Sunday, February 17, 2008


A serene view I took at Kemensah

I used to be one of those who does not take stress, rest, sleep and diet properly. I mean, yeah, we survived all those with less supervisions and we said that because we're still alive and kicking! But believe me it's not for long...

Our body have it's own defense system. I (and maybe others as well) call it immunity. Does these sounds familiar?
- We are what we eat
- An apple a day keeps the doctor away
- Eat well, live well
- Sleep at least 8 hours a day
- Smoking kills
- bla bla bla (hey, this sounds familiar too)

They are all very true. Why am I saying this? Because I used to neglect these words of wisdom or health advice if I may say. I am currently facing these issues:
- Always feeling tired
- Stress
- Sleepy
- Dry skin
- Acne (wtf?)

Like it or not, I have to agree with someone who once told me: Semakin umur kita meningkat, immuniti badan kita dah tak sekuat dulu. Benda-benda yang kita makan masa muda-muda dulu macam belacan, udang kering, ikan masin dsb. baru nampak effect nya kat badan kita sekarang.

I could not agree more. And now I plan to live life at a little bit slower pace. Have a good rest whenever I have the opportunities, eat well-balanced diet (this is quite hard for a malay and thai cuisine fan) and kick-off the bad habits for my health's sake.

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