Friday, September 12, 2008


Raddy's grandfather (the one with white ketayap) meninggal dunia malam semalam around 2200++ at Keramat. Got his SMS at 2330 while I was at home in Bandar Seri Putra. Sorry I can't be there like I did for your arwah nenek bro.

This reminds me of my arwah Tok Hassan. He also left us in Ramadhan. Malam Jumaat exactly a week before Aidilfitri. The most ironic part would be my dream a day before he died whereby in that vivid dream I ask for his forgiveness during the Aidilfitri. But he left us all before Aidilfitri. I cried my heart out when we received that sad news. FYI, Tok was diagnosed for backbone/spinal cancer that left him paralysed (Najwa Aiman correct me if I'm wrong).

Al-fatihah to all of our family members and other muslims who already left us.

Note: Photo borrowed from Raddy's


Lynn said...

I know a lot of people who has passed on this Ramadhan alone, my father being one of them. Ramadhan yang penuh dengan dugaan.


Najwa Aiman said...

Al-Fatihah for almarhum Raddy's grandfather.

Yes, our beloved almarhum Tok died of spinal cancer that left him paralysed. He was the coolest man I have ever known. He used to murmured curses to himself when he was angry or annoyed at anything, but as far as I could remember, he never blew his top.

Ila hadhratin nabiy ya Mustafa Muhammadin SAW, wa ila jami'i arwahi muslimina wal muslimati wal khususan ila arwahi Hassan bin Abdullah... Al-Fatihah

raddy said...

wah, ada entry pasal atuk aku? hehehe.. Thank You.. and terima kasih kepada semua yang datang menziarah dan mendoakan kesejahteraan rohnya...

al fatihah

Anonymous said...

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