Friday, February 8, 2008


Aku dah pindah ke Bandar Seri Putra. Totally. Office is still in Cheras. I have to travel approximately 30-40 minutes everyday from home at least by 6:50am. Otherwise, I'll be stuck at MRR2 and wont be able to reach office on time. Penat siot. Mengantuk toksah cerita. I might need at least a month to get used to this new routine.

Office also have new working hours. We get to work 7 hours from Mondays to Fridays but we also have to work for 4 hours every Saturdays. Yes, while others are going for 5-days a week, we're going the other way round instead. Thanks to the "genius and brilliant" mind of our management team. Lalalalala... hari-hari kerja!

I have no laptops or PCs or even internet connection at my house. The only multimedia device I have currently is, a television and ASTRO. I'm currently at my mother in-law's.

This means, I will not be blogging as frequent as before but once I got the opportunity, I'll try to drain my brain out.

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