Sunday, February 19, 2006


Nothing much to say when Liverpool has won 1-0 over Man U at Anfield yesterday. God bless!

Friday, February 17, 2006


Nothing much lately... Chief Kodok Afdlin Shauki couldnt get the PGLTM tickets for the kodok flash mob. Miscommunication with Istana Budaya I suppose. However, this has been healed because we'll be watching Actorlympics: Japan Edition next week (24 feb). Yaayy!!

My superior wont be around next week, so she had just put me in-charge of things while she were off. That doesnt sound very good to me. In another aspect, this will be the time when I can show my true colours. How's that, huh? Ahh.. lets just see what will happen next week.

I'll be going to Jalan TAR tomorrow... what else? Shopping barang kawin lah! Heehee... I'm mentally prepared for tomorrow. Hopefully we'll get what we're looking for, with good bargain of course.

Oyeah, there was one bastard just made a little ugly dent on my car, right next to the rear spoiler at the Great Eastern Mall's parking lot. I only realize it this morning. Really pissed me off. Damn it! But, when I came to think of it, maybe that was just a little test put on me during this engagement period or what the Malays would say, "darah manis". Whatever lah. I'll mend the dent when somebody give me a sack full of cash.

Err... smells like my mum just done cooking her kuetiow special edition-limited edition katanya... Got to go! Cheers!

Thursday, February 16, 2006


Last night, I sneaked out of my house just to puff a single stick of cigarette. Yeah, I didnt smoke in my parent's house. Have some respect to the home man! The thing is, as I was smoking in the dark night, this memory of how I was first hooked to cigs suddenly flashed my cerebrum.

It was after PMR back in 1993 when we were not allowed to leave our hostel. In fact, we were asked to do some "social service"... which was, decorating the school. We have to do some murals, wooden fences, gardening and so on. The school's gardeners and general workers were like on holiday for a few months. And it was in that particular year also we were allowed to "fly" by the seniors. Fly is a term for sneaking out at night, illegally.

The first time I flown (heehee) I smoked a few puff and went coughing like hell. Damn. After then, it all went like, huaaaa... ngam ho! But, I was not that heavy back then. I still remembered one night. my friend just have to help me out all the way back to the hostel when I smoked 13 cigs just for that very night. I swear I was flying! Pening siot! Ape punye bangang...

I kept on smoking until I went to the university. I quit during my first year. Seriously and I'm still wondering how and why. But it all started again when I was no longer allowed to stay at the hostel because I was useless to the campus community (pegi kelas, balik, makan, tido and it cycles for a year). Then I started to smoke again. But I never blamed my friends or the environment... it was just the weather (heehee... what? this one minister used that reason recently, so can I!). And I still smoke until today... Why? It does wonders to stress I tell you! But kids, dont do this at home.

Quit? Naahhh... quitters are losers... hahahahaha....

Sunday, February 12, 2006


What are we actually doing in our life?
1. Pay car/home loan?
2. Have our own family?
3. Raise our family?
4. Die in style?
5. ... I'm stuck, cant think of anything else.

Hey man, these are facts arent they? I mean this is what almost everybody in this world do. But in between, there is actually some space that we could stand our true capability out (brain power/ skills/ etc). One once told me that, nobody in this world is borned bad. It's how we "paint" our life. All we need is to find that space, work it out passionately and never give up.

Dont simply blame our hard times on our parents / anything irrelevant when we did nothing to improve ourselves.

One day, we will always have to face the same routines on the above whether we like it or not. That's not the "thing". The most important thing is how do we face it. Wisely? Stupidly? Carefully? All of what said? Or, Lily Patra?

The body we are living in is ours. The soul that lives inside us is also ours.
What have we actually done to our life? You choose!

p/s: I've chose to be a kodok.

Sunday, February 5, 2006


Ahhh... just got back from Penang. Most probably my last vacation as a bachelor. Went there with Raddy who will also end his bachelor days in another 4 months. It was actually our 3rd trip to Penang or to be precise Bt. Ferringhi. I dont know why but everytime we plan a vacation like this, Penang will always be on top. Is it the beach? The food? The environment? The people? Money inclination? Yes. Penang seems to be a great place for our budget breakaway. Have to be careful in spending money nowadays... ngehngehngeh (and Shidah would go... really?)

We departed at 12am Friday from Puduraya. Yes, we backpacked to Penang. Tiring but interesting. In that way, we get to see lots of people with various attitude. Some are to be taken as lessons and not to mention, some are to be laugh at (mostly, heehee...).

We arrived at Butterworth around 4am (one fast driver), had our breakfast and waited for the first ferry to the island. From the island's jetty, we walked to Komtar (damn good exercise) and had another breakfast (hahahahahaha...). The waiter was an old man. So deaf I tell you. He acted like we ordered wrongly but he was the one who wasn't listening. In the end we figured out he was so tired after a long shift because he left home with his bicycle after taken our orders.

Later, I got yelled by this one insane man while waiting for the bus to Ferringhi. Damn. Nasib baik kau gila, kalau tak dah lama aku hentak. And Raddy made the bus conductor mad by not returning the newspaper he borrowed. We checked-in to the same hotel we stayed for our last 2 visits (within budget maa...). Great bed and great breakfast (What more could you ask?)

What we did for the whole 3 days and 2 nights stay at Bt. Ferringhi?
1. Went window shopping at the night market along Jalan Bt. Ferringhi
2. Went to Nasi Kandar Line Clear next to Chowrasta Market for lunch
3. Sleep like there's no tomorrow

We didnt even dip our feet into the pool nor the beach. Cool eh? That's our kind of vacation. Well, maybe we wont be able to have this kind of vacation anymore in the future... once we ended our wonderful bachelor days. Hehehe... Cheers!

Wednesday, February 1, 2006


Disclaimer: I'm no movie specialist but just an ordinary movie goer. I dont have any "official" papers or experience or shit in movie making. What I'm about to write is just my views and understandings on the movie BULI BALIK by Afdlin Shauki. So, let me write...

I love the movie BULI and expecting something better in BULI BALIK. The thing is, I just have this not-so-good-feeling about BULI BALIK before I watch the movie. But now after watching it, I'm feeling good and doing my tiny part in promoting the film by mouth to my colleagues and friends. In a simpler phrase, I'M WRONG ABOUT MY FEELINGS ON THIS MOVIE.

Nordin returns with a new image and attitude. More confidence, more aggressive, richer and fatter heheheh... Seriously, this is what I learned from the movie.

1. We can always decide who we want to be in life. The choice is really in our hands. You want to be Good? Bad? Merciful? Revengeful? Bloodyfool? You choose!
Ref: Nordin taking Roy to hospital, Nordin punched Roy on the rugby field, Nordin realized his mistakes in front of Ika's house.

2. In this world, we are surrounded by friends. Among them, there are some who will stick with us no matter what, there are those who just take chances on us and not to forget the talam-face (two-faced) type. Sometimes, friends can also influence us to be what we dont want.
Ref: Nordin's group counselling friends looking for Soraya Dean, Syaf while having an argument with Nordin through phone, Syaf while influencing Nordin to take advantage of bullying Roy.

3. Sometimes, people who are "tagged" as smart (in BULI BALIK case, the Prof Madya in Siapa Salah Kena Karan) can be an idiot person. Be it their behaviour or knowledge. And not to mention their paradigm. Reminds me of this one director with the "magic" formula in film making.

4. We humans always love compliments. We can surpass our anger and doubts when being complimented.
Ref: Tan Sri Maikel caught AC sneaking in his office.

5. Your closest friend might be your biggest enemy but in BULI BALIK it shows the reverse. Your biggest enemy might be your closest friend.

6. Life is just so unpredictable. We taught we can always achieve our dreams but the truth is, life aint that easy. We can only make plans but in the end, our faith lies in the hand of The Almighty.

BULI BALIK is like a reflection of our life. We can see us in that movie, played by the actors of course. As Afdlin said, "If you are looking for comedy in this movie, you will get the comedy. But if you are looking for something beyond comedy, you will get it... if you search for it".
My hat's off for Afdlin Shauki.

p/s: Cakap banyak tak guna, pegi tengok BULI BALIK skarang. The moment you ever taught of hating me for giving good comments on this movie, think again. How many good/satisfactory (in a real definition) Malay movies have we watched for the past 10 years? Tepuk dada tanya selera bro!