Friday, November 25, 2005


The blaming culture. Darn it happens everywhere, to anyone i suppose... and especially at our workplace. What's with these people ah? What? You're so good ah? So invincible ah? So untouchable ah? So-so etc-etc ah? Crap. Rules are rules. Right is right. Wrong is wrong. Be it people. I'm sick of this. It's killing my brain cells already. Why cant we just take the responsibility as it is. Kalau tak berani, dok umah korek idung aa...

Yeah, yeah... that's office politics. What? Really want to play politics ah? Go to Pasir Mas la nowadays... they are having one currently. Cut the shit. To me, those who simply blames people are those who instantly want to cover their pile of guilt. Simply pointing fingers here and there. What? You are so righteous ah? So great ah? Never make mistakes? Dewa ka? Malaikat ka?

Airhead bimbos are pangsai too. Never turn-up for several days and suddenly shouting at people, pointing fingers at others only to relaize in the end that it was thy fault. No apologies follow-up some more. Man, that sucks.

Respect is gained. It's neither privileged nor inherited.
Pardon my foul language.


aneez said... turns every idealist into a cynical realist....

Anonymous said...

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