Tuesday, September 11, 2007


No offense but I'm strating to get annoyed by Malaysia showbiz scene. I dont know who or what, but these people is making the entertainment industry grow smaller. Am nobody involved in showbiz nor being nearby the people in the industry.

I'm telling you that it sickens me already to see the same old faces as actors in one film after another, one drama after another, being MCs at functions, being a talkshow/tv show host, signed-up as DJ, at the same time also singer etc, etc...

Is Malaysia that small until you cant find any fresh talents around? And the best part is, most of them suck at it (being an all-rounder).

I'm not saying that Malaysian celebrities are not multi-talented. They are... but not all of them for god sakes. What more could i say when they are not even good at their so called "core talent".

To showbiz people out there, please, do scout around. There are a lots of talents out there waiting to be discovered.

This makes me wonder if any of us ever seen Keanu Reeves having his own talkshow, or being a radio DJ, or being an MC at dinner functions or etc.

One thing not everybody can do

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