Saturday, January 14, 2006


Ever thought of this issue? This issue always came across my mind. Yes, I always talk in my head and I always talk to myself. Heehee. Gila? Taklah, it's like an exercise for my brain. Sometimes I purposely put in conflict, elaborate issues, define why this and not that, "discuss" options and make unnecessary decisions in my mind. Just put it this way, it's my norm. The talking-in-head thing is just the appetizer, so we can put it aside ;)

Some would say my behaviour or norm is a common thing for a normal person but to some people it is not. You know what? I dont believe in those things. Please define the true meaning of being normal. What do you mean by normal. For example, is a 1.65m guy weighing 65kg considered as normal and the other 1.65m guy weighing 90kg considered as not normal?

Who put the standards of normality? Knock, knock. It's us human, though... For god sakes, we are not perfect either. Then who are we to put such standards to other human beings? Are we suppose to be friends with only certain "type" of people? Should we only attend "this" kind of people in our life. Bullshit. Yes people, history does give us some lessons or guidance for us not to make the same mistake. But, have we ever thought that history also may occur repeatedly or maybe not! Orang tua-tua selalu kata, "Jangan buat gini, tak elok, jadi camtu-camni nanti sok, sape susah?" Sometimes it's true, but not all the time. Agree?

So, to me, there are no such thing as normal or perfect. Be it anything. Normal is what we are. It's in the DNA. We are what we are. And I believe that, whatever choice we've made for our life is already destined. It's very much up to us to make our life good, bad, super-good or else.

I love to break certain rules in life (as an average Malay) for it motivates me to be better as well as to prove that I'm in control of my life and not these nitty-witty-tiny-puny little insensible factors. Who's with me?


Najwa Aiman said...

gosh..!!! all these while i thot YMS, NCH and SR were NOT normal! but then again... i think they're considered normal in their world though... and yes! there DO exist more than one world! ekekekekeek.....

widie said...

what's with the '1.65m guy' references? ur height meh? heheheh

WLady said...

yeah.. i particularly in agreeable with you on certain things. it's true that we, the human put standards on ourselves, on others. it's we, the human who put some boundaries or guidelines or principles or rules in our lives. why we did that? i dont know.. prolly that's how we had been brought up by our ancestors.

yes, i also in agreeable that who are we to put some standards on others coz' we are not perfect either. alas, this still happened in our surroundings. why? it's the way our ancestors been brought up by the ancestors before them. we live with that kind of perceptions and beliefs. or shall i call it prejudice?

it sucks to know that we live in a limitation when certain things had their own standards, where we supposedly live our lives to the fullest! but.. this one thing that we called 'BELIEF' or 'PREJUDICE' is the thing we cannot erase from people's mind altho how bad we want to erase them. these capital B & capital P had lived in these people's lives for ages for cry sake. we cannot just simply take that off their lives.

that's why we have communities of so-called standard-setter because those standards are what they believed all this while. and sadly, we have to follow the grain. i know that sucks! but if we want to go against the grain, there'll load of hindrances we will face. and if we still wanna go against the norms trust me altho i bet you know that already, it ain't pretty..

cheers bro!

pyerudz said...

I would still follow the petua-petua or things like that as long as it doesnt burdens me, meaning easy to follow and most importantly, it is nothing near to khurafat. Otherwise, I'll do things just as it has to be done.