Monday, March 6, 2006


Woohoo... I think it has been quite some time since I last blogged. Need some updates here:

24th Feb: Watched Actorlympics. Met the regular kodoks, spent some time with the gang and Afdlin at Muthu's or something like that in Bangsar.

27th Feb: Thought of watching PGLTM with the kodoks when Mien confirmed our tickets but I couldnt make it because I have to go to Penang for an official visit. Damn.

28th Feb: I drove to Penang with my superior for an exhibition and some career talk. I easily got confused with roads in Penang man. Seriously, macam setan! Our hotel was situated in the Bukit Jambul area, in which I've only been there once like 2 or 3 years ago. Mane nak hingat jalan. But we made it to the hotel at 9pm. Not a bad hotel, not so good breakfast, not so far from the exhibition venue, not bad-lah. But the sun really hates us, that I can tell.

1st Mar: Exhibition and career talk. What to talk? Tired talking already. Panas gile. Berkapang rasanya.

2nd Mar: Exhibition alone. Bosan.

3rd Mar: Career talk at 3pm and 8pm. Bangsat punya arrangement. Ape kebenda datang skolah orang malam2 bagi talk? Gua redah jugak la... keje kan? Then, meet our colleague and have some seafood treat kat Kg. Nelayan hapa benda ntah? Tapi ambience and food not bad. Tepi pantai.

4th Mar: We shoot to Kangar as early as 6am. Gile ngantuk. Another group of 3 had waited for us there since 7am. We proceed to Haatyai at 10am and arrived in another 2 hours later. Damn busy town. Thought of shopping some goods for my wedding, hampeh. Macam Petaling Street tapi banyak2 lorong. Goods? Not really in my interest. I better spare my money for Padang Besar trip. Bosanlah Haatyai.

5th Mar: Went back to Malaysia around 10am and arrived around 12pm. Shoot for Padang Besar and yes I fulfilled my purpose of visit. Mission accomplished! It's really worth paying a visit to Padang Besar if you love shopping. Besides, goods here are better in terms of quality and variance. We returned to KL around 330pm and reached home around 11pm. We stopped so many times along the highway. And I met Herman at R&R Bkt. Semanggol if I'm not mistaken. Heehee, what a small world.

Now, I'm forcing my eyes and body to work. I really am tired and soooooo sleepy. *Yawn.


Najwa Aiman said...

wow!!! gi haatyai ek? tak g ke emperor ke? tgk 'akuarium'... ekekekek.... best wooo.....

err... takde ole2 ke?

pyerudz said...

if you're looking for that kind of entertainment maybe haatyai is the place la kot? but my mission was to buy barang2 kahwin. thought they have better bargains tapi tak jumpe pun kedai2 yang jual gifts in bulk. last2, simpan duit singgah padang besar, macam2 adaa... settle! bocorlah juga rasanya kocekku ini.
ole-ole? kole banyak la kat rumah, ngehngehngeh... takde, kaput sudah.

Anonymous said...

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