Friday, December 22, 2006


I kinda like the current weather we're having now. Cloudy. No skin-burning ray of sun. Maybe because i'm the quik-sweaty kind of homosapien. i just cant stand the heat from the sun because it makes me sweaty, dizzy, angry and all the other things that rhymes ;)

Somewhere in Malaysia, there are people who dont really dig the clouds. Cloudy = Rain = Flood! Johor, Melaka, Kelantan & Terengganu are among the states being affected by the currently non-stop heavy rain. It's like a disaster when a colleague mentioned to me that the flood in Segamat even reached a 2 storey house height. How bad is that?

Think about the up-coming Aidiladha, school's starting, christmas and all those things. The PBT, government, cabinets (not kitchen cabinet aa) should really look into this matter. i mean, yes, we can't avoid the rain and flood but we can at least figure out why the hell did the river got overflowed? Have you provide and maintain the drainage system? err... do you even have a good drainage system? Sigh.

We pay our taxes you know.


multidimid said...

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WLady said...

mana update ni bro?