Thursday, September 28, 2006


As in my previous entries, I always mentioned that WE ALWAYS HAVE OPTIONS/CHOICES IN LIFE.

It all started a few days ago when I received a silly task that need to be delivered A.S.A.P. Yes people, the one that I dont agree to do because to me the objective/outcome is pointless and you dont need such silly and time-consuming exercise just to come out with a brilliant solution or to recognize the defect (who am I to argue in this company anyway?). The best part would be translating the findings into action which is already known even if you didnt run the exercise.

But being a dude who doesnt own any share in the company (neither do they), I just execute the task without questions asked. At first it sucks... really sucks man. Yelah, buat benda yang memeningkan dengan tidak ikhlas. But when I take it as a challenge, as in I can organize the messed-up findings and come up with senseful facts, I became unintentionally interested. Funny eh?

And finally, I completed the task with style within the stipulated time. Picture that! And not just that, I'm even done with another similar task (kerja orang yang aku terpaksa buat demi kebaikan syarikat) in this week also! Haha! (Awas! Ini bukan riak tapi berkongsi kegembiraan)

I would say, we can accomplish anything if we wish to. It's a matter of whether you want to do it or not and not I dont think I can do this, it's beyond my ability. On top of that, we can even complete it whenever we want it to be completed. If you want it quick, aspire the thunder while vice-versa, aspire the bullock cart. Hebatkan? The power is indeed in our hands and mind.

Start discovering your ability, people. In fact, please remember that we all are a perfect creation our Creator have ever created.


mamabio said...

yes, sometimes we feel so silly completing others' task. but in reality, we have completed most tasks listed in the company.. ahahah.. we could even do better than others.. wahahahah..
(in ur previous post) that's why people envy us..

huh.. sometimes we need to tell ourselves that 'adalah hikmahnye' why all these things happened.. and normally we'll find out that those things happened for good.

"kebaikan dibalas dgn kebaikan.. kejahatan dibalas dgn kejahatan"

Lynn said...

Wah tazkirah dari Shidah, hehe.

WLady said...

ok... bwk mamabio balik rumah awal arini.

Najwa Aiman said...

mcm familiar je scenario nih......