Friday, October 28, 2005


Aidilfitri will be around... once again. Realize what have we done last hari raya? Remember what it's like during pagi raya, doing the salam2 thing? Hmm... well we are about to do these stuffs again in like, less than a week. How fast time flows eh?

As for me, nothing interesting for this raya. No new shoes, no new baju melayu, no new baju raya, jeans raya etc etc that i use to buy in my younger years. I dont know, maybe as we grew older, the excitement is fading... and i wonder why... But there's one thing for sure will happen to me this Syawal. This will most probably (99.99%) be my last Syawal as a bachelor y'all! Can you imagine that? Can't you? Ngehngehngeh... and I'm still imagining it.

So, my hari raya this year is very much focused on my engagement ceremony preparation. Quite hectic... and "pocket breaking" hehehehehehe... This is just the first stage... wait till the next stage... the wedding ceremony. I'm sure I'll be more pening... kehkehkeh... We are going to face this situation sooner or later and luckily my turn is up.

Adzim called me past few days... asking me to be his best man for his wedding. I dont mind... but the ceremony will be held at a hotel. Itu yang aku cemas sket tu... Aiyyebb woo... yes, of course the whole ballroom will be looking at the bride and groom... but I'm in their viewing frame too... and that's not good. Kena control hensem, perut, peluh dsb yang sewaktu dengannya. But, I just have to give him a hand. Besides, he's one of my best buddy during my school days. Whaddaheck? For my best friend...

Hey, hey, hey (Fat Albert style)... My sister will be in KL tomorrow. All of us will be fetching her except for my dad. Still busy with his business... last call nak raya lah katakan... So, that left me, my mum ngan Angah je lah yang pegi KLIA nampak gayanye... +Syahmi, this little boy whose behaviour is like an ape/monyet. Anak orang, mak aku jaga. Tak kisahlah, jangan die dok tak diam kat airport tu esok sudah. Pening kepala aku.

Well, I guess I won't be blogging for about a week. Raya babe! I'll be back on the 7th. Clisely,


Suriani said...

Bloghopped frm Afdlin's. Selamat Hari Raya & selamat bertunang. :)
Take caring!

Anonymous said...

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