Monday, December 19, 2005


What a week i've gone through! Lots of things happenned last week. Melantun-lantun sampai ke weekend busybodynye.

1. Tuesday: There was Baik Punya Cilok preview, i love it. #BEST

2. Thursday: There was my workplace's Annual Dinner at Legend Hotel. Guest artist FREDO & THE FLINSTONES, a bit sucky (nyampah pun ade gak aku tengok mamat tu + perangai tak semenggah, ingat die superstar sangat ke? hah? hah? hah?). Best lagi Afdlin Shauki punya show masa 2002 dulu. Luckily I've got an oven toaster for the lucky draw! #OK LAH

3. Friday: My cousin selamat dinikahkan. The ceremony was a bit sangap but i cheered myself up with my camera. Experimenting. #OK LAH

4. Saturday: Went to Seremban for Adzim's wedding. i arrived in the afternoon because we were supposed to have a rehearsal at 330pm. Checked-in at Royal Adelphi... one heck of a hotel. Very nice man! It was already 415pm and Adzim didnt call me up. Finally, no rehearsal pun. The ceremony started at 800pm. It went well. Tapi lepas majlis aku rasa macam monyet dok dalam bilik hotel sorang2. #SENGAL

5. Sunday: I woke up as early as 900am. What a record! Went to Adzim's house at Taman Negeri to return the Baju Melayu i used as pengapit and had breakfast with his family. 1115am aku cargass balik KL. #MIRACLE

6. Today: I'm feeling unwell. Skang lunch break, aku nak tido. #zzzZZZzzz... (the cpaital Z means snore...)