Friday, October 7, 2005


Ramadhan is back. Oh yes my fellow bloggers, again like my previous ramadhans, the same old resolution came in frame: TO QUIT SMOKING. Will i succeed? Will i fail? Lets just see by the end of this holy month.

On the other hand, i have one important ceremony to juggle with. It's sort of like a 1st turning point of a bachelor's life. I'm sure you understand what i mean. It's somewhere in November this year.. still in the Raya mood eh? Nasib baik orang kampung jugak... takyah pening kepala pasal tol. (aiyoyo Sammy)

My little sister will be coming home for Raya as well. Boy, i miss that girl. Ntah2 dah gemokss... whatever lah, she's still my sister. Expect a lot of goodies as well.. (keh keh keh...) all of us at home just cant wait to fetch her up at KLIA on the 29th October.

Hmm... nak buka ape ari ni eh? Which pasar ramadhan/juadah to go today eh? Dah la smalam buka dalam kereta ngan Fisherman's Friend je pulak tu... siut tol. Timing sket bro.


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