Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Just when you thought
you've played hard enough
to drive your life
but still it seems not enough,
play harder.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Remember the fella Ivar Gnilek? Well this is about him again and of course this entry does have foul language. Do read.

Ivar Gnilek is now the unofficial timekeeper for all those unfortunate latecomers and timebenders in our office building. Damn he's good at creating his very own new jobscope. Yes we're encouraged to be innovative and creative but I believe this is unlikely one of it.

To some extend of view, his effort might be noble - to provide proof/evidence for improvement in terms of staff discipline. But truth is, are you paid to actually do this shit while your actual job is not even any notch better than others?

Here's the kicker:
This particular dude somehow or rather got the privilege to go home an hour early with the excuse - I don't go for lunch therefore, I can substitute the one-hour break allocated by working straight 8 hours and go home 1 hour early and happily. WTF?

Don't start with 1) Who gave him the approval to do so or 2) Who the hell does the checking on him (out for lunch or not) or 3) Is it Christmas everyday at the office?

Here's my take on his behavior:
1. How sure he is whether he comply to the 8 working hours while he must at least be spending 1 bloody hour "recording" those timebenders from his secret hiding chamber (but we know where)?
2. Does he actually check that those timebenders might also be replacing the time they bended with extra working hours and never claim over time? Oh I forgot, he's not there to check because he's off an hour early!
3. From HR point of view, does his record on the issue counts as valid evidence? He's not from HR by the way.

There you have it, it's off my chest and no, I'm not working in a circus if you might ask.


Friday, December 2, 2011


Laaa... kat sini rupanya weblog gua.
Gua mati-mati ingat gua letak kat atas mesin basuh itu ari. Tak pun kat tepi rak kasut.