Monday, December 12, 2005


My friend's (Adzim) wedding ceremony last Saturday was one hell of a wedding! (As far as i have attended in my whole life). It was a very, i mean, a very big wedding. There was DYMM Sultan Kedah plus those "kerabats" whom i barely know how to say their title and names. We rehearsed at around 12 noon though i was already there by 11am. We finished at around 3:30pm. I quickly picked my fiance up, have a late lunch and i was back again to Hotel Istana for the ceremony.

The ceremony went well... i guess. Nobody stumbled, nobody made the sultan murka... i guess... so, oklah kot? But then, it was such a new experience for me. Being in a ceremony with royal guests, big shots and rich people. Me? I was like an idiot stranger. But, whaddaheck, i was there for my friend, not for them.

Back home around 12:30am and called Raddy up to have my dinner. Aku tak makan langsung siut! Lapar nak mampos! At Hj. Tapah, at that very moment, i felt like having the best meal i've ever had my entire life!

However, to Adzim and Intan, Congratulations! Dont worry, I'M HIP!

p/s: Err, did i mentioned that i was the groommate (pengapit) that night? Hahahaha! Padan muka aku kan?


Lizzam said...

pengapit = best man la...bukan groommate.

member ko kerabat diraja ek...bestla ko...tapi bg aku adalah kenduri kawin yang meriah stail kampung...macam2 kerenah ada...tapi teringin gak nak pi kenduri kawen high profile cam tu..

lain kali jemput ek...

pyerudz said...

tau best man... tapi aku haram tak best pun... jadik, groommate je lah, lebih friendly. ngehngehngeh... kidding bro!

Anonymous said...

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