Sunday, February 12, 2006


What are we actually doing in our life?
1. Pay car/home loan?
2. Have our own family?
3. Raise our family?
4. Die in style?
5. ... I'm stuck, cant think of anything else.

Hey man, these are facts arent they? I mean this is what almost everybody in this world do. But in between, there is actually some space that we could stand our true capability out (brain power/ skills/ etc). One once told me that, nobody in this world is borned bad. It's how we "paint" our life. All we need is to find that space, work it out passionately and never give up.

Dont simply blame our hard times on our parents / anything irrelevant when we did nothing to improve ourselves.

One day, we will always have to face the same routines on the above whether we like it or not. That's not the "thing". The most important thing is how do we face it. Wisely? Stupidly? Carefully? All of what said? Or, Lily Patra?

The body we are living in is ours. The soul that lives inside us is also ours.
What have we actually done to our life? You choose!

p/s: I've chose to be a kodok.


Lynn said...

You chose to be a kodok eh? Power to all kodoks then! Hahahaha...

WLady said...

yeah.. totally agree with you on the 4 things. an average adult will spend most of his/her life by paying loan. no matter what loan, study, car, house, personal.. etc.. so the remainings, we choose to do some other thing.

for me, i choose to pay my own obligation, my parent's obligation and some other obligations. tho' they eat more than half of my earnings, i choose to live my life like that. no regret! well, that's for the 1st part-the compulsory part.

for the remainings, i choose to do/learn something new. maybe something that i could never imagined when i was a lil' girl. may be; horse riding, bungee(is this spelling correct?) jumping, perform in public (haha!).. etc.. etc..

yeah, you are right about another thing. dont blame our hardtimes, whther it's ours or our parent's for not accomplishing what we want. if possible i want to grab everything that passes in front of me, as long as they are within my reach. but sometimes, i am 'idled' myself on certain important things in my life.. why? i dont know why.. i choose to do that.. :-)

well dude.. i also choose to be part of the kodok.. hahahhaha... and am looking forward what i can accomplish from the fellowship.. ;-)

pyerudz said...

no matter how we lead our lives, as long as it's on the right path, just live it! that's why we're all created unique.
life is so short, live it to the fullest... but dont overjoy.

wid said...

after all the years of becoming a 't' cicak.. now u choose to be a kodok.

ahahahahahahh kiddin dood

Najwa Aiman said...

't' cicak..????? hmm... interesting.

anyway, someone once told me tht we should live in the 'now'. not the past, nor the present.

whatever it is, what u listed scares me. no 1 reminds me on how we accumulate riba' which definitely will affect no. 4 the die in style. and no2 2 and 3 would definitely be subject to no 1 and that again depends on the 'income' of riba'.

i prefer to join u in no 5.....

Anonymous said...

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