Monday, October 1, 2007


29 September - Tropicana, Damansara

The attendees (I'm the one who shoots)

That's me and Shidah

Elly and Hajar

The ever-smiling-and-cute little Hajar of Peanut & Sehu (la-la)

Tropicana offer a really (i mean really-really) wide spread of buffet. Best giloss! There were so many food served and it made me go nuts (i cant even list them here, banyak sangat). In short, they have almost all malaysian food on their menu. With RM55 (including tax), memang tersangatlah berbaloi sama ada korang larat makan atau tidak je lah. And not to forget they also have a nice little surau.

30 September - Cozy House, Great Eastern Mall

The controversial venue

The controversial table

After the feast

Cute little Sara of Herman & Eina

The attendees

I really have to be frank with you people out there, BE REALLY CAREFUL WHEN YOU BOOK TO DINE AT COZY HOUSE GREAT EASTERN MALL. They have this some kind of disease called "ter" or accidental fault. Tak kisah lah TERsalah ambik phone number ke, TERdelete order ke and all the other nonsense TERs are there.

However, alhamdulillah we managed to enjoy our food, i repeat, food at around 830pm and drinks, i repeat, drinks at approx. 9pm. Diorang ingat dapat pahala lebih ke buka puasa lambat? Cheh. Luckily I have some good friends at Starbucks who lend us a temporary "shelter" for quick iftar. Thanks guys!

Check out my fellow kodoks' blog for further details on what happenned to us during the iftar.

Morale when placing a booking to break fast at Cozy House GE Mall during Ramadhan:
1. Double confirm (or more) your phone number they jot down
2. Make sure you're well-versed with their menu because you'll be asked to place your order by 4pm (wtf...)
3. Call them 2 or 3 times for confirmation because the line will always be busy
4. Always be prepared with contigency plans should they screw-up in the last minutes

p/s: Luckily their food is not as bad as their management.


Lynn said...

WOW. Come to think of it, I had a similar experience at Cozy's too. The waitress have no idea about the dishes they served. When asked, she walks away without a word, asking for another waitress (a local one, this time) to get us explain. *sigh*

Anyway, sorry couldn't join you guys!

pye:rudz said...

maybe it's a COZY DISEASE kot? anyway, we have another plan with afdlin. cik nina will keep us posted insyaallah.

cik gorgon said...

ooo... ok... since cik gorgon decided to get othe rkodok to spam en pye nye blog, so that he will check out his blog every seconds... *evil laugh*

got a message from afdlin saying he will be in penang on the 7th. so, he wants to reschedule to 9th instead. same place, same idea.

are you guys game for it?? please reply here. nyehnyehnyeh...

Lynn said...

9th? Next Tuesday? Insya Allah boleh. Haha blog Pye pulak jadi tempat perbincangan. Tak main dah email--email kan. *lol*

BTW semalam I berbuka kat Coca, BSC and saw Cip's wife & kids makan too. :)

cik gorgon said...

mana kekodok yg lain.. ok. takpe, i buat pengumuman besar2 kat blog i soh pi blog pye !

mafiaries said...

Yer..saya sudah membaca pengumuman cik gorgonizer. ;P
Tak kisah la 9th tu. Boleh jer.Janji kita set betul2 sebab gua ari tu tak clear sangat.
Ada pizza eh? Apa lagi yer?

pye:rudz said...

bincang di post yang terbaru ye kawan-kawan...