Tuesday, November 22, 2005


These are from my very own puny little mind...

  • Sometimes, it's not that we can not listen but we dont want to listen.
  • Life is our biggest school. The environment, the happennings and the people around is our teachers.
  • Mistakes are just lessons we learn from.
  • Don't just hang on to something, learn to fly!
  • Being slow achiever is better than achieving nothing at all.
  • Act stupid but dont be stupid.
  • Give your best before leaving it to faith.
  • Success doesnt ensure happiness but happiness ensures success.
  • Knowledge is useless if you dont use it.
  • We were never born stupid or something like it. We are just in the process of learning.
  • Life never seems to be fair to us. Ever ask that when something good happens to us?
  • Love at first sight? Bullshit! Why does it always have to be with a handsome guy or a beautiful lady?
  • Check ourselves before checking on others.
  • The definition of staying alive differs to many. The best would be, to live your life to the fullest.
  • Self-esteem aint just there for nothing. Look up for it and it will do wonders to your life.
  • Biar bodoh tapi nak belajar, daripada pandai yang tak makan di ajar.

Sekian, terima kasih.


mamabio said...

mm.. btol tu.. but why.. always.. people yg 'dont want to listen' and people yg make mistakes all the time yg dpt credit among us.. is it the environment itself yg sume org pun macam tu .. or is it us yg seems to b so good..?
bkn 'macam bagus' but 'memang bagus'.. ahaks..

Anonymous said...

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