Thursday, May 22, 2008


Among common blog publishing system

Ini antara benda paling mengarut yang nak dibuat oleh salah sebuah institusi pengajian tinggi di Malaysia. Siap keluar paper tu! Rasionalnya? Hanya mereka yang tahu tapi ini pendapat aku:

1. We have to admit that it all started when RPK was charged because of his article in a blog which condemns the conspiracy in Altantuya murder trial. Don't know who's Altantuya? Jangan duduk Malaysia lah.

2. I think they come out with this silly idea just because they thought bloggers are uneducated and unethical people who writes rubbish on the net. If bloggers write rubbish, why should they care or even worry about the rubbish bloggers wrote? (Hah, ambik kau!)

3. I see the idea as a way to insulate people's freedom of speech and creativity. They have to admit that the rakyat is not as dumb as they thought.

4. What will they become once graduated from the above program? A blogger? Do you need a degree to be a blogger? You tell me.

Whatever it is, I don't want to speculate anything anymore. Just to register my concern and view of the rational of having such program in our country's institute of higher learning. Err... is this allowed nowadays?

Sometimes, new thing is good,
But not all new things are good.


Lynn said...

oklah tu.. kalau I amik this degree, confirm I can graduate with First Class Honors beb! :)

pye:rudz said...

haha! exactly what my point is.

pearl said...

think about it..kalau with degree ni..kita akan jadi full time blogger and kalau boleh earn 10k a month just by blogging, mengadap computer,and blog hop from 9-5 everyday..why not beb!! I will be more than uni mana offer degree ni? mmm..maybe too late already for me....

Najwa Aiman said...

Paper mana ni??? Universiti mana ni???

sevven said...

Nobody is offering a degree in blogging. What happened was somebody asked UiTM VC to commment about a suggestion to offer a course (i.e. one subject) on blogging, and replied that he was supportive of the idea. I don't know who made the suggestion, but the point is it was only a suggestion.

That said, I think rather than a course to teach people how to blog or preach 'ethical blogging' a course on blog studies similar to film or media studies could be more meaningful.