Thursday, November 10, 2005


My family's Hari Raya photoshoot.
What an interesting Raya I had this year. Joyful. Maybe my little sister's presence has boost our mood up this year. After all, my family ain't that big. Just the 5 of us. Well, as usual our main dish is either Lontong or Soto for pagi raya and I told my mum "...tiap2 tahun ini je menu kita kan? tak lontong, soto... last2 sontong je lah... kehkehkeh..." and I suggested Nasi Beriyani next year. Anyway, my mum's lontong and soto is the bestest I've ever tasted.
A few days before raya was a bit like hell to me. The Indons we paid to paint the house were like "pangsai". Messy. I have to go buy the paint twice. Mula2 kata ok, cukup... pastu tak cukup. Kenapa tak cakap dari tadi setannn... Luckily I was fasting, otherwise, I sure have smoked 2 cigs at once... hehehe. When they are done, the cleaning was also one hell of a task. Move the furnitures, unroll the carpets (yg besar dan berat oiii..), clean the porch etc etc. Penat tu... Then I have to find some ice-cream for the annual takbir malam raya from house-to-house event. This is our second consecutive year serving our guests with ice-cream. Interesting and easy... hehehe...
On the Hari Raya itself, we usually sit together after sembahyang raya to have our breakfast... pergh... boleh makan siang siot... then, the mintak maaf session, followed by some photography session... the only different activity was visiting my cousin at HKL's ICU ward. Man, my aunt is one strong woman. She had been there since her son was admitted to ER. She only went home for bath. I was so touched when I saw packages of kuih raya, kurma and a bottle of mineral water placed on the floor right by the vending machine. Her hari raya was like... meaningless.
Oh well, that's all I can bearly describe about my Hari Raya this year. I just read afdlin's blog on film censorship and interested in it. That will be my upcoming issue, insyaallah.