Friday, December 9, 2005


Decision is something we deliver after consuming a period of time thinking. During the process, there might be a few heads. Naturally, when there are more than a head, there must be arguments. Of course, for the sake of making good decision we must take the arguments into consideration. How long would it take? That will very much depends on individual's intelligence and rationalisme. Good decisions will be respected, vice-versa will be cursed. What kind of good are we talking about? Beneficial to majorities of course! But good decision can be changed to a bad decision. How? By the power of words + influence + lies! Voila! The decision-maker changed his tiny fucking useless little mind and revert the good decision to bad.

Sigh. Go on asshole. Go on and please the 24 bastards and loose the 200+ others. Go on and push our patience to the limit. Time will tell what a fucked-up decision-maker you are. By the time you relaized it, we are already sinking like titanic. At that very moment, you are history!

Authority is a responsibility. Use it rationally. Jangan jadi lembu.