Monday, November 28, 2005


I'm a BIG FAN of Afdlin Shauki.
Last night I went to watch his showcase BAIK PUNYA CILOK. Dude i tell you guys... gila-happening-kodok-magnificent-ultraman taro punye show! Ambik kau. It so happenned that i have to stand from 1030pm - 0200am to watch the casts perform. Memang lenguh... tipu kalau tak lenguh. But to me its worth it. Seeing you fat idol perform right in front of your very own eyes, plus his friends from planet of the apes (esp. AC Mizal... damn he's like an ape! hahaha...) was fun! but the bottom line is, i really really really enjoyed last night's showcase. It's been a while since i can last remember having such good time laughing like last night. Acidiz is my favourite band ever since afdlin's BILA LARUT MALAM aired. Damn they were awesome! Super-duper-mighty-trooperly superb! Solid sound. I just love them play. Aji, Pacai, Fendi, Acis... you guys rock!

I was home at 0300am and feeling realy tired. It's funny how i could still wake up early this morning and head for work. Huh.

Sometimes, it came into my thinking that maybe it's true that idolizing someone (good ones) could make us a better person or least give us the good feelings to ourselves. Yeah, i learned this from a counseling course. But seriously, i think this theory has its truth. For example, like what happenned to me last night till... this very moment. I'm still wide awake because i enjoyed afdlin's show last night. It really makes me feel good and not to add, proud.

Whatever it is, i'm looking forward for afdlin's next show or maybe next kodok's gathering. I'll try my best to give my support for him.

p/s: BAIK PUNYA CILOK will be in cinema on 22 December 2005! Go get 'em tiger!