Friday, January 13, 2006


Damn I'm stressed! Phew. Yesterday's new students registration was quite cool. Not so hectic as we always had. But, the headache came when I have find another 10 for replacement. Man, that's a lot! With limited reserve candidates, it really made my day horrible. Luckily, we managed to fill up the 10 places and they will register on Monday. Sadly, we are going to have the new semester registration for the students this Sunday. Yes, this SUNDAY. Damn. Whattado? It's stated in my Job Description. Just do-lah!

Talking about registration, especially the new students who came with their parents normally. I tell you, these parents and students are like a pain in the a**. Not to mention their mentality. Man! Read on:

1. At the registration counter checking the new students namelist which was clearly printed ALPHABETICALLY at a glance saying - "Nombor 36? Kenapa jauh sangat ke bawah?" - Letak lagi nama anak abjad hujung2, sape suruh?

2. These students must line-up to check their name in a list and put down their signature. I was so pissed when this one boy suddenly pointing his chubby finger from the back to his mom who stands next to me. Dude! There 2 other fellows in front of you. Cant you wait? Yang mak die pun sama. Sakitlah hati aku. I aint going anywhere, so does the namelist. Why the hustle?

3. I was talking to this parent when suddenly without guilt, this boy show me some copies to be certified like nobody was there. Eh, ngko buta ke? Kan aku tengah bercakap dengan bapak budak ni.

4. "Parents please proceed to the Seminar Room and wait there. Please let the students handle the registration themselves for we dont want to cramp this hallway". And I felt like talking to the walls.

5. "Kenapa tak fotostat dokumen2 ni siap sebelum datang?"
"Tak sempat..."
"Bila dapat Offer Letter ni?"
"Awal bulan 12 ari tu..."
...baguslah kalau begitu nak...

6. "Bantal memang kena bawak ke?"
"Kalau tak duduk asrama tak perlulah bawak"
"Ni surat tawaran ni tak jelas, senarai barang suruh bawak ada, kena bawak"
"Saya rasa dalam ramai2 yang datang mendaftar ni, encik sorang je yang tanya pasal benda ni" - being synical.
...sebab orang lain berpikir logik. tak duduk hostel, ape kejadahnya nak bawak bantal?

See! Tak sakit ke hati korang kalau kena situasi macam gini? But, these have already been a common scenario to me during the registration. I'm used to it. Immune sudah. Sabar je lah labu...


Lizzam said...

wohoho...when you meet thousands of people, you'll see thousands of attitudes, all of which you can tell during I-have-the-worst-job talks, the-worst-day-in-my-life talks and humans-have-no-brains talk.

btw, you should meet up with the students and have an open chat with them.and you'll hear equally irritating bit*hing from them.

that's why i love humans, we're so weird

mamabio said...

what la.. the father and the mother also want to register ah..?
i think its malaysians' culture.. n we are malaysians.. "terima je la nak, walaupun dulu boleh je kita gi daftar sndiri.."

pyerudz said...

Kehkehkeh... kengkadang aku rase deal dengan keta aku lagi bagus! Die dengar cakap, tak melawan. Janji selalu mandikan, wax dan belainya dengan penuh kasih sayang (cakap macam orang gila).

Najwa Aiman said...

agaknya ni le yg disebut "occupational hazard" ek?

Anonymous said...

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