Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Guy Fawkes

It's hard to actually describe my feelings on what's happening in our country lately. Dont believe ah? Check this list out:

1. Angkasawan Program
2. BERSIH demonstration
3. HINDRAF demonstration
4. LIMA 2007
5. One of PDRM top person is under ACA investigation
6. The Government plan to purchase SOYUZ
7. Toll rates up
8. Kes Pita Lingam
9. The never ending Altantuya murder case trial
10. Purchase of Sukhoi fighter jet
11. Backseat seatbelt compulsory by next year
12. Bread's price increase not announced to rakyat
13. Perkasakan Bahasa Malaysia
14. India is interfering our treatment to Malaysian's Indian
15. Proton will be launching a new model next year
16. SPR chief knows when will the next general election be
17. Gores & Menang contest banned in Malaysia
18. Engku Emran marries Erra who?
19. Perhimpunan UMNO doesnt need permit
20. I.S.A. is back
21. ...list it out yourself, I'm tired already

Read my subtext on these:

- We still have the program Bersamamu (TiVi-3) aired every week
- More allowance for the police force... for going missing when the traffic needs them
- Naib Ketua Pemuda AMNO is more powerful than his Ketua Pemuda AMNO
- Islam adalah agama rasmi Malaysia
- How generous of Pertonas and Berita Setiap-Harian organizing contests during the year end...
- The Angkasawan Program is our current PM's "greatest achievement"

After all of the above and the best part of all, our beloved PM told us to BERJIMAT-CERMAT.

Footnote: Hopefully our rights in expressing our feelings through personal blogs are not taken away. If THAT happens, lets just simply forget that we ever have internet, MSC, broadbands and all. Democracy eh?

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mamabio said...

ada lagi news yg x patut dok kat front page..
pasangan yg hantaran kawen dia 444 tu bercerai.. brape byk 4, gua x amik pot pun..