Saturday, October 20, 2007


Jerawat, pimples, acne, zits dan lain-lain yang seangkatan... To some, there are differences between these but to me, they are all the same. And I hate them! Why? It's really obvious when people around me are asking about what happened to my face and my answer goes... Jerawat!.

Jerawat has never been a problem before but now, it's a BIG issue to me. They just cant help but expanding their territory on my face. Apehal? Here are some theories (I found out myself):

1. My hormones are evolving (marriage aftermath)
2. My antibody is no longer capable of defending thanks to malaysian food (belacan, udang kering, ikan bilis, ikan masin etc)
3. I forgot how important to wash/clean my face before going to bed

I never really care about "facial cleansing activities" before but that had changed now. My silly theory: The more you worry or care, the more likely it will annoy. But I guess this time I'm wrong.

Therefore, I've tried a few products to find out the most suitable to my sensitive skin if I may say.

The cleanser I'm currently using. Actually effective but dries my skin out.

Clearasil Ultra

My other cleanser. Quite suitable for me.


My previous jerawat cream. Flaky.

Clearasil Ultra acne cream

My current jerawat cream. So far so good.

Oxy 10

I'll tell when all my jerawats are gone. Godspeed... to me.


sevven said...

ni ada dapat komisen ka?

FIR said...

LOL... thanks for one more reason not to get married: JERAWAT :-)

Lynn said...

I have had pimple probs since I reached puberty - still fighting it now.

Tip #1: It's not a feminine thing anymore to go for facials you know. It can do wonders to your skin.

Tip #2: If over-the-counter cleansers doesn't work, you may have to resort to branded ones. Like me, my skin got better when I used Dermalogica. And my friend can't use anything except Cliniquue muahaha.

Tip #3: A tip I learnt last week: Smear asam jawa paste on your face. It actually worked for me! :)

pye:rudz said...

interesting reviews... interesting
i should put up more posts such as this... heheheheh...

widz said...


pye:rudz said...

Clearasil Ultra cleanser + Oxy 10
works fine on me... currently.

(I should ask these companies to endorse me for promoting their products globally)

nina said...

kertas pasir.

Lynn said...

Nina kejam! But that's actually what my bro told me hahaha

pye:rudz said...

bagus juga cadangan tu cik nina! tunggu tube oxy10 nih abis dulu. so far so good...

Najwa Aiman said...

huh??? lorrr... camne muka lu yg licin tu boleh tetiba ada jerawat pulok nih.

Anyway, arwah opah yang dikasihi dulu suruh amalkan bedak batu benangsila. Sesetengah orang panggil bedak benangsila. Dulu byk jual kat Bidor. 80 sen je seketul. Dulu wa ada byk stok tp skg yg sedang digunakan ni adalah yg ketul terakhir. Rasa2nya Mustika Ratu ada jula dalam saiz yg lebih kecil tp dgn harga yg lebih mahal - RM1.50 seketul, kalau tak silap. May be higher.

Anonymous said...

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