see beyond the screen, beyond the script and you'll get/learn something.

Among my favourite lines:
1. Lu ah, satu hari tak makan babi tak boleh ka?
2. Tetek berbulu...
3. Kita kahwin sudah 30 tahun, gaduh pun sudah 20 tahun...

Hehe... talk2 no use maa... go watch the movie... then you'll know why I love it... dont believe aa?
Eh, lu sudah GUBRA ka?

Thursday, April 6, 2006


These are my observations on some kind of people's personalities. Please open-up your mind while reading...

Some people just love to have recognitions. They love to be in-charged of everything. They thought they are the most important homo-sapien in the world they're living in. And not to mention, this type of individual also have some kind of thought that they have all the exclusivity and privilege which others dont have. Bossy and loves yelling is another description for this type of homo-sapien.

There's this anotner kind of people who's just too ambitious. They thought they own everything under the sun. Everybody else is not good, not hardworking, not this and not that. Maybe they have forgotten their roots, i think. Sedarlah diri dan ingat asal-usul sikit. Everything in our life has its basics and purpose. Grass doesnt grow for nothing. Hidrogen doesnt exist just to make bombs. The thing is, We all have our functions no matter who or what we are. Dont ever under estimate others for you'll never know what are they capable of.

The one i hate the most is the ass-licker and "lidah bercabang". These kind of people aa i tell you, can really create a really really really bad air to our living environment. The best part would be, there are people who believe all the words that came out of their filthy mouth. Itu yang aku tak tahan tu. Nak aku cakap bongok kang marah, tapi memang bongok punn... bodoh macam telur tembelang.

Last but not least, the type of people who loves to take advantage of people to secure their ass. What an ugly attitude. Taking other people's trust/naivity for granted. Menyusahkan orang je jenis nih.

So, have you seen yourself in the mirror lately? Which personality is yours? Kehkehkeh... kidding.
Have a nice day!

p/s: See you kodoks at Gubra movie this Sunday! Thanks again Nina!