Friday, October 7, 2005


The Order has begun... What order? Kuih-muih raya la... what else? Whatevr it is, i've already placed my order for the most superb tart in the world (as far as i've tasted).. which is provided by my boss. best giloss... mantap woo... hopefully 4 pax of 50 will do for this Hari Raya. If not, I will not put them on display for guests... keh keh keh...

I'm not so much of a kuih raya fan... but there certain kuihs that i really dig like my mom's choc chips, sultanah (hard to prepare man this one), my boss tart, semprit koko and honey-coated cornflakes. As for kerepeks, my toppest rank would be the tempeyek ikan bilis. Man, it's the bomb! (kalau dapat yang sedap la..)

Bro, it's only 3rd day of puasa and you already talk about kuih raya ka? Shame on you.

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