Monday, December 5, 2005


My weekend was quite as my usual weekends. But there were some interesting activities i went through.

1. My colleague's last kopek hari raya open house. I'm supposed to fetch my fiance at 2pm and straightly go to the open house. And i woke up at 2pm instead. What a jerk. Luckily i made it.

2. Then, off we went to KLCC, the year end sale has started. Damn... The KLCC parking management blocked all the entrance for god knows why. The traffic went beserk and so was i. It was an hour of caci-maki. The parking satu hal, and yet there were these people who still want to go and block the junctions. When the light turned green, i also turned green. Damn.

3. In KLCC... it was like Pasar Wakaf Che Yeh, Kelantan. Hell why are there so many people here? No other place to go ah? (ask yourself lah...) but i need to go there and buy my things. Nasib baik we bought the thing we were looking for. So, it was worth the visit lah, kan?

4. Then there was my favourite hangout coffee shop, starbucks. Tempat semua penuh. Dome pulak closed for private function. I NEED MY CAFFEINE DOSE! And these people with empty cups, no cups (coffee drinks i mean) were still sitting there looking pretty while we were here and there eyeing for a sit. Damn. Nasib baik Aseana ada. And they've got coffee, eventhough it was not as good as starbucks. Bolehlah...

5. At night i met my schoolmates and we chat like there's no tomorrow. Catching up, dah lama tak jumpa. Adzim is getting married this coming saturday and i will be his best man. The first reception will be at Istana Hotel and the following week at Dewan MPS, Seremban. Best ke aku nih? Hehehehe...

6. Sunday afternoon, we went to Raddy's sister-in-law's butik perkahwinan to check her stuffs out. Nothing much there except Shidah and Yati were annoyed by our ape-like act in the boutique. The thing is, we couldnt believe that we were in this kind of shop... and looking for the stuffs that we are going to wear! Padan muka, dulu gelakkan orang, skarang, turn kau pulak! Ambik! It was a good experience and exploration... especially the tengkolok. Nasib baik kedai sedara, kalau tak mesti dah kena halau.

7. After smallville, i hang out with Raddy as usual, at our usual hangout spot with our usual sparring lepak partner (group otai yang dok meja sebelah).

That's all about my weekend. I'm hip!


mamabio said...

point no. 4..
OOii.. dia promote lu la starbucks.. give some discount laa.. your bucks got star ah? kehehehe.. ahaks..

nurul bahiyah said...

tanya soalan sensitif sikit boleh, u ada special dislike ke dengan orang orang pantai timur ni?

pyerudz said...

no offense nurul bahiyah.
if you read the post carefully, i was just describing KLCC's situation at that time, since, that's the only venue that popped into my mind while posting the post. nothing personal.
thank you.

Anonymous said...

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