Monday, December 24, 2007


Thankfully I'm off from the ever-headache environment for about 1 week. There are celebrations to be enjoyed by malaysians through out this long holiday.
1. My birthday (har! har! har! aharon yariv...)
2. Raya Haji (Eidul Adha)
3. Christmas

But I'm actually looking beyond these celebrated holidays. It's actually a period for me to stabilize my stress (we still need stress though). Work really gives me a damn hard time lately. That explains why I really am enjoying being super-lazy and super-sleeper for super-long hours this holiday (huh, everything goes super nowadays).

But the top notch for this holiday would be the bonus which will technically be entering our savings account today. Hahahaha (instead of hohohoho) - laugh like a devil. And, to our home is where all the money will be... and it is according to our plan.

I dont mind because we all know that: Home is where the heart is...

Bandar Seri Putra - D' Sentral Terrace 6A

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