Friday, December 19, 2008


It's my birthday and here's my wishlist (not in order of preference). Logical or not is not anybody's or even my business. That's why it is called "wishlist". This is about what I want (in a lusty tone).

1. An acoustic guitar (preferably Godin)

2. Perfect health for Shidah and Mikael

3. Mitsubishi Lancer GT

4. RM 1 million for my early retirement plan

5. A laptop (yang laju gila)

6. Nice turf for my front yard

7. Nice laminated wood flooring for my house

8. Nice washed pebble flooring for my porch

9. An IPhone or Xperia or Omnia

10. This red book cabinet with glass door at IKEA, damn expensive!

All in all, I'm actually very grateful to still be alive and given the opportunity to improve myself towards being a better person in and out.

Happy Birthday, Fairudz. You're hip!


Lynn said...

yeah u are!

Happy Birthday dude!

Najwa Aiman said...

Perghh...! Hadiah harijadinya ialah seorang zuriat! Bulan ni lu ada dua bedey la setiap tahun... ekekekekeke... Sakitlah salary slip Shida setiap hujung tahun... ayaarrkk..! Eh.. takpe... kek boleh share.

ziahlicious said...

iphone WAS in my wishlist as well until i found out we cant do video call with it (the 3G is for internet connection)... I'd rather pay the RM3k for a laptop than the iphone.... Onia or Xperia have better functions.... So next year, u can get me one of either.... Heh... Selamat Hari Jadi... Semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki!!!! Amiiiin...

pye:rudz said...

lynn: terima kasih ;)

najwa: menarik idea nak pow shidah tu, tapi gua kalau boleh taknak ajar anak celebrate majlis harijadi secara besar-besaran nih. membazir. belanja makan aiskrim sudah.

naziah: itu iPhone yang 1st version. yang latest boleh rasanya kalau tak silap. oo i can get you one next year (catalogue je lah heee). anyway, thank you for the wish.