Saturday, September 29, 2007


The cockpit

Went for my ride's 40k service just now. This particular service centre doesn't use any numbering system for their customers assuming people who comes here have a high civic-conscious mind. Frankly, not all of them have.

It opened at 830am but people were already there as early as 745am and I was there at 8am being the second in the "unofficial line". To make my presence felt, I stayed outside reading newspaper. People started filling the empty parking spaces every minute ever since.

When the shutters up, to my surprise, everybody flocked-in like they never look a Ramadhan buffet spread before, racing to be the first to handover the service booklet to the service desk operator. He arrange the booklets in the order of - who reached his hand first. Huh? What happened to me being the second in line, supposedly? Stretched to number 8 or 10 maybe. WTF...

Luckily it's Ramadhan and my patience is just at its' best level yet. This "dirty trick" really thought me not waste my time popping out of the bed early to get to this service centre next time. Maybe for my little sister's new ride next week.

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