Wednesday, August 20, 2008


We are all consumers.
For that, we have all the power or authority or whatever you might call it in every ringgit and sen we spend. But actually, the perspective is much wider than that.

If you say this stall is a bloodsucker, boycott!
If you say the food price at that particular restaurant is ridiculous, stop going there!
If you say this newspaper company reports shits, dont buy any!
If you think rock music is "shredding" your faith, stop listening to them!
If you say Shell is better than any other petrol, fill up your ride with Shell then!
If you think goods at Giant is cheaper than Carrefour, shop at Giant then!
If you say the petrol price hike is killing us all softly (maybe quickly)... damn, you're right!

It's us who decides what's better, cheaper and gives more value to our purchase.
We are consumers. The power is in our hands (except for petrol). LOL.
Check out FOMCA.

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